Strokes of Pfizer

Daily Clout’s Pfizer Documents Post-Marketing Team wrote a Stroke System Organ Class Review based on Pfizer document 5.3.6 data. In the first 90 days following Pfizer’s COVID mRNA vaccine rollout, 275 patients reported 300 different stroke-related adverse events. 20% of those events were fatal and 50% occurred in the first two days following inoculation. Pfizer concluded: “This cumulative case review does not raise new safety issues.”

I can personally think of seven people who have had strokes which were not reported as occurring following inoculation with these products, and at least two others with signs of adverse effects to the brain. This does not include other issues occurring after inoculation which could also be a result of this medical intervention but which have not been reported.

In normal circumstances a clear and transparent monitoring process would be in place and all health services would be aware of and required to use it so that all adverse events following immunisation (AEFIs) could be considered as having a potentially causal association until proven otherwise by regulatory agencies. Today the opposite is in place: health services are unaware, discouraged, intimidated and afraid. Patients with severe AEFIs are dismissed, ridiculed, gaslighted, blamed and left without appropriate care. This is happening across the globe, demonstrating that a culture of denial and of “protecting the vaccine” is being established.

During the Daily Clout team discussion below, Dr Flowers describes the under-reporting of AEFIs. Mechanisms of harm are described in this article and by MIT scientist Dr Stephanie Seneff in many interviews and presentations.

Younger, healthy people are dropping dead. That never happened before. They’re dropping dead in alarming numbers.” ~ Edward Dowd, former Blackrock analyst reviewing life and disability insurance data. The issue was discussed at length in this episode at the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.

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