Who Is Gerard Rennick?

He shared the story of this twenty year old Australian Pfizer victim in September 2021. I wonder if those who supported her losing her right to exist in society unless she obeyed the new rulz, are now offering her all the appropriate support she needs, because she was obedient? I guess not, because after all it was “her choice”.

“Our daughter’s Pfizer journey.

Annabelle our 20 year old had her first Pfizer injection on 19th September due to feeling pressured and having a sense that she had no choice. She was returning to her studies in Sydney, moving in to a new share house and would also need to go back to doing casual work to help support herself. She became sick late Thursday 23rd and from that point remained in bed for the next four days with headaches, nausea, sore throat, muscle aches and pains and severe fatigue. By the morning of Tuesday 28th she had developed uncontrollable severe gait issues, tremors and dystonia type movements. She found it very difficult to control any limbs and when she tried to walk her heart rate increased. We called an ambulance and she was taken to hospital where we waited 6 hours with her deteriorating as she sat in a wheelchair. It was traumatic watching her suffer sitting in emergency but there was much more trauma to come.

When she was admitted we were not allowed to be in the hospital with her. Her symptoms worsened and she began to have episodes(seizures) which affected her whole body. Our only contact was ringing her on her mobile. She was barely able to speak to us let alone explain what the doctors were saying. A doctor did not ring us for over two days to give us any information. I finally was given an exemption to go in and speak with medical team. She was then transferred to larger Hospital to be looked after under a neurologist due to being diagnosed with FND.

She was transferred- we still could not visit her and she continued to experience many FND symptoms including severe 30 min seizure type episodes. A neurologist further conferred with us informing us that FND was a permanent neurological condition. Her physical symptoms gradually began to dissipate and she was allowed home after a week in hospital. Since then she has been continually very sick with headaches, sore throat, muscle aches and pain, fatigue etc Severe cognitive issues have developed such as; disassociation, detachment, lack of focus and concentration and inability to have or follow conversations. She has become detached from people and struggles to communicate. She says her brain is not working and she is a different person.

Both my husband and I originally took leave from work- I was only able to then return to my teaching job due to the miracle of having a temporary contraindication so I didn’t have to have the jab. I am the only teacher left at my school without the jab who hasn’t had to leave. My husband has continued to work reduced hours and will now be taking long service leave to continue to look after our daughter. Annabelle was told by one medical practitioner – ‘ that it was her choice to get the second jab and that he could not write her an exemption’ There was concerted effort through her hospital stay to blame her reaction on anxiety!

We walked through the cumbersome process of reporting her adverse effect to the TGA – did not get a reply.

Her Centrelink Youth Allowance – her only income has now been cut off due to this adverse effect affecting her health so much that she had to pull out of her course and move home. At this stage she has no capacity to continue her studies. It has been hugely traumatic – her four brothers have all decided against the jab ( her younger brother has a heart murmur) This has further consequences and we feel like pariahs in our own country. I couldn’t even book into our local caravan park to try and give Annabelle a ‘pretend’ holiday due to the double vax policy, meaning her dad was not permitted!

When Annabelle’s health improves – we are praying it will – she will not be able to work in her profession- she has a Diploma in Early Childhood Services.”

Gerard Rennick is a representative for Queensland in the Australian senate who speaks out loudly, clearly and eloquently against the medical fascism taking over Australia. He is able to read scientific data, make sense of it, and articulate what it means. Very few trained doctors, let alone politicians, have this skill combined with his courage.

He also understands the bigger picture playing out.

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