Justice for the Vaccinated

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The New Zealand page. And another New Zealand page.

Dr. Roger Hodkinson MD talks about research on infertility/sterility following the “vaccine”. As an inflammatory agent it gets through the placental barrier, and appears to attack the developing ovary as well as various organs responsible for male sexual development (epididymis, sertoli cells, leydig cells and germ cells). Read more here. Dr Hodkinson provides insight on the current phenomenon of excess deaths and SADS. The scale of threat to society should demand immediate investigation. This is a sobering and explosive conversation.

Amy Kelly, Program Director of the independent Pfizer Documents Analysis Project, has published information on male sexual development and fertility concerns (here, here and here). This information is all raised from Pfizer’s own trial data. The data was never shared to the public who were mandated en masse to take these products. Pfizer and the US FDA tried to obstruct public access to the data for 75 years (cannot imagine why?!). A court order required them to release it beginning (I think?) January 2022 in monthly lots. As they do it is published at this link, which is where Amy’s team of 3500 qualified volunteer researchers access the thousands of spreadsheets and reports etc, for analysis. Here she reviews even more findings coming out as the analysis continues.

After losing her employment and career as an anaesthetist last year due to Australia’s vaccine mandates, Dr Jeyanthi Kunadhasan offered to volunteer with the Pfizer Documents Analysis Project. At the recent Australian Medical Professionals Society Reclaiming Medicine conference she introduced Amy and the project.

Excess mortality in New Zealand has risen parallel to vaccine rollouts. Similar patterns are seen across the world. One saving grace is that only about 5% of young children appear to have been injected: parents seem to know something is not right.

This is the opposite of how a so-called “vaccine”, or any public health intervention, would work.

At the same time we have calls for restriction of free speech coming from those who might be criticised for policies which led to such enormous harm. Interesting!

One thought on “Justice for the Vaccinated

  1. Thanks ‘alicespringscomestomind’ these videos are damning of the’gene therapy’, yet are uplifting that a huge group of well qualified doctors, scientists and pathologists are researching the truth and are prepared to present the scientific facts. One speaker used the term ‘information transparency’ as it relates to informed consent

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