The Criminalisation of Human Life

Lawyer Sue Grey briefly explained New Zealand’s Therapeutic Products Bill to journalist Liz Gunn, here.

  • An almost-incomprehensible bill, over 400 pages long, attempting to enforce top-down control over food, natural products, and practitioners who use, import and supply the products.
  • It seems to be driven by the pharmaceutical industry, although there is no transparency to see who is involved in the lobbying.
  • It was discussed at Waitangi days ago, and made very clear that this law is strongly opposed by Maori as well.
  • Few will benefit from a law such as this, to the detriment of the majority.
  • There is a very wide definition as to what a therapeutic product is, so that basically anything can be controlled.
  • Any government listening to the people would have abandoned the process long ago. It is bizarre to see it being pushed in an election year.
  • Sue asked politicians at Waitangi about it, and was fobbed off (Willow Jean and Kiri Allen).
  • The government have been attempting to push it through without many people knowing, because if enough people oppose it, then the bill will fail.
  • Up to 50% of New Zealanders use natural supplements or remedies: if we want to maintain our access to them, we need to speak out.
  • Those interested, can go to, and add their voice to the opposition. An objection can also be entered to the parliamentary website. Do not use the word “submission”.
  • Many bills are being pushed through parliament at the moment, with almost no community consultation.
  • Sue suggests that even those relying on mainstream media have started to ask questions as things make no sense.
  • The Therapeutic Products Bill will put natural products into the hands of large corporations, compliance costs will rise, and people will no longer be able to afford them. Small businesses supplying products now will lose their ability to continue and the public will lose their choice.
  • At Waitangi a member of the Outdoors and Freedom Party who lost her father and multiple members of her family within one month after taking the Covid-19 inoculation, asked for a public inquiry into these pharmaceutical products. Politicians refused to answer the question, and instead of listening to her, began to sing.

Dr Matt Shelton of NZDSOS also spoke to Liz Gunn about the Therapeutic Products Bill, and other medical related issues affecting New Zealanders today, in a longer interview here. This is an enlightening, lay-friendly, intelligent discussion between two of my favourite New Zealanders.

Meanwhile, the Patelesio family of Nukunoa Island in Tokelau who were kept under house arrest for many months until late last year for daring to decline an unnecessary and unsafe medical intervention, also gave an update with Liz, here.

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