Why Can’t We Talk About It?

Steve Kirsch wrote about the outcome of the case on Baby Will at New Zealand court takes custody of Baby Will. The court has entrusted two doctors with the medical decisions regarding the care of Baby Will. The 23-page court decision is available here for you to read.

I hope for the parents’ sake that the two doctors are not in any way involved with having labelled them as “believing in science fiction“, which they most certainly are not; or accusing their advocate as a “conspiracy theorist“, which she certainly is not. That which you don’t agree with is not automatically a conspiracy theory. It remains bewildering as to why looking at evidence and talking about it is off-limits. Working in public health once demanded this.

Why Can’t We Talk About It?

Steve Kirsch, 6 December 2022

How are we supposed to resolve our differences if every vaccine advocate in the world refuses to have a civil discussion about it?

Executive summary

It’s stunning how the entire world is only being told one side of the narrative by the mainstream media. While we can’t change that, what we can do is to make everyone aware that nobody on the pro-vaccine side will engage in an open, public civil discussion or debate on the relevant issues. I intend to do just that through non-stop advertising all over the world.


I am writing this from Auckland Airport in New Zealand awaiting my flight back to San Francisco. I was just informed that my attempt to have a discussion about COVID policies with Michael Laws on The Platform was denied. The message I received read as follows, “He isn’t interested in having his views tested by yours.”

So effectively, I’ve been “de-platformed” by The Platform which bills itself as “New Zealand’s only independent media site giving you unbiased coverage, commentary, and opinion and the chance to have your say.” Wow.

This is ridiculous. Enough is enough.

This isn’t about me. Everyone on our side of the narrative is denied an opportunity for an open, public discussion about any issues regarding the COVID response including mandates, masking, vaccines, early treatment, lockdowns, VAERS reporting rates that are off the charts, safety signals deliberately being ignored, trust in public health officials such as ACIP committee chair Grace Lee who doesn’t want to see the Israeli safety data, etc.

It’s time to try a new approach

It’s time for a new approach. I want to make sure that everyone realizes two things:

  1. That the mainstream media is only considering and telling one side of the narrative which means that they are essentially involved in propaganda rather than news.
  2. That NOBODY pushing the narrative is willing to be challenged about their beliefs.

So you might start to see ads in newspapers, radio, TV, online, and on billboards with headlines like:

  • Why can’t we talk about it?
  • Why doesn’t anyone on their side want to talk about it?
  • Why is it forbidden to talk about it?
  • Why are physicians threatened with loss of their jobs if they talk about it?
  • Why is it taboo to talk about it?
  • Why can’t we have a civil discussion to resolve our differences about it?
  • Why are <they> so afraid to talk about it? where <hey> is replaced by local, state, federal lawmakers, government organizations (CDC, NIH, FDA, …), local, state, federal health officials, professional organizations (AMA, CMA, IDSA, etc), infectious disease experts, medical schools, etc.

These ads will be targeted sometimes to organization other times to individuals in a position of power or influence such as a member of Congress or a even a talk show host like Michael Laws who doesn’t seem to practice what he preaches about free speech.

Our discussion team of experts

I’ve invited the following people to represent our side of the vaccine debate. I don’t expect everyone to accept my invitation or be available for all discussions (should they ever happen). Here’s the initial list which comprises a mixture of people who are experts on our side of the story (in no particular order):

  1. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (a)
  2. Joe Mercola (a)
  3. James Thorp
  4. Dr. Naomi Wolf (a)
  5. Del Bigtree
  6. Norman Fenton (a)
  7. Jessica Rose (a)
  8. Mathew Crawford
  9. Joel Smalley (a)
  10. Aaron Kheriaty (a)
  11. Pierre Kory (a)
  12. Paul Marik (a)
  13. Peter McCullough
  14. Chris Martenson (a)
  15. Aseem Malhotra (a)
  16. Ira Bernstein
  17. Vinay Julapalli (a)
  18. Bret Weinstein
  19. Ryan Cole (a)
  20. Richard Urso (a)
  21. Aaron Siri (d)
  22. Byram Bridle (a)
  23. Paul Alexander (a)
  24. Retsef Levi (a)
  25. Jay Bhattacharya
  26. Scott Atlas (d)
  27. Angela Wulbrecht (a)
  28. Caroline Stepovich (a)


  1. (a) means accepted, (d) means declined.
  2. Over half of these people accepted within minutes of my sending the invitation.
  3. Robert Malone isn’t listed because he doesn’t like debates.
  4. Not everyone on the list agrees with everyone on every one of the topics listed below. In general, they were picked because they are experts in certain key aspects of the COVID response.

