Reclaiming Medicine: Australian Medical Professionals Society Conference

The Australian Medical Professionals Society (AMPS) held a Reclaiming Medicine conference on 10 September 2022. They featured world leading and local Australian experts in public health, critical care, evidence based medicine, investigative journalism and law, with excellent presentations.

The separate presentations are available at this link and include (to be updated as I hear them over the next day or two):

Morning Sessions

  1. Professor Jay Bhattacharya, medical doctor, economist and epidemiologist at Stanford University and co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration opens the conference and talks about public health principles.
  2. Unemployed anaesthetist Dr Jeyanthi Kunadhasan discusses medical ethics and her experience as a volunteer with the Pfizer Documents Analysis Project, and introduces the morning speakers.
  3. Amy Kelly, program director of the Daily Clout/War Room Pfizer Documents Analysis Project outlines what her research volunteer teams are uncovering.
  4. Dr Naomi Wolf, political analyst and journalist, who reports regularly on the Pfizer Documents Analysis and gives a geopolitical summary of events taking place, introducing the term ‘guerilla medicine’, required as regulatory authorities are no longer doing their job. Examples of findings include chromosomal abnormalities and birth defects being seen at high rates in children born to vaccinated women; in the Pfizer trials, 270 women became pregnant of which 234 files were lost. Of the 36 remaining women, 28 of them experienced miscarriages. Fraud is being abundantly documented by the analysis project and legal action is underway.
  5. Dr Julie Ponesse, professor of bioethics, spoke from Canada. Mandated out from her academic career, she asks if medical ethics remain relevant today. She talks about the deep culture of silence and intimidation that exists now in health care, which she calls “an emerging biomedical regime”, and in other professions; and the harms being caused to society.
  6. Unemployed cardiologist and AMPS President, Dr Chris Neil introduces the next session.
  7. Dr Phillip Altman. We the Australian people have been lied to. He then powerfully details the lies and the harms that they have caused. Dr Altman is a pharmacologist and consultant in clinical trial and drug regulatory affairs. He authored The Time of Covid, a comprehensive report on the Covid-19 “vaccines”.
  8. Dr Pierre Kory, intensive care and pulmonary specialist and founder of FLCCC who provide weekly education sessions on current Covid clinical issues. They are five ICU specialists who have treated thousands of Covid patients and now focus on “vaccine” injury and long covid. He presents The fight for early treatment, the battle against medical censorship and professional reprisal. He introduces The Disinformation Playbook which details how industry attacks science that is inconvenient to their interests. Huge media conglomerates across the world control the information which has allowed the pharmaceutical industry to get people to believe things that are simply false. The professional licensing bodies are similarly captured and acting in pharma interests, costing thousands of practitioners their careers and livelihoods. “I went to bed a physician and I woke up labelled a domestic terrorist for promoting safe and effective treatments“.
  9. Dr Paul Marik, colleague of Dr Kory at FLCCC, author of over 5,000 peer-reviewed medical journal publications, over 80 book chapters, 4 critical care books and has been cited almost 50,000 times in peer reviewed publications. He is today, of course, unemployed. He presented on Healing from Long Covid and Post Vaccine Syndrome (both spike protein related conditions: known as “spikopathy”), based on the i-Recover Protocol at FLCCC. Dr Marik has spoken publicly about being forced to watch Covid patients die when he was denied the right to offer appropriate treatment in ICU. An excellent feature of his knowledge and experiences with corruption in medical research and clinical practice, is at this interview with Del Bigtree. The general approach to treatment is to eliminate the spike … and limit spike induced pathology.

Amazingly it was Dr Phillip Altman’s 75th birthday and he traveled by plane to Melbourne to be there, so his birthday was celebrated prior to the conference lunch and his departure.

Afternoon Sessions

  1. Unemployed psychiatrist Dr Robert Brennan, founding member of AMPS, introduced the afternoon sessions with humour. Covid Medical Network, the longest running dissident doctor network in the Covid era are changing their name to Australian Medical Network, to reflect the broader scope they are now embracing. “We’ve had the suspensions, we’ve had the threats from the TGA, we’ve had our hit pieces in the Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, etc“. AMPS joined Red Union as an alternative union to truly represent the members’ interests. This is highly relevant today as it becomes known that those organisations claiming authority over licensed health professionals are being revealed as nothing short of globalised criminal mafia gangs under private ownership of big money.
  2. Professor Gigi Foster from the School of Economics at UNSW, presented a cost-benefit analysis of Australia’s lockdowns, The Tragedy Caused By Covid Policy and The Mindsets That Caused It. This is a particularly poignant presentation, articulating my own experiences of being silenced and dismissed for daring suggest that the data wasn’t consistent with the claims being made about it. I needed to know Gigi 2.5 years ago as I desperately searched for common sense and only met fear, nonsense and anger. Post-Covid psychological syndrome is a likely diagnosis for those who have been complicit during this period, who find out afterwards they’ve hurt themselves, their children, their parents and their societies … We need to face those people with compassion and support.
  3. Lawyer and human rights specialist, Peter Fam presented on reclaiming human rights in Australia. He began by explaining why there is no need to “reclaim” something which cannot in fact be removed. He discussed the history of human rights which have been respected by societies throughout time. The only places where the ruling clique impose their will on their citizens are communist regimes and some extremist religious states. In the past two years a fear-based society established which has eroded bodily integrity particularly relating to mandation of concocted products which do not immunise against a mutating virus. He calls for a Royal Commission and/or Inquiry into the abuses over the past 2 years. Court cases are inevitable as the data and science become so overwhelming that the legal process won’t be easily diverted. The legal system has not yet adequately responded, and parallel agencies and systems will arise to solve the problems, already seen in medicine via AMPS. Human rights have always and will always survive those who purport to take them away. They’re human rights, not humans with rights.
  4. Barrister Julian Gillespie discussed ways to respond to the overreach of AHPRA (Australia’s health professionals regulatory authority, who have been captured by IAMRA which explains the current day approved abuses of health professionals, to be explained further in my next blog post). Because the AHPRA joint statement to health practitioners on 9 March 2022 was illegal, coercing practitioners to break the national law and code of conduct, they are themselves, individually, those officers of AHPRA and the national boards, responsible for malfeasance in public office. Practitioners can sign the Health Declaration proposing amendments to ensure that this never happens again.

Whilst his people suffer in misery on the shores of the Mekong, the Prime Minister of Cambodia had pride of place next to two of his granddaughters at the United Nations meeting in New York this week. This family specialise in mass suspension of human rights performed in the name of “safety”. Gangsterism rules.

There are still heroes. For example this guy.

And these guys…

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