2 thoughts on “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way: Sunday 4 December

  1. Hello Alice Team

    I have just sent this to Tim Dare, the medical ethics professor from Auckland University. The email contained links to Janine Small’s infamous comment and Ardern’s equally appalling two tiered interview. I sent a shorter, similar email to Nikki Turner congratulating her on her contribution to the debate.

    THANKS for your work on this.

    Subject: the unethical medical ethics professor

    Dear Tim

    So “Our freedoms are all limited by the possibility we might harm other people”.

    But not the freedoms of irresponsible New Zealand ethics professors, it seems, or greedy, reckless, criminal pharmaceutical multi-nationals.

    “Most of the parents views about the transfusion look unreliable”.

    A document sent to UK health professionals in late 2020 (Reg 174) regarding Pfizer pointed out that it had done no testing for pregnant women. It might also be reasonable to assume a choice of dangerous injections is out the question too. We now have huge numbers of miscarriages, falling birth rates and excess deaths in all heavily vaccinated countries. So you want to take the risk of killing this child?

    “The courts will, I take it, side with the doctors on THE SCIENCE”.

    You appear to be a rather obtuse ethics professor. There is no “THE SCIENCE” and, might I say, it is unethical of you to suggest there is.

    “The hospitals will be reluctant to lose this case because there’s no question that the vaccine sceptics, if the court gives the right to the parents [will say],’ ‘Well, we were right about the vaccines’ and then the question will be can you still respect parents’ view without being seen to endorse the content of their views”.

    Exactly, Timmy. This is the two tiered society Queen Ardern was trying to build. I imagine it was part of her Young Global Leader contract. The injections have proven dangerous to many people. The criminal Big Pharma operations won’t tell us what is in them and have no idea of the damage they might cause. Janine Small explained that to the world a few weeks ago. Is this what passes for medically ethical at Auckland University and for Nikki Turner at the Immunisation Advisory Centre?

    Finally, congratulations Tim. You are now an international celebrity. Enjoy it while you can.

    Kind Regards

    Warren Ross
    Katoomba NSW


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