The Hurt and the Help

Leeanne Dale’s ordeal seems like a personalised terror attack. I speak to many who share similar existences now.

Dr Ryan Cole is one of my favourite public health advocates. The 25 minute interview is here, the two minute trailer below.

The most eminent professionals in public health have had their tongues figuratively cut out in many ways during the pandemic. It turns out that scientists speaking against what WEF/UN et al want the world to believe about climate change have been similarly silenced. Interestingly the alleged “solutions” to both issues involve restricting human movement and freedoms via state imposed controls. They can only ensure compliance if we believe their propaganda, which requires silencing the most informed amongst us.

When I read that Celine Dion has announced, amidst concert cancellations, that she has a rare auto-immune neurological disorder called “Still Person Syndrome”, I wondered if this condition I had never heard of might be listed in a certain document. Sure enough, page 8 of Appendix 1 in Pfizer’s Analysis of Post-Authorisation Adverse Events Reports lists it immediately before another condition reportedly occurring at excessively high rates.

Senator Ron Johnson has held another roundtable attended by multitudes of experts from a variety of specialities: critical care, epidemiology, toxicology, pathology, evidence based medicine, cardiology, virology, vaccinology, immunology, pharmacology, data analysis, paediatrics, lawyers, geneticists and many others all collaborating to push back against the chaotic harm. These are the professionals who should have coordinated the Covid response. Instead the whole world followed a criminal cartel with nefarious intent.

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