Themes From The Past

Dr. David Hughes is a Professor of International Relations in the UK. He gave this incredibly insightful interview with Maryanne Gebauer days ago. My unformatted notes on their discussion are below. Another similarly themed interview is Maajid Nawaz’ latest discussion with investigative journalist Whitney Webb: On Globalist Technocrat Links To Nazis, Organised Crime, Eugenics & Transhumanism.

A novel form of totalitarianism known as technocracy. This is why we have seen the reemergence of some deeply unpleasant themes from the past such as:

Deliberately engineered mass psychosis – goes back to Nazi Germany

State sponsored euthanasia, particularly obvious in Canada and Britain.

And many more ugly elements from the past are bubbling back up to the surface now.

This is a deeply threatening, deeply sinister moment that we’re living through.

It is absolutely essential that people understand the scale of what we’re living through and how very serious it is.

How do we most effectively navigate going forward? We are not very effective in waking the masses. The vast majority of people can’t wrap their head around this.

The psychological operation launched in 2020 was essentially a psychological Blitzkrieg. This operated at every conceivable level: pscyhology, perception management, propaganda. Every possible technique was used to break the will of the public to this transition to technocracy, to render us weak psychologically, and physically through various means: disruption of health services and so on, possibly even the injections.

This is a war, in a literal sense. There is a defined war aim: the transition to a technocracy. There are defined parties: the ruling class globally, the top 10% who control 76% of the world’s wealth, have everything to lose, and has gone to war – undeclared – against the rest of humanity, and using every tool it has at its disposal.

It’s important to understand how violent and severe those processes were psychologically. Particularly in 2020-21. Many people like Bill Gates and others in that apex of the power structure referred to an 18 month window in different contexts. Almost as if they knew that they had 18m before the psy-op would wear off. It has started to wear off.

You and I would like it to happen more rapidly. But we should bear in mind, even by official figures in the UK, 18% of adults remain unvaccinated. All of these figures are massaged and manipulated. The figure is very likely closer to 25%. This is a solid base of responsible adults who resisted everything.

Waking up to this is difficult. Shocking. Traumatic. Unbelievable. But once you understand it there is no going back. Incrementally people are waking up. Eg there are people with vaccine regret. Many have seen loved ones injured or killed by these injections. This in itself is beginning to wake people up.

Excess mortality across Europe is consistently high. In 2020 when they were trying to create fear there was no excess death, however there is serious excess death now, due to lockdown effects; deprivation of health care; psychological stress caused by lockdowns which was physically debilitating, and the injections. A virus hasn’t done this. Coordinated government policy transnationally is killing citizens on a double digit scale of excess mortality month-by-month.

The market is noticing this, eg life insurance companies.

Why would people see these frequent televised collapses of newsreaders and sportspeople, and not connect the dots? Increasingly people ARE connecting the dots.

Psychological warfare is a form of extreme violence. Some go back to MK Ultra which was horrific. When you understand what they are doing to us, the methods they have resorted to, it is sickening. It is criminal. Evil. Psychopathic. They need to be stopped. They are at the apex of the power pyramid, unfortunately.

Previously these people were hiding in the shadows much more, but their existence is in the open now. The CIA is a criminal organisation. Criminals are in charge. Authorities are attacking the public. A ruling class dream is to have people agree to their own serfdom.

There will be an enormous revolution. The powers controlling our governments have torn up the social contract that has been in place for several centuries. Those in charge are now trying to subjugate everyone else and move them into technocratic enslavement. Their methods have been extremely violent. Information warfare, psychological warfare. Deprivation of health care.

It is being done under as much smokescreen as possible, using the excuse of a ‘health emergency’.

We are in a battle with psychopaths.

People who are not ready to understand this will not believe it. We have to keep adding our voice, keep speaking out.

Dr Hughes has been speaking out about this since around October last year and has received a lot of interest and positive feedback, which he never imagined would happen.

About 20% of the population are easily hypnotised; 20% cannot be hypnotised; and 60% are in the middle. Those in the middle may see what is happening but feel too afraid to speak or act against it. This “chunk” in the middle are who we need to try and reach.

It is easy to feel bleak about the situation but if we can get to 40% of people speaking out, the middle ground will realise they need to stand on the right side of history. The level of propaganda and information warfare, and their desperate need for censorship, which is what the WHO Treaty is about; and other laws being rolled out (Coroners Amendment Bill and Therapeutic Products Bill in New Zealand are two of many examples), show how weak their position is. All they have left now is censorship, which is a sign of desperation.

Smart devices are a form of addiction, and Dr Hughes has a push button phone for texts and calls. He refuses to use a smart phone or any app that requires him to use a QR code, and discusses this in detail around the half hour mark. The use of QR codes for such simple things as getting into a building, links back to the “papers please” society of Nazi Germany, which is done intentionally and by design; and by owning smart devices, we are complying to these agendas.

