Two New Zealand Nurses

I wonder if the same people who fully supported ending the careers of these two young women unless they obeyed, are now supporting the obedient one through her new lifestyle on a liquid diet and “multiple other problems“? I guess they don’t need to because it was “her choice“.

This Pfizer document obtained from PHMPT shows the range of adverse events expected from their unsafe and ineffective mandated product. The mechanisms for so much harm from a single product are explained in this article.

Anna describes her condition as a “rare autoimmune disease affecting the oesophagus“. Near the bottom of page 6 at Appendix 1 Pfizer themselves list Oesophageal Achalasia as an expected adverse event. A quick online search shows that this is a rare autoimmune condition that damages the nerves of the oesophagus and lower oesophageal sphincter.

Ah well. “Her choice“. Like the rest of us, she “just has to toughen up“.

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