Where Does Poverty Come From?

I was never comfortable with the common assumption that poverty is somehow the fault of the impoverished. It always seemed like it stemmed from dynamic forces that were not easy to understand, and for which those already impoverished cannot affect no matter how hard they work, or how diligently they save or plan.

When I was free to move in the world, as I flitted between countries I thought a lot about this. Most of my friends in poor nations, equally qualified and often more skilled than me, were unable to travel far beyond their own village. Many speak about being from wealthy families, and how that wealth was lost in the lead-up to, during or directly after the war that destabilised their nation. Most were impoverished except the new ruling class, whose wealth and power rose inversely to the poverty of everyone else. The gap between rich and poor in impoverished nations is visibly striking.

One feature of poverty is not having enough choice, be it relating to food, shelter, safety, income (method or amount), education, health care, transport, or any other aspect to life. Another significant feature is being trapped in your existence of insufficiency so that nothing you do changes the situation. Those in poverty have no freedom and no rights. The vaccine mandates foisted upon most working-age or already-enslaved people in the world demonstrated this well. Particularly rich-world citizens living in debt but assuming some level of freedom: millions complied because they had no choice. An early sign of poverty / enslavement.

Division was seeded: necessary for destabilising society. This continues as “intelligence” services encourage stasi-style monitoring and reporting of thought and speech.

Countdown 2030 shows in some detail how poverty is established by powerful criminal interests who use crises and threats to destabilise society in order to maintain or grow their power. And why the year 2030 is named in the United Nations’ “Agenda” and the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”. This information clears the fog of war that those behind these plans wish to maintain so that we continue to comply by believing their claims about “protecting us”, and/or believing that we have no choice but to obey their rules. The more we comply, the more successful their agenda/reset will be.

Featured in the Childrens’ Health Defense Most Banned Movies Marathon screening this week, Countdown 2030 is one in a range of heavily censored documentaries explaining events of today. Many are now asking questions and feeling increasingly uncomfortable about what is happening, without understanding why. These documentaries give clarity.

Step 1: stay in your allocated zone and follow our rulz so that you don’t kill other people.

Step 2: “Covid Safety” merges with “Climate Safety”.

A Christmas/New Year message from Catherine Austin-Fitts at Doctors 4 Covid Ethics.

A similar message from Dr Matt Shelton at New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science.

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