It’s interesting to note that the people on the other side of the narrative have had nearly two years to accept the challenge or issue their own challenge. They’ve done neither. My hypothesis is that the reason is as simple as this:

What is “it”?

Thousands of issues regarding the worldwide government COVID response including, but not limited to the following items, should be discussed but there is silence from the other side. This is just a list off the top of my head:

  1. Why not drop the liability protection? We are constantly assured that the vaccines are so safe and effective, so why not just drop the liability protection for the manufacturers? No other product enjoys this kind of immunity. It would reduce vaccine hesitancy and there is no risk in doing this since we all know how safe the vaccines are. What do you think would happen if they dropped liability protection in a country? Why does nobody want to find out?
  2. VAERS excess deaths. There are over 15,000 excess deaths reported for the COVID vaccines. If these deaths were not caused by the vaccine, then what caused them? Also, the minimum underreporting factor is at least 30 and more likely 41 or more. This is over 500,000 excess deaths. Shouldn’t that be a stopping condition? If not, how many people have to die before we take these vaccines off the market? How many children have to die before we take these vaccines off the market? How many people have to die or be disabled before we stop mandating these vaccines for the US military? Why was no stopping condition ever defined? What should the stopping condition be?
  3. VAERS adverse events. There are more adverse events reported for the COVID vaccines than for all 70 vaccines over the last 30 years combined. Why shouldn’t this generate a safety signal? Doesn’t this suggest that there is something seriously wrong with both the safety signal formula and the CDC for not realizing the obvious?
  4. VAERS death safety signal. The death safety signal triggered in VAERS, but the CDC ignored it even after it was expressly brought to the attention of senior CDC staff. Where is the calculation proving it didn’t trigger and why can’t we see it? Why was the doctor who asked about this not shown the calculation? Doesn’t this show the safety signals are being ignored? Also, isn’t using PRR a huge mistake in the CDC formula? A vaccine that generates huge numbers of adverse events is considered “safe” using this formula and it is ANDed with other conditions. Is this really the best way to assess safety of a vaccine?
  5. Determining causality. If the vaccine didn’t cause the events reported in the VAERS system, then what did? And we know the vaccine does CAUSE serious adverse events because this was proven by the data collected by the scientific panel appointed by the Israeli Ministry of Health. Even after these adverse events were revealed, nobody in the world was able to find a safety signal for these known symptoms. How is that possible? Is our worldwide medical community really that lame that after we tell them the answer, they still can’t find a safety signal? Isn’t it time the medical community levelled with the people of the world and admitted that their ability to determine causality and detect safety signals is abysmal? Why didn’t anyone else in the world do vaccine safety monitoring using the techniques deployed by the Israeli panel where they looked at the symptoms of people who were re-challenged with multiple doses of the vaccine?
  6. Hospitalization and death benefits. Where is the reliable data showing this benefit and why did it not show up in the clinical trials? In fact, in the Pfizer clinical trial, more people died who got the vaccine than the placebo. Where is the more definitive data showing a statistically significant all-cause mortality and morbidity benefit? But if we believe that data, then it means that the clinical trials (which showed statistically significant all-cause morbidity) are invalid. You can’t have it both ways: either the trials were wrong or the new data is wrong. Which is it going to be and why isn’t anyone talking about this?
  7. Why didn’t anyone come to Senator Ron Johnson’s hearing to defend the narrative? Nobody from any of the drug companies, federal agencies, or medical community was willing to show up at Senator Johnson’s December 7 hearing on the vaccine. They were invited. They all say they want to stop misinformation, so why not stop it at the source? This would have been a perfect opportunity with all these experts in the room. What was the benefit by passing up on this opportunity? How many lives were saved by refusing to challenge the statements that were made?
  8. Misinformation: Were there any misstatements made at the Senator Ron Johnson’s 3 hour hearing on Dec 7, 2022? Can you name one? Can we talk about it?
  9. Should misinformation be a crime? Francis Collins says misinformation is responsible for the deaths of 300,000 people. He wants misinformation to be a crime. What do you think of this idea? How long do you think they should be put in jail for? Doesn’t this mean long jail sentences for Biden, Jha, Collins, Fauci, Walensky, and most of the the doctors in America?
  10. Death and disability numbers: Why didn’t Fox News investigate my death and disability claims that hundreds of thousands of people have been killed and millions have been disabled? They said on air that they can’t verify them. They can’t or they won’t? Dr. Naomi Wolf was easily able to verify my claims. Fox wasn’t interested in discussing this after I made the statements and offered the data. They did not want to see the data backing up my claims.
