Humanity Over Profit

At the same time that a lawsuit has been filed against Pfizer for their role in today’s unprecedented attack which blindsided humanity, CEO Albert Bourla has boasted a $43 billion purchase of Seagen, a cancer treatment drug development company.

In around 2009 rumours spread that over a thousand girls in India had developed severe side effects including auto-immune conditions and fertility issues, resulting in seven deaths, following a Gates-funded experimental Human Papillomavirus vaccine trial. A cursory glance over Gates-funded mainstream media at the time offered reassurance that the health issues and deaths had nothing to do with the Gates-funded activity. Unaware of the conflicted interests influencing my perception, I believed what I was told. Until covid opened my eyes.

A class action lawsuit is currently going through the Indian Supreme Court including the charge that “all the seven deaths were summarily dismissed as unrelated to vaccinations without in-depth investigations.” In the rich world today, sudden and unexpected deaths are now routinely dismissed as having nothing to do with the deceased having received an experimental injection minutes, hours, days, weeks or months earlier.

Cancer is one of many conditions caused by immune system dysregulation which have exploded since the so-called “Covid-19 vaccines” were pushed onto the human race. The profiteers who imposed the problem at enormous profit to themselves are now looking to lead the way in providing the “solution”, once more foreseeing enormous financial gain to themselves. Dr William Makis, whose cancer treatment program had an 85% cure rate in patients for whom chemotherapy and radiotherapy had failed, and which was closed down in order that it could be privatised for profit by Canada’s federal government, reflects my sentiments exactly, with “Pfizer just bought a cancer treatment company for $43 billion – create the problem, offer a solution“.

Immune dysregulating conditions have in fact been affecting the health of generations at rising rates since the 1980s. This coincides with significant increases in the number of childhood vaccines recommended after governments introduced laws to protect manufacturers from all liability relating to adverse events. This appears to have contributed to the rise of the public-private partnerships between governments and big pharma, which now see governments mandating dangerous and experimental products onto whole populations, dismantling the doctor-patient relationship and doctors’ rights to independent practice, removing the right to informed consent, and removing the right to question the narrative of “safe and effective”, regardless of any obvious risk. Tested on 8 mice and 0 humans? Safe and effective!

At a time when infectious diseases are at a historically low physical threat, our unfamiliarity with them means they are an easy psychological weapon which can be used against us. So far it has worked to the benefit of such snakes as Albert Bourla and the vipers’ nest of powerbrokers surrounding him at centralising institutions such as the World Economic Forum.

The below video introduces two scientists from the propagandised “anti-vax” movement. More honest terms might be pro-quality-science, or pro-humanity-over-profit.

Firstly Dr Brian Hooker, a biochemical engineer, biotechnology researcher, Associate Professor of Biology at Simpson University in Sacramento, and consultant science advisor. More importantly he is the father of a severely autistic son, who developed normally until the age of 15 months, when he experienced an acute reaction to scheduled vaccines, followed by a steady deterioration in his developmental milestones. Dr Hooker is also the son of a public health nurse whose career involved coordinating vaccine programs and who taught him that vaccines were only-good, and could never-be-bad.

Secondly, Dr Judy Mikovits, a research biochemist who has worked on world-leading cancer and human retrovirus research programs. I made notes below the video, so as to clarify to myself what she is saying, as it is very technical. My interpretation may not be entirely correct. Dr Mikovits is one of the most genius brains you’ll ever meet, but it makes her information difficult to access without a basic background to the subject of viruses and microbiology. Her expertise has made her a target of the pharma cartel, who have attacked her good name, career and personal life. I have added a 25 minute clip about her personal story at the bottom of this post.

