The Age of Un-Enlightenment

No jab, no job, no place in society. Humanity has experienced this hysteria before. Horrific.

Melissa Fleming, head of the United Nations Department of Global Communications, confirms that there is no room for the scientific method under their watch.

Dr Charles Hoffe, speaking from British Columbia in Canada: “The data is alarming … the health care system is collapsing“. The full interview is here.

Dr Paul Marik, one of the most cited critical care specialists in the world, spoke to Steve Kirsch about the methods being used by an established and powerful pharmaceutical mafia to silence himself and many thousands of other doctors across the globe. It is astounding to watch this play out. “At a systemic and massive level this is unique and never happened. But it has happened in history that pioneer doctors who make a very astute observation that goes against the standard of care, are persecuted. The best example is Ignaz Semmelweis, who discovered that if you washed your hands you didn’t spread infection. He was considered mentally ill and in fact put in a mental hospital because they thought he was so deranged.

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