  11. Are the vaccines safe and/or effective? Do they kill more people than they save? The Pfizer trial showed a not statistically significant COVID death benefit of 1 in 22,000 people. But the death data in VAERS shows more than 1 death per 1,000 people vaccinated. If this isn’t right, then what are the real numbers and how do you know? If the vaccines are effective, then why haven’t data scientists such as Joel Smalley been able to find a signal? If the vaccines are effective, then how come the “line goes the wrong way” as Chris Martenson noted at 6:53 in this video (referencing the Harvard study by Subramanian showing that the more you vaccinate, the higher the cases). Martenson showed clearly the line goes the wrong way, yet Subramanian claims that his paper shows vaccination is beneficial. You can’t have it both ways. The line slopes the wrong way; how is that consistent with the vaccine making a positive difference?
  12. Why are the VAERS reporting rates off-the-charts for just the COVID vaccine and no other vaccine? It isn’t gaming or over-reporting since there is no evidence of either, so isn’t the only thing left that it is unsafe? If not, what’s the cause
  13. Ignoring credible safety studies: Why are public health officials ignoring credible adverse safety data? The CDC was offered an opportunity to see the Israeli safety data from the leaked video which shows the vaccines are unsafe. Why didn’t anyone at the CDC want to see the video (which was authenticated by a Reuters fact check). Nobody in the US mainstream media wants to see the safety data either. Isn’t it time for the mainstream media to admit they are propaganda organizations? This might actually improve trust in the media if they admitted the truth here.
  14. Can we really trust our public health officials to make decisions to keep us safe? Why doesn’t ACIP chair Grace Lee want to see the Israeli safety data? Is calling the Palo Alto Police Department the correct answer to “Do you want to see the safety data from Israel, yes or no?” Shouldn’t the top vaccine safety official always be interested in safety signals from a top world government authority? Shouldn’t behavior such as this be grounds for termination or at a minimum a performance review? Or should she be recognized with an award for looking the other way when given an opportunity to review credible safety data on the vaccine?
  15. Spike protein production inside the body: When does our body stop making spike protein after vaccination? Shouldn’t we have known the answer to that question before the vaccines were approved? Does anyone in the mainstream medical community want to know? Why haven’t they spoken up?
  16. Is it Turtles All the Way Down? The book, Turtles all the way down: Vaccine science and myth, paints a troubling portrait of vaccines as gaming the approval process to avoid being tested head to head against a placebo. Despite a $1,000 reward for errors, nobody has found an error in the book (whereas for the Fauci book, many errors were found). Is there an error in the book and where is it? If there are no errors, then why shouldn’t we believe the conclusions, that the vaccines have not been properly tested for safety.
  17. Vaccine side effects are being caused by what again? There are now over 2,000 papers in the peer reviewed scientific literature documenting vaccine side effects, yet the NIH still claims there is no association between the vaccine and these injuries. Why are so many people injured and disabled and dead after being vaccinated? In particular, former top ICU nurse Marsha Gee, developed 78 unusual symptoms common to other vaccine victims including bleeding behind her eyes. OK, so if the vaccine didn’t cause all these symptoms, then what did? You can’t really expect us to believe she got unlucky and simply developed 78 symptoms all of a sudden for no reason. Watch this 4 minute clip describing how people ignore vaccine injuries. This is exactly how the vaccine injured feel.
  18. Vaccine injury compensation: Does the vaccine cause injury? If not, then how do we explain all the side effects? If it does cause injury, then why has the US government never awarded a dime in injury compensation despite over 6,000 applications to the CICP program? “Of the 8,010 COVID-19 countermeasure claims, 5,033 allege injuries/deaths from COVID-19 vaccines.” Isn’t this more than any vaccine in history combined? The CICP program isn’t being advertised at all. So why are there so many applications for this vaccine?
  19. Mix/match: Why aren’t people warned not to mix/match vaccines? Instead we do the opposite and advise people to mix/match vaccines. Yet there is strong evidence that can’t be ignored that doing so increases risk as was noted at the Johnson hearing.
  20. Childhood vaccine schedule: Why was the vaccine added to the children’s vaccination schedule when the risk of a COVID death is on the order of 1 in a million but we don’t have the safety data to prove benefits outweigh the risk? This provides lifetime immunity to the vaccine makers so the government can drop the “emergency” and the vaccine makers are still protected.
  21. Why aren’t we providing liability protection for other products? Since the liability protection for manufacturers has done such a superb job at protecting the public from injury, why stop there? Shouldn’t we give all manufacturers liability protection? Why limit it to just vaccines? Why not extend it to every drug and every product?
  22. Why is only one state doing COVID vaccine safety studies? Florida found the government was lying about the safety of the vaccines. Shouldn’t other states’ health officials do their own studies? Florida Surgeon General was asked by Fox News why Florida was the only state to find that the COVID vaccine was more dangerous than what the CDC has claimed. He replied, “Because we were the only ones who looked.” Why aren’t any other state public health officials doing their own checks?
  23. What is the mRNA integrity of the vaccines at the time of injection and how do we know? The regulatory agencies all found it could be very low (below 50%). What are the current minimum and maximum numbers? Who is measuring this and why is this not being reported to the public? In general, what end-to-end quality control is being done to ensure product integrity?