Dr Hughes became “awake” to what is happening on 8 December 2016. He was teaching US Foreign Policy at the time, reflecting on similarities between the wars in Vietnam and Afghanistan. The Gulf of Tonkin was a false red flag for Vietnam, and he realised that the equivalent for Afghanistan was 9/11. He speaks in detail about how he came to this realisation, that 9/11 was not the actions of 19 Muslim men with box cutters, which he describes as an “absurd narrative”, and indicative of the way in which totalitarian regimes work. The truth is what authorities claim it is, and the people are made to believe it.

Dr Hughes wrote a peer reviewed paper in 2020 which was published in a mainstream journal, making the case that academics refuse to look at evidence on what happened on 9/11. He was abused by other academics on social media, who clearly had not read the paper. The paper has been downloaded and read 20,000 times despite being behind a paywall, which is a huge readership for an academic journal. No academic anywhere has responded to it critically. (9/11 Truth and the Silence of the IR Discipline).

Last year Dr Hughes wrote “A Tale of Establishment Corruption“, on the use of Covid-19 vaccines in children. This peer reviewed article has also not been reviewed critically, and he states “the embeddedness and complicity of academia worldwide with these ruling class power structures, to this level. And when you do point out the evidence and directly challenge an official narrative, the profession has nothing to say. It is scandalous”. He describes it as ‘an incredible sociological phenomenon’.

Academia is supposed to be about pursuit of the truth, critical and independent thought, and speaking truth to power. This has been eliminated as a result of the War on Terror. Levels of cognitive dissonance around certain subjects are sky high throughout society, making it difficult to discuss because people react viscerally when challenged on topics that have a strong narrative. This is a part of psychological warfare and programming – it is designed to trigger emotional reactions.

Dr Hughes believes that the ruling class has now overplayed its hand quite dramatically, putting the world in a precarious position out of enormous desperation. There is evidence that they have been planning this for decades, for example the evidence of pandemic preparedness simulations going back at least twenty years. These are military preparations, not for a pandemic but to introduce martial law.

The financial system crisis in 2019 came earlier than they hoped. Major protests in 35 countries in 2019, which is one third of nations. The fiat based financial system is no longer fit for purpose and because of this, from a ruling class perspective liberal democracy is also no longer fit for purpose. This led to their decision to use Covid-19 as an excuse for their ferocious psychological operation, which has since been conflated into economic based inflation warfare, deceptively blaming it on the Ukraine-Russia war. “They are attacking us in pretty much everyway possible and a large number of people can see it. This is a very very precarious situation”. The overwhelming number of people on the planet have nothing to gain and everything to lose in this situation, and the power lies with us.

This is a spiritual battle, between good and evil. The psychological warfare is the key holding this together for the ruling class until they can get their technocratic measures in place. It is not going as planned for them as the narratives are falling apart, too many people are seeing through it eg the work of Karen Kingston and Sasha Latypova. Legally speaking, the “vaccines” meet the definition of bioweapons which were devised by the military. This is not a medical crisis, it is about moving us towards a state of total control and it cannot continue as more and more people are waking up and are angry.

Closing down face to face interaction was used to break down social bonds and render invisible the level of discontent. The Canadian trucker convoy rendered it entirely visible. But it’s not just Canada, as every country subjected to this transnational tyranny feels the same way. Dr Hughes’ fear on this is that it may also be deliberate as part of establishing totalitarianism involves breaking down the nation state.

We are in a moment of revolutionary potential. As things break down, as seen historically, there is also potential for revolution. This is what the ruling class fear most. We need to be clear and focused. Who are the real instigators behind this? Clearly international finance is at the top (Wall St, City of London who are one and the same with the intelligence agencies). Governments are mere implementers now, of agendas originating in higher places. Look at international finance, intelligence agencies, and the major foundations such as Rockefeller, Carnegie, Bank for International Settlements, World Economic Forum.

Why does the WEF need its own police force, 5,000-strong, to defend Davos? Because it knows that we know, that they are at the heart of this evil. The more this goes on and the more people see through it, if the real evil behind it all, which is concentrated in a a very small number of people, we simply have to lock them up. And make sure that the vicious processes they’ve unleashed are stopped. We can redesign a fair, just and humane system including a redistribution of wealth.

The ruling class manipulate our reality so that everything looks constantly full of fear, anxiety, stress, trauma, omni-war; we can’t possibly win this because they are too powerful. This is not correct. We know who is responsible for this and we can put them in prison. One major western country going into revolution may lead to other nations following suit as people understand their power and understand that they are being viciously abused. France is a good bet, given their history.

Another article Dr Hughes wrote is “Wall St, Nazis and the Deep State“. In this he discusses a whole series of terrorist events in France which coincided with the growth of their resistance. Macron has created enormous discontent and tension, so Dr Hughes thinks they could go into revolution; so could Canada and Britain. We should not underestimate the power that the politically aware members of the resistance have. Parallel societies are not the right path, as they won’t be protected against state law.

