We Beg To Differ

Until Covid, vaccines took around 10 years from concept, through many steps leading up to human trials, prior to strict evaluation and authorisation. This was in order to ensure that their safety profile and effectiveness met the best possible standards. Strict monitoring meant that as soon as a potential problem was detected, the product was recalled. Swine Flu vaccine in 1976 was recalled after 25 deaths and 550 cases of Guillain-Barre Syndrome were reported amongst 55 million doses given. Rotavirus vaccine in 1999 was recalled after about 20 non-lethal cases of bowel obstruction were observed across millions of vaccine recipients (I don’t believe causality was ever established, but the product was never reinstated).

Since that time decades of effort have gone into transforming vaccines from a medical intervention requiring standards for purpose and safety, to a religious symbol signifying your character. “Anti vaccine” is now a slur akin to being an actual criminal, used against immunologists, vaccinologists and other qualified people who dare to speak against what is happening.

The current bivalent Pfizer vaccine was tested on only eight mice before being authorised for use in human populations. See slides 25-26 here.

Millions of vaccine associated deaths and many more serious harms have been observed since 2021, which are all listed on Pfizer’s own post-marketing adverse events of special interest (Appendix 1 of 5.3.6 found here). A non-government database in New Zealand has recorded approximately 600 deaths which would normally be investigated due to association with these products. Authorities are instead making changes to the coroner’s act to diminish the role of coroners in deaths of unascertained cause.

Over 65,000 adverse events have been reported through the NZ government database, which many say they are too afraid to use, preferring instead to report to the independent database, or not report at all. The disability people are experiencing has resulted in extreme levels of financial suffering, difficulty accessing required care, loss of home, relationship breakdowns, etc.

Plans are underway to roll out products at speed with minimal regulatory intervention at the same time that WHO are planning to increase their pandemic powers (including pre, during, post and inter pandemic times). This is highly profitable to the wealthiest investors, and associated with prestige and ongoing funding for many thousands of scientists and associated employees involved in “researching” what is needed to keep everyone “safe”. The investors now include government authorities responsible for determining health policy and who have made large payments to media outlets (eg NZ’s Public Interest Journalism Fund).

It needs to be stopped, which can only really happen when enough people understand what is happening and stop complying.

A recent interview with ex-pharmaceutical executive and researcher, Sasha Latypova below. Countermeasures are being presented to the public as pharmaceuticals. One needs tight regulation. The other can be administered en masse to the human race with no regulation whatsoever. Eg, test it on 8 mice then roll it out across the globe.

I very quickly realised that the same people I trusted are now telling outright lies … all this suppression started happening and prevention of doctors’ attempts to treat people, bans on [hydroxychloroquine] and taking it off the shelf in countries where it was available over the counter and all kinds of shenanigans that are completely clear, there was a bad agenda behind it. I started looking into what they were calling the vaccine products which I also was familiar with, not as deeply as hydroxychloroquine … It looked very risky to me so I realised … a lot of potential for danger and all of a sudden they are starting to discuss it as a prophylactic vaccine for everyone including healthy people, children, pregnant women … In pharmaceuticals we are so risk averse … adverse events and deaths, immediately and large numbers … the product was extremely variable by batch numbers … they are not producing them to good manufacturing practices, where you would see an extremely consistent batch-to-batch product … in this case they were not [following good manufacturing practices’] …“

Bill Gates vs scientists and clinicians. The good thing for Bill is that he has a handle on information control over swathes of humanity. Lucky him huh. Except that truth eventually prevails.

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