Is Your Doctor Trained in Matters of Vaccines?

Years ago I trained health workers who wanted to become certified vaccine providers. It was impossible to attract doctors to the course, despite being available to them. They seemed to think there was no need as they already had prescribing rights. Yet they regularly wrote incorrect prescriptions – the wrong vaccine, wrong dose, wrong administration route… If they had nurses around them who had undergone the training, issues could be averted. Nevertheless errors were common and often went unreported, especially if those involved did not realise they had even made an error.

Many people report being told that their doctors and specialists are claiming that it is far safer to risk the effects of an mRNA and/or other spike protein product administered into their circulation, than to inhale the virus. Given that you still inhale SARS-CoV-2 whether or not you’ve been injected, and given that despite injections, you still get infected, can still transmit to others, and the more injections of this product you have, the more likely exposure to the virus is going to make you sick, it is clear that many busy doctors are relying on government propaganda for their messaging, and not reading the actual data which is available but time consuming and counters what we have all been instructed to believe.

The safety of breathing in a virus that meets multiple barriers in the respiratory tract, compared to having a product injected into your system which puts the toxic protein from that virus into your circulation, bypassing multiple barriers, also negates the idea that the injection is safer than inhalation. But when someone has “doctor” in their title, it’s assumed they’re trained in vaccines. Which is incredibly unlikely in most cases. Perhaps even less likely in relation to Covid-19 “vaccines” given the plethora of government propaganda and the aggressive threats against clinicians daring to look beyond it.

New Zealand’s Dr Nikki Turner, who appears to be compromised in some way, has spoken about antibodies in blood donations as though this is the parents’ concern, when their concerns relate to the mRNA, lipid nanoparticles, spike protein and unknown vial ingredients which remain redacted from public knowledge. Dr Turner has been challenged on this. It almost appears as though the parents have read more about the Comirnaty product, than Dr Turner, a GP representing a governmental immunisation advisory committee? Could that be the case?

The following is from an Exposé News article of 1 December 2022 giving international attention to the case of 4mo Will Savage whose parents are fighting to have (Covid) “unvaccinated” blood in the bypass machine during Will’s upcoming cardiac surgery.

Doctors Are Not Trained in Vaccines

In the case of Baby Will, the surgeon told Liz Gunn that he didn’t believe there was any problem with the blood of vaccinated people and that’s why he was not allowing the surgery to go ahead according to the wishes of Will’s parents.  However, can the surgeon truly claim to know the biodistribution of vaccine contents or what Covid injections do to the human body unless he has done specific research on the subject?

In a recent interview with Children’s Health Defense,[neurologist] Dr. Russell Blaylock began his presentation on vaccine-induced spike proteins and neurodegeneration by saying:

“[The medical profession] really doesn’t understand this injection.  They don’t understand what it does to the neurological apparatus of the brain and spinal cord.”

And Canadian Dr. Byram Bridle, a viral immunologist, confirmed doctors’ lack of knowledge about vaccines in an interview with NZ’s Freedom TV, see video below.

In Canada … specifically in Ontario … the average number of lectures that somebody who gets an MD, so that’s a medical doctor, so that’s somebody who would be training to become a physician … they average between 5 and 12 50-minute lectures [in immunology] in the first year of their program … within that, they might get 15 minutes of coverage on vaccines.  So, the reality is, the average physician has only the most superficial understanding,” Dr. Bridle said.

This is a two hour interview, full of crucial information presented in a riveting way. Dr Bridle discusses evidence including on pregnancy, lactation, blood transfusions, the use of veterinary students to administer Covid-19 vaccines, Dr Bridle’s own personal and often horrific experiences during Covid, the issue of shedding, and multiple other concerns relating to existing evidence and lack of evidence for these extremely dangerous products forced onto the world by increasingly obvious nefarious actors.

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