A Better Way for A Better World

In May 2022 the World Council for Health held a three day public health conference. This week they released a documentary about the conference, which is here. This was an incredible event, summarised by a virtual attendee in this article. The documentary gives a voice to the resistance who recognise what is happening, and who have the skill to halt at least some of it, and set the world on a better path.

Following the Hancock Lockdown Files, World Council for Health have released the following statement.

Politics Over Science: Lockdown Files Reinforce Urgent Need to #StopTheWHO Power Grab

World Council for Health, 9 March 2023

The world is currently going through a period of disclosure over what really happened before and during the Covid crisis. In the UK, over 100,000 WhatsApp messages have been leaked by former Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s ghostwriter and are being published piecemeal by The Daily Telegraph. So far, the lockdown files reveal what World Council for Health and many other groups and individuals have always maintained: that public health policies such as lockdowns, social distancing, mask mandates, and even the notion that there even was a global pandemic, are not grounded in science and never have been.  

We expect similar disclosures and revelations to be published over the coming weeks and months and in many countries. It is important—indeed, crucial—to maintain perspective. Poor decisions were made not because of a few incompetent or power-hungry individuals such as Hancock and other incumbent MPs, but because the entire framework of public health decision-making has been captured by corporate interests. 

Regulatory bodies such as the US FDA, UK’s MHRA, and Australia’s TGA are majority funded by the industry they are supposed to regulate; research institutions and journals depend on funding from private foundations and pharmaceutical companies and there are many cases of researchers, doctors, and other health professionals being threatened with loss of tenure, licence or funding for challenging the status quo; similarly, the mainstream press has abandoned its role as the fourth estate for fear of upsetting its pharma sponsors and state advertisers, and has been reduced to generating propaganda, mis- and disinformation that includes ad hominem attacks on those challenging the narrative.

These failures are systemic. In a healthy society, now would be the time for deep self-reflection and inquiry as to how this came to be, and what can be done to ensure it never happens again. Without open acknowledgment of the damaging consequences of the draconian, unscientific measures imposed on the world’s men, women, and children, there will be no lesson learned. The same mistakes will be made—and are being made. 

Instead of seeking to repair or change what is so clearly a broken and anti-human system, attempts are now being made to entrench these failures still further, with potentially devastating consequences. World Council for Health is gravely concerned by the global campaign to bend sovereign nations and their people to the will of one, undemocratic, centralised government. 

We Must #ExitTheWHO

Under the banner of ‘One Health’, the World Health Organisation (WHO) is aggressively pushing to seize unprecedented powers, initially through amendments to the International Health Regulations set to be passed in May, with no signature even required from member states. 

If passed, these amendments give the WHO legally-binding powers to call potential or actual international health emergencies, mandate experimental vaccinations for the world’s people, and enforce these mandates, even if countries or their people do not agree. The WHO is also facilitating the implementation of vaccine passports worldwide, which would open the gates for a wholesale violation of people’s inalienable rights, including the right to bodily autonomy. 

This is the same WHO that is funded by private interests and has refused to investigate the almost 5 million reports of adverse side effects from the Covid injections registered on its own VigiAccess database. Having failed to base its own policy recommendations on the evidence over this last so-called pandemic, the WHO has revealed itself to be incapable of putting the health and well-being of the people before the interests of its private funders. 

This is the real scandal that should be front page news. World Council for Health urges everyone to take heed and alert their representatives to the WHO’s attempted power grab. The answer to the systemic failures in public health is not to do more of the same. There is a better way: one that puts health before profits, where scientific consensus is reached by debate and not coercion or censorship, and where the inalienable rights of the individual are always fully respected. 

Please save and share the images below, both online and in person. When sharing information on social media, use the hashtags #StopTheWHO, #ExitTheWHO, #wexit, and #StopTheAmendments. The WCH Law and Activism Committee is currently taking video submissions in response to the prompt: Tell us in a short video the number one reason why your country should exit the WHO. Learn more and submit your video.

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