A Fascinating History of Vaccination Since 1776

What Tedros is up to now. This is an interesting move right at the time that Jeremy Farrar is named his Chief Scientist. Jeremy’s long established obsession with bird flu is detailed in Episode 46 of Unlimited Hangout podcast.

The implications of unregulated pharmaceutical control for developing children are profound.

Harms are not restricted to the young.

Since 2021 mainstream media have been promoting the idea that Covid disease is to blame for the extreme harms and excess mortality occurring across the highly vaccinated world. Dr Chris Shoemaker explains the real culprit to Dr Mark Trozzi. “The more you get of these agents, the shorter your life will be“.

Dr. Raymond Obomsawin died in December 2021, aged 71yo. He held an MSc and a PhD with concentrations in health science and human ecology. He supported public policy development as a researcher and advisor and has served in leadership and advisory roles for health organizations serving Indigenous peoples in North America.

His international work included appointments in Canada and Thailand. Dr. Obomsawin advised senior decision-makers in the public sector on various health, education, agriculture, nutrition, agro-forestry, and environmental projects.

He produced over 85 research papers and professional publications.

Raymond Obomsawin’s Science of Life Series (7 episodes): https://adtv.watch/series/science-of-life.

A tribute from the Children’s Health Defense to Raymond Obomsawin is especially telling.

Immunity, Infectious Disease, and Vaccination is an extremely informative presentation he delivered in Canada in 2012.

A reminder of vaccination scientists in court: Stanley Plotkin (“godfather of vaccines”), January 2018 (full deposition here).

Dr Kathryn Edwards (“godmother of vaccines”), full deposition here.

One thought on “A Fascinating History of Vaccination Since 1776

  1. What was suspicious about the vaccine narrative was how swiftly it moved from vaccinating those elderly and those with multiple morbidities who were at most risk from Covid infection to wholesale vaccinating of the younger population at little risk and children at virtually no risk. Deafening silence from the MSM as this sleight of hand took place.

    Reminds me of the old SF film, ‘Logans Run’, where people were humanely euthanised at age 30 to reduce over-population.

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