Human retroviruses have an immune regulatory role, but if they insert into the wrong cell at the wrong time, can lead to immune dysregulation. 8% of the human genome consists of bits of viruses which have evolved with us over time. Dr Mikovits’ PhD examined the role of retroviruses in changing human genetics and epigenetics, and how they are associated with disease through the dysregulated immune system: specifically, the monocyte-macrophage inflammatory response in HIV-AIDS. Her thesis was that if the HIV virus did not dysregulate the monocyte-macrophage, then the T-cells don’t die and the acquired immune dysfunction (AIDS) does not occur, so that HIV infection does not equal AIDS disease (nor a guarantee of developing AIDS).

She has since worked on immuno-therapies to modulate the immune system back to balance, to reverse progression of HIV to AIDS. From 1999 she directed a laboratory of anti-viral drug mechanisms, at the National Cancer Institute, before moving into industry and academic roles. In 2006 she began working with patients experiencing neuro-immune diseases, eg chronic fatigue syndrome (myalgic encephalo-myelitis, aka ME), autism, multiple sclerosis (MS), Alzheimers, Parkinsons, ALS and a total of 32 conditions. “These aren’t behavioural disorders, these people aren’t crazy, they’re sick”. She describes clear mechanisms for disease, which involve the expression of viromes within the genome, eg human endogenous retrovirus w “HERVW” which expresses a protein called syncitin, which demyelinates the spinal cord in MS. Different viruses, proteins and pathways are involved with different conditions. “The inflammatory cytokines are key to these neurological diseases“.

She refers to a biological systems based approach to her research in which genetics, epigenetics and environmental influences affect one another and can result in dysfunction leading to disease. For example, HPV does not cause cervical cancer without added injury/inflammation and there are non-HIV AIDS conditions. It’s never a single agent that dysregulates the immune system. Many women with ME had the same pathways as AIDS patients, but without the presence of HIV.

Behaviours have been erroneously blamed on disease, stigmatising patients, eg women with ME labelled as lazy; people with HIV labelled as promiscuous. Mothers with ME are more likely to have children susceptible to autism, and vaccination in pregnancy plays a part in this as it activates the immune system during a time of immune suppression, allowing viruses to build reservoirs and leading to inflammation, which in turn dysregulates the ability to clear toxins such as aluminium found in vaccines, via Interferon type 1. This allows viruses to integrate into the cell and cripple it.

A colleague of Dr Mikovits, Dr Ben Berkhout, wrote an opinion piece with supporting science (Of Mice and Men: On the Origin of XMRV), describing the most likely way that mouse viruses enter humans is via vaccines. This publication was a final nail in the coffin of Dr Mikovits’ career, as the government rejected her research given that vaccine injury was starting to look like the culprit in these diseases, which they needed to hide. She describes fraudulent scientific research used to reject the hypothesis, which is a phenomenon that academic and clinical researchers have awakened to en masse since the inception of the covid pandemic.

In the case of SARS-CoV-II they are taking samples and putting them on vero monkey kidney cells which contain viruses such as XMRVs and coronaviruses. Polio vaccine is grown on vero monkey kidney cells. Influenza vaccines are grown on other animal cell lines, carrying other animal viruses. There is no proof that SARS-CoV-II is a human virus, the testing has not been done. Evidence from laboratories including Wuhan show that samples were heavily infected with other viruses eg XMRV, gamma-retroviruses, SIV. Evidence now shows that these viruses spread across the globe via contaminated vaccines. SARS-CoV-II is not causative for Covid-19, as the recombinant virus has SIV envelope sequences, and also the HERVW syncitin gene. These have been injected into people for decades, eg via the polio vaccine.

Dr Gentempo (1h11m35s) states that Dr Mikovits’ academic background is dead-centre of the bull’s eye, in terms of trying to understand what is happening in the world right now. He asks her to differentiate between infection and disease.

We are exposed daily to many dozens of infectious organisms, which our skin and mucosal surfaces protect us against. Coronaviruses are a common cold virus which have been with us in our environment since genesis. Type 1 inerferons, glutathione (the primary intra-cellular anti-oxidant) found in natural foods, Vitamin C and Vitamin D outside the cell, all contribute to our immune mechanisms which surveil the surfaces of our naso-pharyngeal cavity, skin, gut etc, looking for infectious agents. In the case of SARS-CoV-II the immune system degrades the viral RNA quickly so that it can’t become a virus [ie it can’t enter our cells, replicate and then express itself onto the surface of damaged cells].