  24. Is there a difference if the injection is aspirated or not? How do we know for sure there is no difference? Where was the science that was done on that? Is it possible that we can reduce side effects by aspirating as noted in this article by Marc Girardot?
  25. Is the public safer by making it illegal for anyone to analyze what is in the vials including measuring the mRNA integrity? Has any study ever been done anywhere on this? By who and when?
  26. Why aren’t easy to execute before/after safety studies being done? Why can Thailand do a study of cardiac biomarkers before/after the vaccine and find that nearly 30% of kids showed measurable cardiac damage. Shouldn’t the mainstream press be letting parents know about this? Why aren’t they? Why isn’t a study like this allowed to be done in the US? Is it unethical to see if the government is telling the truth? Why didn’t the FDA require before/after tests to confirm or deny the Thailand result? Also, is 30% of kids sustaining cardiac damage considered “rare” by the CDC? Why isn’t the CDC commenting on this study or repeating it?
  27. The six foot rule: This is mandated in my county. Why is that? Where is the science behind this? Why was this recently discovered? What is the reduction in R0 when the rule is adhered to? Where are the studies on that? When did the laws of physics change that this works?? How does it work since the virus stays in the air for days… it does not “drop to the ground.” How does hand washing reduce the spread of a respirator virus? What is the mechanism of action on that and where are the studies for SARS-CoV-2 or similar respiratory virus?
  28. Is having a Disinformation Dozen list encouraging censorship and deplatforming of certain people beneficial and lead to better outcomes? Where is the research showing government coordinated censorship of free speech is a good thing? If censorship is good, then why not go the next step and criminalize speech which is not consistent with government narratives, even though it is true.
  29. Should we reward censorship of people who tell the truth? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, Wikipedia, and other tech firms censor and deplatform people who challenge mainstream thinking. Should we reward this behavior or punish it? If the people being censored are found in a court of law to be telling the truth, shouldn’t there be a monetary right of action to penalize companies for doing this? Does censorship lead to better medical outcomes? Where is the published study on this?
  30. Is Paul Offit misinformed about the vaccines? Paul Offit says the new bivalent booster provides no protection. The FDA panel says it does. They can’t both be right. Can you explain precisely how Offit’s argument (that there is no data) is wrong. Where is the efficacy data and why doesn’t Offit know about it? If he is not competent, then why is he on the committee?
  31. Where there is risk, shouldn’t there be choice? Are mandates ethical where you are required to risk your life or health to save someone else’s? When is this needed? What proof is required?
  32. Early treatment: Do early treatment protocols work? Why were they deliberately suppressed despite multiple peer-reviewed systematic reviews and meta analyses? Why haven’t world health agencies ever tried the proven COVID protocols used by Fareed and Tyson. Isn’t 15,000 patients with a perfect track record sufficient evidence? Why not?
  33. Masks: Do masks work to stop COVID spread? Where is the definitive study that shows this? Why was this not known until just recently? Why was the flawed Bangladesh mask study never retracted by the journal (Nature) despite requests from Professor Norman Fenton to do so? Why was he ignored?
  34. Assessing truth: How can we establish a more reliable source of truth? Will people who are still wearing masks ever stop believing they work?
  35. Fear of challenge: Why won’t any health authority allow themselves to be publicly challenged? Are they more interested in public health and the truth? Or protecting their reputations?
  36. Lockdowns: Were lockdowns ever needed? What was the evidence they relied on that showed that the benefits outweigh the risks? What is the decision criteria for starting and stopping lockdowns and why is it needed for that criteria to be kept secret from the public?
  37. Birth rates: Why are birth rates down worldwide by substantial numbers? Why is Dr. James Thorp seeing a more than 100 fold increase in miscarriages after the vaccines rolled out? Is he lying or is he just unlucky.
  38. Fear and intimidation tactics: Why did the nurses and staff tell Michael Granata that he had to deliver the message before he died from the vaccine that they are being silenced and that the truth of deaths from the vaccine was being hidden within the medical profession? Is it necessary to create an environment of fear and intimidation like this? Why is nobody speaking out about this?
  39. Strange clots reported by over 100 embalmers show up in as many as 90% of vaccinated people who die: Why is no medical professional willing to take Dr. Ryan Cole up on his offer to examine the strange clots reported by the embalmers in the movie Died Suddenly?
  40. Why are laws such as California’s AB 2098 which prohibit doctors from deviating from medical consensus a good idea? Haven’t we proved over and over that medical consensus is not reliable? Why are so few doctors speaking out about this?
  41. Why are doctors in Canada dropping dead in record numbers shortly after being vaccinated? Why is the CMA not investigating this?
  42. Blood supply: How do we know for sure that the blood supply is safe?
  43. Why won’t anyone who supports the narrative agree to a debate? There is so much to talk about, but no one on the pro-narrative side wants to talk about it. Why is this a superior approach to using conversation to resolve our differences?
  44. Lack of autopsies and tests: Why aren’t we doing autopsies in any of the deaths post-vaccine. Do you know how many bodies have actually been tested properly to determine if the death was caused by a COVID vaccine? The answer is less than 5 and the vaccine was implicated in 100% of the cases where the tests were done. Could that have any bearing on why nobody wants to look?
