Themes From The Past

Dr. David Hughes is a Professor of International Relations in the UK. He gave this incredibly insightful interview with Maryanne Gebauer days ago. My unformatted notes on their discussion are below. Another similarly themed interview is Maajid Nawaz’ latest discussion with investigative journalist Whitney Webb: On Globalist Technocrat Links To Nazis, Organised Crime, Eugenics & … More Themes From The Past

River of Lies

Billy Te Kahika, who comes across as a perfectly sane and reasonable person, is producing a documentary about the New Zealand pandemic response and attacks on citizens who dare to challenge the government as the nation’s “single source of truth”. Very few NZ politicians speak out at all: those who have, are cancelled and removed … More River of Lies

The Time is Now

Ensuring all dissent is shut down is the first step in the move towards an anti-democratic state. Courtesy of the so-called “pandemic response” this has become a normalised global phenomenon, from within families to across public platforms. If one dares imply an opinion outside of mainstream media’s tightly controlled narrative then one can expect to … More The Time is Now

Doctors With Voices

There’s a sign that we’re passing through this. And we see what we hadn’t seen before. Professor Dr Ross Grant, Pharmacologist and leading research scientist, chatted with Graham Hood and John Larter on Doctors With Voices yesterday, on the oddities of the Australian pandemic response. Main points from Prof. Grant in this balanced and enlightening … More Doctors With Voices