Decent Doctors In Action

Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) are about the most credible medical organisation you could hope for. Here, one of their patients tells her story.

Dr John Littell is a fertility expert, speaking out about the concerning signals being seen in pregnancy.

Dr Naomi Wolf expands upon the topic, as latest findings from the Pfizer Trial Data Analysis team show a dramatic drop in birth rates across Europe and in Australia.

Recently Dr Pierre Kory, a co-founder of FLCCC, spent time in both Sweden and Australia, fighting for the return of decent health care to populations who have been attacked by something falsely named as public health. He talked of his experiences at last week’s weekly webinar, Global Perspectives. It is absolutely astonishing that these people, networking constantly with doctors and scientists around the world, are so heavily censored. Nothing could be better evidence of a deliberate attack against civilisation, which is no longer a secret thanks to the work of teams of lawyers, pharmaceutical whistleblowers, doctors, scientists, data analysts etc. None of whom are on the same payroll as those pushing the pseudoscience which has commanded world attention for three years. Brief notes below.

  • Ivermectin is the most proven drug in any disease model in history. Meta-analysis of 95 controlled trials with strong reproducible signal of statistically significant reductions in viral clearance, time to clinical recovery, hospitalisation and death rates.
  • All meta-analyses done by non-corrupt researchers lead to the same conclusion.
  • Corrupted researchers use multiple “tricks” to “prove” that ivermectin “doesn’t work”.
  • As a regular consumer of mainstream media, as Dr Kory became an “ivermectin expert”, he began to see lies parroted from all outlets. “The real goal of disinformation is actually to inject doubt, where there is none“. When you circulate it around the world, it leaves a trail of doubt including amongst the medical community.
  • I really thought the world would warmly receive this news and deploy it and save everybody. That’s not what happened. The world responded with lies. Unending, repeated lies, that continue to this day“.
  • This week “yet another high impact medical journal published a study reportedly showing that ivermectin is ineffective in covid. This is not a surprise. We’ve been subjected to this for a year and a half with these high impact journals. Almost all of the investigators on this trial are drowning in pharmaceutical company conflicts of interest. The principle investigator owns stock in drugs competing against ivermectin. Another is a known NIH frontman leading negative press campaigns against repurposed drugs“. Pierre then goes on to detail the tricks used in this trial to ensure negative results. They were not told to study ivermectin; they were told to design a trial that would produce a negative result.
  • Kory then shared his experiences at the Pandemic Strategies: Lessons and Consequences conference in Sweden.
  • One of the most impressive presentations was pathologist Dr Arne Burkhardt. He reported on 51 autopsies, 50 of which were originally determined by a coroner or pathologist as unrelated to the vaccine. Family members suspicious that the vaccine was the cause of death sent the bodies to Burkhardt’s team for a second opinion. He presented findings of harm caused by the spike protein and explained the mechanisms of harm and how these can be determined as vaccine related. He found spike protein, causing inflammation and necrosis, in blood vessels and every organ.
  • Sasha Latypova’s presentation on evidence for intent to harm is one which every single one of us should hear. This is not a public health response. This is a military response.
  • Pierre was in Australia with Dr Melissa McCann (an Australian GP and trained pharmacist), Dr Peter McCullough and his wife, and John Leask where they gave lectures to sold-out stadiums. The trip was funded by Clive Palmer of the United Australia Party. Pierre got to travel on a private jet, helicopter and super yacht.
  • Dr McCann looked at information from the Therapeutic Goods Association, showing deaths and health injuries following vaccination. She immediately wrote to the TGA asking them to halt the vaccines. They refused to act and claimed a focus on protecting citizens from a virus, and from “undermining public confidence”. This is in fact not the role of the TGA, whose role is to protect against faulty pharmaceutical products. They are not working within their scope anymore. Why? Dr Jessica Rose has also brought this to attention.
  • On March 25-26 there is a Litigation Conference in Atlanta where a number of doctors will be speaking. It is open to the public, especially anyone who might want to find out what action they can take against harms experienced.

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