Do You Like Being Mocked?

One of my worst experiences now, is being in the same room as people terrorised by a virus. It isn’t possible to try and explain or reassure because variants are a terrible thing which can be counted and controlled, and must be eradicated using a range of products. This is only achieved by everyone “being a good person” and “following the rules“. If you say otherwise or decline to do what all of the “good people” are doing, you’re a danger who must live on the edge of polite society.

This experience confirmed the obvious: that those in power deliberately infantilise the rest of us with extremely dishonest messaging. The clear intent is to ramp up public fear. It was initially difficult to make sense as to why people who know about viruses and outbreak control would encourage such a ridiculous narrative, rather than offer sensible reassurances about very basic virology.

Varying the proteins on their surface in order to increase their chances of survival, which entails becoming less lethal so that they can transmit more efficiently, is an evolutionary ‘norm’ for viruses. Virology 101. Humans and viruses have shared the same ecosystem forever. 45% of the human genome contains viral elements as we have evolved together. Read here and here.

Matt Hancock, Secretary of Health in the UK during the Covid fiasco, has expressed his great disappointment at having his WhatsApp messages leaked to the public. Here’s why. These egomaniacs are in charge over populations across the globe.

William Shakespeare, the first Brit to receive “the vaccine”, died a few months later. This was Matt Hancock’s response to seeing him receive his vaccine.

A medley here, of the “advice” this psychopath gave on mainstream channels to the terrorised British public, whilst mocking them in private.

Pandemics are highly profitable. But only if you can create enough fear. In one of Cambodia’s poorest provinces, where children die regularly of malnutrition, pneumonia, TB and other poverty-related diseases, they were able to deploy a novel test to detect an extremely novel virus which presents without novel symptoms such that it could look like any of the common diseases killing people en masse, particularly when their ability to access food is reduced.

A 10yo girl is alleged to have died “of bird flu”. Her health condition is unreported except to say that she died “of bird flu” which has circulated amongst bird populations without affecting humans for decades. How did they diagnose it in this impoverished rural village in Prey Veng province?

Her father has been told he has the same “disease” and a number of other villagers are also in quarantine because they also “might” have it. The Hazmat Army are spraying dirt tracks and inside of open-air bamboo hut homes “for protection” (who knows with what substance, but no doubt “safe and effective” chemicals). To “save” everyone they are destroying the only income-generating source that rural farmers have and an important protein source to the community, in a horrifyingly cruel mass cull. “For safety”.

Genocide doesn’t happen in a single day. It’s a step-by-step process that uses fear to shift public perception and coerce compliance with lethal interventions.

It would almost appear as though last time (described below), the major error that the pandemic planners made, was to choose a child who survived, which didn’t drum up so much fear. Eighteen years on, strategies have been honed.

Jeremy Farrar and the WHO with Johnny Vedmore

The story of Bird Flu and WHO’s new chief scientist Jeremy Farrar, is an interesting one which is outlined in this podcast episode of Unlimited Hangout with Whitney Webb and Johnny Vedmore.

Vedmore is looking into the history of Jeremy Farrar, who recently ceased as Director of the Wellcome Trust, a pharmaceutical company posing as a philanthropic trust who fund a large proportion of the world’s scientific research (third in line to NIAID under Fauci and the Gates Foundation). He is about to take over as the Chief Scientist at WHO alongside Tedros Ghebreyesus, whose own history around infectious diseases is equally nefarious.

Farrar trained in medicine at Oxford University, before traveling to Vietnam where he worked for 17 years. Vedmore describes it as “a part of the world where he could conduct experiments that he wouldn’t be able to necessarily do in the west“. Most trial drugs get tested on people in poorer nations.

Oxford sent Farrar around the world to study epidemics in real-time. People are often selected for this work from “the highest families”. Farrar went to top schools and has progressed in his career in ways that others could never dream of; seemingly due to his family connections, which Vedmore continues to investigate.

Farrar studies different illnesses and potential vaccines. Almost immediately after qualifying in 1994, from 1996 to 2013 he was employed at the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. This unit was founded in partnership with Wellcome Trust, which Farrar went on to become Director of in 2013.

Vedmore refers to an article, “When Disaster Strikes” in the Rockefeller-funded Journal of Experimental Medicine. Farrar describes a narrative about a young girl presenting to hospital with an influenza-like-illness after her pet duck died. Due to concerns around a re-emergence of SARS he calls staff from WHO to assess the child. They determine that she does not have SARS, and leave again. But Farrar persists and re-tests her, discovering a “rare bird flu” (influenza A), requiring a pandemic response.

Local health authorities were as unconvinced as the WHO representatives, but Farrar and his team persisted and set the narrative that this was a pandemic virus. This was quickly picked up by the George W Bush administration, who claimed that millions were going to die and Tamiflu (oseltamivir) was dispensed en masse. This drug is made by Gilead, where Donald Rumsfeld had been top executive prior to his role at that time, as Secretary of Defense. He still had investments in the company and he made “an insane amount of money” out of the Bird Flu “pandemic”. A great big coincidence?

The fearmongering about Bird Flu of 2005 collapsed thereafter and few remember it.

It seems to have been on the backburner for a repeat run.

This time they’ve found a girl from an area adjacent to Vietnam, equally vulnerable to exploitation, who has actually died. And they have convinced the entire world that “positive test results” = “disease”. What could possibly go wrong?

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