The World Economic Forum are completely brazen about their plans: eating insects, owning nothing, transhumanism, etc. They are conceited enough to imagine that we will sit back and take it. This shows how detached they are from reality and drunk on their own power. Governments clearly answer to people like Klaus Schwab now, and not their own people. We have a list now, of those who attend WEF. We don’t need to know every individual, but we know who enough of them are.

We can identify and hold to account, perpetrators and instigators of the Covid situation, for example. This is the direction we need to take. They are pushing ahead with their pandemic treaty, vaccine passports, vaccinating even children, 15 minute cities and other technocratic plans. They are not stopping and becoming very aggressive, with new censorship laws being put in place, increasing taxes, etc.

The tyranny seems worse in Canada and Australia. Is it because we are smaller populations, resource-rich, making us easy prey? Censorship laws in Australia are extremely draconian with 70-80 new laws established in the past few years; and protesting is now illegal in Australia. These inalienable rights have been torn up in front of our faces. Why have people not resisted this harder? It seems to be because of the effective psychological warfare.

A very small minority of humanity is pushing to enslave the rest of humanity. They own the means of production: printing press, media. This makes them look so powerful. But there are over 7 billion of us, and enough of us can stand up and say no. This does not need to be violent. Just withdraw consent and hold those doing this to account. This requires bringing people to a state of consciousness about what is happening. It is happening, but painfully slowly. But enough people may wake up quickly at anytime. The conditions are now ripe as it becomes more and more obvious.

The concept of lockdown was initially accepted as justifiable, but now people are aware of how terrible and unacceptable it is. Next, people need to understand the toxicity of the injections being used under a guise of “vaccination”. Everything was sold to us under a guise of public health which it was never about. It has only ever been about the technocratic enslavement of society. More and more people are starting to realise that every part of “The Science” is phony – PCR, masks, social distancing, etc – all based on fraud and deception. Which was part of the psychological warfare. This was not a mistake, accident or incompetence. It was deliberate to advance deep underlying class and political agendas.

We need to shift the discussion away from the pseudo-medical narrative about the virus and spike proteins etc. Reframe the narrative in terms of a global class war, which is what it really is. Then start exploring evidence of democide, state sponsored euthanasia, and deep levels of criminality involved with Covid, the clandestine role of the military from the pandemic preparedness exercises; the relationship between DARPA and Moderna; the non-epidemiological way that the pandemic was responded to.

Using the military for public health purposes was a way of conditioning the public to accept the unacceptable. Which is that it’s okay to put the military on the streets. This is yet another step towards martial law and it is not acceptable at all. This hollowing-out of democracy really began with 9/11. We now have a war between the ruling class and the ruled class. The ruling class attacked us without declaring it, using smokescreens and deception, including a disgraceful role that the mainstream media took. Once enough people see this, the response will be enormous.

The media has been perhaps the most successful weapon of the last century. Particularly television which is known to have hypnotic effects. The role of the media is disgusting. If it were not for them, nothing of the evils which have taken place would have been possible, from 9/11 to the extraordinary levels of fear established in the population over Covid, eg “If you go outside people could die; if you hug your granny people could die”.

It is hard to overstate how “scummy” the media is. They deliberately cover up vaccine damage. They are writing articles non stop about what is causing the excess harms to humanity – shoveling snow, having too many fizzy drinks, doing too much exercise, etc etc. The absolute immorality behind this is hard to fathom. Heads of media need to be held to account for their deliberate involvement in this warfare. They use trauma items constantly to feed anxiety and trauma to the public, keeping us in a constant state of fear and terror which makes us more susceptible to propaganda.

If we let the people who are committing this violence against us know, that we know who they are and what they are doing, this can stop. Not enough people are yet awake. As the technocrats are not going to stop, humanity has no choice but to oppose what they are doing.

One phenomenon through all of this is that we have all lost respect for people we once respected, and gained respect for others who we may never have heard of before. Dr Hughes has always regarded himself as a left-leaning person, but the commentators he gained respect for are more right-wing. He has also realised that most of those people had a sense of spirituality in their lives. The people who can see through this and fight it, Dr Hughes’ hunch is that there is a spiritual awareness involved. There is also a lot of evidence that those behind this have some satanic beliefs. Which isn’t surprising given the levels of harm they are comfortable in causing.

Dr Hughes is authoring a book, “Covid-19 Psychological Warfare and the Bid for Technocracy” in which he lays out as many psychological warfare techniques as he can find. It will be published later this year. He elaborates on the weaponisation of psychology such as use of face masks as a torture technique and cult-establishing behaviour; trauma-based mind control; deception; elements of hynosis; applied behavioural pscyhology and manipulation of the subconscious; forms of obedience training; ways of turning society against itself. This is all consistent with what has happened historically in terms of generating conditions for mass atrocity and establishing totalitarianism. It is not accidental. His book turns to the question as to why more people cannot see what is happening, and why has more not been done to combat it? The final chapter is about psychopathy, making the case that the people doing this are psychopaths.

His final comment is a call to other academics to use their talents for humanity. To expose these evil agendas, rather than covering them up. Now is the time to look at the harm and evil taking place, and do something about it.

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