  45. Vaccination status: Why do we have to reveal our vaccination status to our employer, but when we die, we keep the vaccination status of the person who died a secret?
  46. Why are so many kids being tested for tachycardia today? It happened to coincide with the rollout of the vaccines and nearly all the kids being tested are vaccinated. So if it isn’t the vaccine, what’s causing the tachycardia?
  47. Gwen Casten’s death. Gwen Casten, age 17, had no known cardiac issues and died of a sudden cardiac arrhythmia in her sleep. How come this case didn’t generate alarm bells? Why didn’t they check her tissues for the vaccine being the cause of death? Why didn’t they want to know?
  48. Stress-induced heart attacks?!? A young, famous TikTok star, Megha Thakur, died at age 21, just 4 months after a stress-induced heart attack. My cardiologists haven’t heard of this before. Is this new and only happening to people who are vaccinated with the COVID vaccine? Why isn’t this happening to unvaccinated young people?
  49. Vaccine mandates: Why is Yale University mandating students must take the bivalent booster, but it is optional for faculty? This is requiring kids to risk their lives and their health for what benefit?
  50. Why are so many people dying suddenly? We’ve never seen so many people dying suddenly before. Mark Crispin Miller’s Substack is full of these stories. If it isn’t the vaccine, what is the more likely cause of these deaths and why isn’t there an investigation by the CDC? More importantly, aren’t nearly all of these people vaccinated? Why does nobody want to know the autopsy results when testing for whether the vaccine was involved in the death?
  51. Clinical trial fraud. Why doesn’t anyone want to talk about the accusations of clinical trial fraud in the Pfizer Phase 3 study including why Maddie de Garay’s paralysis was misreported as abdominal pain and why 5X as many people were excluded in the treatment arm than the placebo arm when the trial was supposed to be blinded? And will Pfizer ever reveal how they determined that none of the deaths in the vaccine arm were related to the vaccine? Did they do the proper stains?
  52. Young people dying in their sleep. This used to be extremely rare. Now it is happening all the time. If it isn’t the vaccine, then what is it? Why aren’t we testing any of these deaths to see if they were caused by the vaccine?
  53. Unknown deaths: Why is “unknown” the new top category of death in Alberta, Canada? Why isn’t anyone trying to find a common factor? And weren’t all these deaths in vaccinated people? Could that be an important clue?
  54. Why does the media never reveal the vaccination status of the deceased? They used to tell us this all the time when vaccinations just started to roll out. Now, the families demand privacy. Why the switch?
  55. Why are death records so secret? Shouldn’t we make these public records? And shouldn’t we require the death certificate to disclose any vaccinations done in the last 12 months before death?
  56. Why are there so few critical thinkers in medicine? Why is UCSF Professor Vinay Prasad nearly the only mainstream doctor willing to criticize the CDC? Is he wrong or is the entire mainstream medical community corrupted? You can’t have it both ways.
  57. Why are masks required to visit a doctor in California but nowhere else where there is close contact? Also, since the authorities claim nobody can get hospitalized or die after vaccination, why the requirement? Will we have this requirement for all time? When will it end? What’s the criteria? What science is this based on?
  58. How did this woman die? This case was documented in the peer-reviewed medical literature of a 32 year-old female who took 12 horrific and painful months to die from this. Details. This is just representative of one of the more horrific vaccine injuries.
  59. Meta-collections of issues. Can we talk about all of the issues listed in these documents:
    1. Evidence of Harm
    2. Incriminating evidence
    3. 100 Questions they don’t want to answer
    4. Think we got it wrong?
    5. Questions I’d love to ask Congresswoman Anna Eshoo… that she’ll never answer
    6. Senator Ron Johnson’s Dec 7 hearing
    7. Any issue raised in any of the thousands of Substack articles written by me and my friends
  60. Perverse death incentives: Why are we giving hospitals massive incentives for killing people who have COVID instead of rewarding them for saving people’s lives?
  61. False claims actions: Why is Ron DeSantis the only governor planning on taking action against the drug companies for making false claims that there are only minor side effects? Do all the other governors believe that the safety claims are true? Why don’t any of them want to see the Israeli safety data that proves that the vaccine companies are making false claims. Someone isn’t telling the truth here.
  62. Survey results: How do you explain our survey results in ten different surveys done by independent polling firms? They show the vaccines are not safe.
  63. No shows at debates: Why didn’t the Canadian health authorities show up for a civil debate when challenged by three prominent Canadian physicians? I could certainly understand a refusal if there were dozens of debates already, but I haven’t seen a single debate anywhere in the world. Will we ever have a discussion about any of these issues?
  64. Canadian bank accounts. If you disagree with the government narrative, you can have your bank account frozen in Canada. Is this really the best approach to resolve differences of opinion?
  1. They won’t even provide a written response. Why don’t David Gorski, Debunk the Funk, Jonathan Jarry, or some other “fact checker” simply publish a document answering all of these questions with compelling evidence? If you don’t want a debate and want to settle the issue with dueling documents, then this is your chance. Simply respond to all these points.

