Under Our Skin: The Story of Lyme

Dr JP Saleeby (Functional medicine physician specialising in tickborne and autoimmune disease) and Dr Flavio Cadegiani (Professor of endocrinology in Brazil and FLCCC member), in discussion recently with Steve Kirsch of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, about current day events is a really worthwhile two hours. The first few minutes of this video shows well, the character of these two doctors. Professional, intelligent, principled, prepared to stand against corruption and face persecution to protect the medical rights and freedoms of patients.

During the interview Dr Saleeby mentions that he has faced all of this before, as he witnessed the persecution of many doctors involved in the successful diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease. He recommended a 2008 documentary, “Under Our Skin“.

A 2008 film by Andy Abrahams Wilson about Lyme disease, Under Our Skin details what Dr Saleeby alludes to in the interview. Amazingly, it all connects into events of today.

Lyme Disease is caused by a bacterial spirochete, Borrelia burgdorferi, which typically enters the body via a tick bite but can also be sexually transmitted, and via other insects such as mosquitoes. It can manifest in a number of ways depending on how the spirochete interacts with the human it infects. It can be an acute or a chronic infection. The chronic form causes debilitating pain with joint and neurological symptoms and can be so severe as to cause degeneration of the central nervous system, leading to severe disability.

Dr Saleeby alludes to Lyme being a politically and financially charged disease, which doesn’t appear to make any sense until you watch Under Our Skin. As we see in the Covid era, with regime doctors only recommending and following politically determined and financially incentivised guidelines, from the late 1990s through to 2008 at least, Lyme disease became a guideline-driven disease.

Many patients with chronic Lyme, much like today’s Covid-19 injection victims, are told that they have a psychological or psychosomatic condition, by doctors with inadequate knowledge, conflicts of interest, or who are intimidated into following the written guidelines after seeing what happens to those who dissent.

According to the 2008 documentary, those doctors with knowledge, who diagnosed and treated chronic Lyme disease successfully with long term antibiotic combinations, some of whom dared to question the written guidelines, were hauled over the coals by their medical boards, lost their license, had to close down their clinic, and were sued for many millions of dollars. Under Our Skin features some of these doctors, who are greeted in their court hearings by a huge support base of successfully treated patients.

Why would successful doctors lose their right to practice? Because the long term antibiotic treatment they used to treat their patients cost insurance companies beyond what they were willing to pay, and threatened the market for vaccine and other drug development. Insurance companies were almost exclusively the complainants to the medical licensing boards.

Representing a view that “post-Lyme syndrome” (chronic Lyme disease) is not real, and basically just “the aches and pains of daily living”, a small panel of people from the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) penned the guidelines that doctors were (perhaps still are?) required to follow in treatment of Lyme disease. The guidelines are extremely restrictive, using legalese language, giving the impression that they would be used in court against physicians, or by insurance companies needing to justify why they won’t pay patient costs.

The guidelines include a list of 400 references, half of which are based on research conducted by the panel of authors. A worldwide body of literature contradicting the panel’s views is entirely ignored. A member who disagreed with the panel’s chairman describes how other views were dismissed. The guidelines, relied upon by busy doctors trusting that someone else has undertaken rigorous research meaning they can rely on the summary conclusions, are threaded with implications of psychological sources for the pain experienced by those with “post-Lyme syndrome”.

Investigations showed that the IDSA panel of 14 people who wrote the Lyme Disease guidelines had financial conflicts of interest. Six panel members, or their universities, hold patents associated with Lyme disease. Four had received funding from Lyme test kit manufacturers. Four had been paid by insurance companies to write Lyme policy guidelines or serve as consultants in legal cases. Nine of the panel had received pharmaceutical money from Lyme disease vaccine manufacturers.

One journalist states that many in the academic community know that the Lyme guidelines are wrong and steeped in these conflicts, but that noone will speak up. A number of clinicians do speak up in the documentary, with their faces and voices obscured, to explain the corruption. Others who were de-licensed also speak.

For further information on the conflicts of interest occurring today, identical in motivation and method to the Lyme story, see this article from New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science (NZDSOS), an international partner of FLCCC who Dr Cadegiani is affiliated with in the fight for patient rights to receive appropriate treatment for both Covid-19 and Covid-19 injection harms. The NZDSOS article describes the pharmaceutical industry funded influence of the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) and their International Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities (IAMRA) who today lay down rules and frameworks removing the right of independent clinical practice, and persecute doctors working outside their “regime medicine” guidelines.

Watch Liz Gunn’s interview with Dr Bruce Dooley, an FSMB whistleblower to understand the power and profits influencing enormous levels of medical corruption, much of which ordinary doctors, innocently accepting money to carry out work they’ve been told is “safe and effective”, are unaware of. It is hard to imagine that so many don’t sense that something is not right by now?

Today’s America’s Frontline Doctors’ Daily Dose With Dr Peterson Pierre, features the story of NZDSOS attempting to engage with authorities about the harms and deaths being experienced by New Zealanders following injection with an experimental medical intervention. The series of letters he refers to is available at this link.

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  1. This is very alarming. Today (3/11/2022), in Queensland legislation was passed that will affect Australia’s national regulatory health agency, APHRA allowing it to deregister any health professionals with a different or questioning opinion

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