UK Rolls Back Childhood Covid-19 Vaccination: An Important Win Against A Woeful Agenda

For two years we have been bombarded with messages of “safe and effective” in relation to Covid-19 inoculations including childhood Covid-19 vaccination which has been sold to us as a necessary intervention. Throughout this time NZDSOS have repeatedly expressed concern at the errors in this messaging. Our concerns regarding childhood Covid-19 vaccination are shared by many, including World Council for Healthour other alliances, the UK Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART) as well as multiple commentators such as but by no means limited to, vaccinologist Dr Robert Malone, epidemiologist Dr Paul Alexander, cardiologist/epidemiologist Dr Peter McCullough, and pathologists Dr Ryan Cole and Dr Roger Hodkinson.

In line with ongoing expert opposition to this “most dangerous medical product ever released on humanity“, the UK have determined to no longer allow childhood Covid-19 vaccination in those aged less than twelve years old.

Read that again: The UK is no longer allowing children under the age of twelve to receive the injection. This goes further than not recommending it, or recommending against it. It is banned for use in children under twelve years of age.

This is hot on the tails of major changes to Denmark’s vaccination program. In June 2022 the Director-General of the Danish health authority stated that it had been a mistake to offer these inoculations to children. As of 1 September 2022, childhood Covid-19 vaccination is no longer available to any Danish child under 18 years of age without individualised risk assessment and prescription. The Danish health authority have deemed Covid to be comparable to a seasonal influenza posing minimal risk to children. As seen across the globe, excess deaths rose sharply following the vaccine rollout in Denmark, with the inoculated experiencing Covid infection, hospitalisation and death at higher rates than those who received no doses.

Recognising the strength of innate immunity in childhood, and the insignificant role children play in transmission, Sweden imposed minimal restrictions or mandates. They did not recommend childhood Covid-19 vaccination for anyone under twelve years old and experienced no childhood death.

What is New Zealand doing?

On Tuesday this week The Guardian claimed “Anger at plans to roll back Covid vaccines to under-11s in England“. They then went on to quote University College London mathematical modeler Professor Christina Pagel who holds a PhD in space physics and a position on Independent SAGE.

Who is Christina Pagel and can we trust her? She was an original signatory to the John Snow Memorandum, calling for continued restrictions, published in The Lancet on 15 October 2020. Professor Pagel has been a vociferous proponent of lockdown policies and appears – at best – to serve a specific political agenda. Without quoting evidence, she argues that Covid-19 childhood vaccination is beneficial and safe to young children. We offer clear evidence against her position.

Professor Pagel argues that vaccination protects against the risks for developing Long Haul Covid. Her position is contradictory given that Long Haul Covid is thought to be a spike protein induced disease, and the Covid-19 inoculations specifically introduce spike protein into the circulation either directly or by genetic instruction. Similarities between Long Haul Covid-19 and Post-Vaccine injury are well documented by clinicians working with both syndromes.

Unlike influenza, Covid-19 poses near zero risk to children and young people, a fact known since the beginning of the pandemic. Risks associated with the inoculations are, by contrast, many known and many others emerging (for example here and here) or yet to be known or understood.

For these reasons, NZDSOS celebrate the UK decision to rollback the under-12 year old childhood Covid-19 vaccinations. We trust that this is the beginning of a wider global termination of this dangerous experiment.

Watch: Naomi Wolf Analyses the Politics of Childhood Covid-19 Vaccination Rollback

Taken from NZDSOS.

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