Will we have a debate?

I predict that no one in the world will accept our offer to have a discussion/debate on the key issues.

Their lack of interest in a fair public discussion is very hard to justify. For them, this is the easiest way to show the world that the “misinformation spreaders” are wrong which will reduce vaccine hesitancy and, according to them, save lives. They always tell us they want to reduce vaccine hesitancy: this is their golden opportunity. Why wouldn’t they seize it?

So the ad campaign is important to help people realize that they have been misled.

If we do have a discussion, ideally we will have an objective third-party moderator and have it live-streamed to the public so they benefit from the real-time interactions of the participants.

The inevitable outcome

One way or another, this will ultimately lead to a massive loss of trust in:

  1. Congress (and other federal legislative bodies all over the world)
  2. State and local lawmakers
  3. The medical community worldwide, both in academia and in medical practice
  4. Medical organizations (AMA, IDSA, CMA, etc)
  5. Government agencies including the FDA, CDC, NIH
  6. Medical regulators including state licensing boards and certification boards
  7. The mainstream media
  8. Local public health officials

Apparently, that’s the way they want it to end. So be it. They shall have it.

Dr. Byram Bridle’s reaction to my invitation

Read Dr. Byram Bridle’s reaction to this post. I couldn’t agree more.


I’m not content sitting around doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. It’s time for new, aggressive, in your face tactics that will force the pro-narrative side either to debate us or face public ridicule for refusing to be held accountable for their decisions.

Some people will choose to be on the right side of history early. Others will wait until it is “safe” to switch sides. Sooner or later there will be a “tipping point.”

My goal is to make that happen sooner rather than later.

This is going to be a very expensive campaign. If you want to help enable us to pull this off, please consider becoming a paying subscriber (only $5 a month or $50/yr). Thanks!

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