Curve Flattening and Opinion Cancelling

I’d never heard of “flatten the curve” until the beginning of 2020 when I’m ashamed to say it looked and read like a genuine deal and so I fell for it. Since then the whole thing has been outed as a part of the bigger lockdown pseudoscience picture. Convince people to do it for a short time then once it’s in place, keep it as a permanent fixture. Claim it’s about “safety” so that those opposing it are easily cancelled as uncaring, bad, “right wing conspiracy theorists” et al. There was never any actual science behind flattening the hospital curve, and health systems are currently under enormous strain because of intervention harms.

It turns out that the powerful have been talking about, even deliberately flattening, curves for decades! And they continue to do so now.

The President of the European Commission is married to Heiko von der Leyen, son of a European noble family. Heiko is a medical doctor and since December 2020, held directorship of a gene therapy (mRNA) biotech company closely aligned with Pfizer. His wife appears to be immersed in hugely profitable conflicts of interest causing enormous harm to people across the globe.

Member of European Parliament, Stasys Jakeliūnas of Lithuania, speaks on the topic here:

Member of European Parliament, Mislav Kolakušić of Croatia, speaks directly to Ursula here:

Recently the European Commission have turned their sights to “flattening the curve” of climate change. With energy bills beyond anything most can afford now, many have a very cold and dark winter ahead of them which will certainly see excess illness and death. Personally I wouldn’t trust her to serve me an untainted flat pancake.

They’ve been “flattening curves” for at least thirty years. Historian and academic researcher Randall Carlson explains in this brief clip. This interview with Joe Rogan offers more detail.

As with public health, mainstream media continue to claim “scientific consensus” that earth is warming at unprecedented levels, that this is dangerous, and that it’s all because of human activity which lockdown policies happen to solve. World Economic Forum removed this video after receiving backlash for promoting lockdowns as “healthy”. The more backlash they get, the sooner we escape the clutches of the dystopian nightmare they want us to exist in.

There is no such thing as “scientific consensus”. Unless you are a beneficiary of the multi billion dollar industry that requires your consensus. Astrophysicist Piers Corbyn explains briefly here.

None of us knowingly agreed to this.

A quick reminder from historian Michael Parenti about the conscious intent of those in power.

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  1. Flatten the curve. Cue……… a loud, long sigh followed by an eye roll. This statement takes all of my strength not to scream at the person saying it!

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