Brilliantly Difficult

I wonder what changed?

The only change in the data according to the most recent meta-analysis (October 2022) “suggests a much lower pre-vaccination IFR in non-elderly populations than previously suggested“. If we close the world down for a disease with an infection fatality rate of 0.035% for 86% of the global population, then we will have to remain in lockdown for eternity because there are many circulating diseases with far higher IFRs. Is permanent lockdown the intent?

The harms of incompetent and malign public health policies are only just starting to be seen. Professor Sikora is an oncologist who spoke out against the UK pandemic response early and persistently.

A perspective that should not be in charge of public health.

This death and destruction was avoidable with established public health such as targeted protection of the vulnerable as espoused by the Great Barrington Declaration. Instead the entire globe has suffered at the hands of aggressive profiteering by powerful and corrupted criminals who control almost all information channels from mainstream and social media to search engines and academic institutions. Jenin Younes is a civil liberties lawyer involved in litigation to stop inhumane mask and vaccine mandates. As well as the below tweets today, she wrote a January 2022 article, Mandates Are About Political Control, Not Health.

Klaus likes the idea of nations looking to China as their role model in his systemic transformation of the world.

Cartoonist Bob Moran is a Brilliantly Difficult man who sees it and isn’t afraid to speak it.

One thought on “Brilliantly Difficult

  1. If a thing is repeated often enough, people will believe it.
    *** “most” people – yes the elderly too.
    That seems to be true doesn’t make it any less a bunch of bollocks 😒
    Compliant citizenry


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