Twelve Lies and More

From New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science Within three months of the Covid-19 pandemic being declared, Doctor Michael Yeadon describes recognising that something was disturbingly wrong. He has determined that rather than a long chain of well intentioned errors, the pandemic narrative is steeped in deliberate lies. He recently authored a brilliant review titled … More Twelve Lies and More

Twenty One Minutes of Pandemic Theatre

Dr Ryan Cole owns the largest pathology laboratory in Idaho USA. He belongs to the International Alliance of Medical Physicans and Scientists, the Global Covid Summit and Americas Frontline Doctors. He spoke with Australian host Maria Zeee a few days ago, an extremely worthwhile hour in which he speaks about his extensive experience with both … More Twenty One Minutes of Pandemic Theatre

Document Dumps

Pfizer and the US FDA initially tried to conceal their vaccine clinical trial data. As described in this article by Dr Michael Nevradakis, legal proceedings led to a court ruling that documents must be released on an ordered schedule. Regular document dumps are being made available on the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency … More Document Dumps

Fangkong Fails

The whole world seems convinced by lockdown. Whenever virus “cases” go down everyone claps for lockdown. When they go up, it means someone somewhere has been “selfish” and “broken the rules”. Public health 101 teaches that blame, shame and stigma are not useful for disease control and highly damaging to individuals and society. Yet society … More Fangkong Fails

Poverty For Health

Making people poor increases poverty which reduces the range of opportunities required for healthy living. We have to stop agreeing to increased impoverishment as an excuse to control a virus. Each and every one of the social determinants of health is being eroded by lockdown interventions. When we lose our land, business and income our … More Poverty For Health

Forget Thalidomide, Worship “Science”

We have forgotten Thalidomide. We have forgotten Tuskegee. We have forgotten the Nazi doctors who carried out medical experiments which murdered many. We have apparently forgotten the many other historic tragedies with medical science (and doctors, nurses et al) at their core. Today there are some health care workers who know history and recognise their … More Forget Thalidomide, Worship “Science”