So Many Silenced Doctors

Dr Peter McCullough on all-cause mortality.

Data analyst, ex-Wall St financier Edward Dowd. The employed are suffering excess death and disability. “If you see all these help wanted signs, they’re from the disabled...”.

Dr James Thorp. 1200-Fold increase in severe menstrual abnormalities, 57-Fold increase in miscarriages, 38-fold increase in foetal deaths. “The greatest violation of medical ethics in the history of medicine, maybe humanity..“.

Dr Ryan Cole. “The data indicate a decrease in birth rates across Europe and most other countries. Miscarriage rates. Intrauterine foetal demise rates. The problem is not just the ovaries but also the fact that it can affect the adrenals and the pituitary gland. I am highly concerned … All evidence indicates the lipid nanoparticle carries these gene sequences to those organs and the inflammation that ensues can cause scarring, fibrosis, dysregulation of the hormonal axes…

Dr Elizabeth Mumper. The covid shots are statistically more likely to produce a miscarriage than an abortion pill.

Investigative journalist Sonia Elijah: Pfizer vaccines causing horrific problems in women.

Dr Arne Burkhardt. We can show (the spike protein) in almost all organs. Here in the testes of a 28 year old man who had a healthy son, who died 140 days after injection … These pictures are very disturbing. Very disturbing.

Dr Robert Malone. An epidemic of the vaccinated in terms of hospitalised disease … Repeatedly, you’ll see a spike in the vaccine campaigns and following that by a couple of weeks you’ll see a spike in all cause mortality in that same cohort. There’s just dataset after dataset after dataset.

Dr Peter Doshi. Those who claimed the trials showed the vaccines were highly effective at saving lives were wrong. The trials did not demonstrate this. Now let’s talk about anti-vaxxers. Everybody knows you should discount what anti-vaxxers have to say…

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in Toronto: building plastered with posters of the vaccine injured.

A cease and desist notice was served in person to Tedros Ghebreyesus and his “criminal co-defendants” at the World Health Organisation headquarters on Sunday 26 February 2023, shown at Natural & Common Law Tribunal for Public Health and Justice, an initiative from Pascal Najadi and others.

Cristian Terhes, MEP for Romania at the Special Committee on Covid-19 at the European Parliament on 28 February 2023. The biggest corruption cover-up in the history of the European Union.

Dr Marty Makary describes with precision, how corruptible virologists, reliant on the largesse of powerful funders, can be.

The story of Dr William Makis is mind boggling and was a precursor to what thousands of doctors have been put through in the past three years. Worse still, the injuries being seen in people who took this dangerous product. “The more doses you take, the more damage to your immune system. And it’s the immune system that keeps cancers in check“.

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  1. The Telegraph has exposed a leak revealing what was going on behind closed doors during lockdown. Most of their articles are behind paywall – but a great breakthrough.

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