Covid-19 “Vaccination” and Reproductive Health

Professor Retsef Levi of MIT has joined the long list of academics and clinicians calling for the suspension of Covid-19 vaccines. He spoke here with Clayton Morris of Redacted, about the data showing harms to pregnant women.

In his January presentation at the Pandemic Strategies Conference, pathologist Dr Arne Burkhardt showed clear evidence of multiple Covid-19 vaccine harms, including to the reproductive organs. He shows a 28yo male who had fathered a healthy child prior to being vaccinated, after which he died. On autopsy there were almost no spermatocytes, but strong expression of spike protein.

Dr Paul Marik and Dr Pierre Kory spoke with maternal-foetal medicine specialist Dr Jim Thorp at this week’s FLCCC weekly webinar, about the effects that these highly inflammatory products are having on reproductive health. Dr John Littell has expressed the same concerns.

Dr Naomi Wolf, reporting on the findings of the independent Pfizer Data Analysis teams, gave this interview with Dr Drew on the impacts these products are having on reproductive health. Pfizer and the FDA requested to keep these documents hidden for 75 years, but a successful legal case forced their release. There are hundreds of thousands of pages of data, which is too technical for most people to interpret. Dr Wolf put a call out for assistance and 3,500 people including medical fraud investigators, research scientists, laboratory technicians, clinicians etc, joined the call from all over the globe. The teams have published 57 reports so far, available at Daily Clout.

Dr Wolf provides evidence that harm to reproductive health appears to have been a deliberate focus in the Pfizer trials. The documents show that multiple harms were caused to reproductive organs and functions of both men and women, which Pfizer documented but did not report to the regulatory agency. This is the same for other serious harms such as can be seen in the 9 pages of Appendix 1 at the Pfizer post-marketing document 5.3.6, found at Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (type 5.3.6 into the search box and go to Appendix 1 at the end of the document for the 1200+ identified adverse effects).

In working with vaccine injured people, it is apparent that most doctors are unaware of the adverse events of special interest linked to these products which continue to be promoted as “safe and effective”. Some appear to know but express to their patients that they are “not allowed” to admit it. People are developing all manner of once-rare, highly debilitating conditions which would never normally affect young, fit and healthy people. Excess deaths are being seen across highly-vaccinated nations.

It is hardly surprising given that Pfizer are a criminal corporation and as pharmaceutical executive Sasha Latypova showed in her presentation at the Pandemic Strategies conference, they are collaborating within a global criminal cartel including government authorities. In whistleblower Brook Jackson‘s legal case against Pfizer in the USA, Pfizer’s lawyer requested dismissal of the case because “we did not defraud the government. We delivered the fraud that the government ordered“.

Health professionals have been instructed by dubious licensing authorities, to only promote these products and not mention the horrific risks associated. Agreeing to this only allows the global mafiosi to maintain their power and the ongoing slaughter to human health. Refuse.

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