Can We Talk About It?

Since mid-2020 when the frailest of society were left to languish without the human contact that their survival relies upon, I have had an image of powerful criminals with a heartless agenda sitting in mansions, laughing. Gleeful at their escalating personal wealth and power as people who should have known better but blinded by the … More Can We Talk About It?

Public Health as Public Harm and the Next Agenda

There is a Facebook page called Died Suddenly News with over 250,000 members so far. The stories on this page are a horror show. This is one of thousands, and below is an interview with the page’s founder, Tiago Fernando Henriques. The same people who brought this to our world are trying to implement climate … More Public Health as Public Harm and the Next Agenda

What Mao Did

How did he do it? Is it relevant today? Fauci’s Red Guards: Michael Senger Once upon a time public health protection involved people trained in public health protection making recommendations such as staying home when sick because symptoms such as coughing and runny noses are how respiratory viruses transmit; and ways to best protect the … More What Mao Did