SARS-CoV-II PCR testing is “ridiculous and non-clinical”, whereby swabs pull out a fragment of virus and the test amplifies the RNA blueprint, not the virus. A virus has an envelope, proteins, and other components which PCR tests cannot detect. When you wear a mask you stimulate the immune system danger signals in your nose and mouth, deplete the glutathione, which is also depleted with glyphosate exposure from food and soil; as are minerals and vitamins that we need. “The worst thing you can do is put on a mask or get any type of shot, and the data bear that out. Let your immune system clear the pathogen the way god intended“.

They talk about infection vs disease, eg HIV is not AIDS; EBV infection; HPV infection; and SARS-CoV-II infection. Given that 8% of our genome is viral, we can even be born with these viruses, which are never expressed. Disease is not the presence of an organism, but the expression (ie its replication through our cells). We don’t test for every virus or bacteria that might be present in our naso-pharynx. Unlike retroviruses, coronaviruses are cleared after each infection. Antibodies don’t need to be “on-alert” constantly, because the regulatory parts of our immune system send messages as needed (ie when an exposure occurs), to the responsive parts of our immune system. “A fragment of a virus amplified a million times is not a virus“, and so serology testing is the gold standard way of determining exposure. But waning antibody levels do not mean you are no longer immune.

Dr Mikovits argues that detection of coronavirus on PCR comes from injection of coronaviruses contaminating influenza vaccine, which are grown in chicken eggs. Chickens get coronaviruses. The people testing positive – expressing the virus – are those wearing masks, getting influenza shots. A large military study published in January 2020 showed that influenza vaccination made you 36% more likely to be diagnosed with covid-19.

Dr Mikovits worked at a biosafety laboratory in Fort Dietrick from 1992 to 1999, where she cultured bat viruses including Ebola. She showed the difference in the strains, eg non-pathogenic Restin strain vs the deadly Zaire strain. If the strain doesn’t elicit the inflammatory cytokine response, you won’t get sick.

Antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) or pathogenic priming can occur via exposure to other viruses found in vaccines, eg chicken coronaviruses found in influenza vaccines. Pathogenic H1N1 strains from 1918 were in an influenza vaccine given in Italy, and Dr Mikovits asks why they take the most pathogenic strain of a virus for vaccine development? The most susceptible will die from this. “It is clear that the flu vaccine and the masks have driven the disease … not just from SARS-CoV-II” (but also other coronaviruses).

The work that Dr Mikovits did, demonstrating via laboratory techniques, that disease was associated with a specific viral infection, is not being done with Covid-19. Radiological evidence of viral infection can be caused by any viral organism, and so superimposed electron microscopy with sequenced SARS-CoV-II is needed as evidence of Covid-19, and this is not being done. This technique has been used to demonstrate diagnostic evidence in HIV, HTLV-I and human beta-retroviruses. “The measures are driving the disease, not the infectious agent“.

Gentempo asks her to talk about an alleged deadly pandemic which has small to no excess death rates and the real risk in relation to age and co-morbidities. She explains. Every year CDC lump all causes into the term “flu”. This includes bacterial, viral influenza and other respiratory viruses eg coronaviruses, RSV, etc. The classification is “P & I” (pneumonia and influenza). From October 2019 to October 2020, P & I were listed as responsible for 22,000 deaths, manifold lower than years prior. Everything else was classified as coronavirus. There was no data to support this, and she describes it as criminal fraud.

The 2017-2019 influenza vaccines were extremely pathogenic. Mikovits co-authored a book “The Plague of Corruption“, in which a chapter is dedicated to a number of doctors who died. Timothy Cunningham was a doctor at CDC who saw the flu vaccine killing people in 2017-18. In 2018-19, prior to Covid-19, people had a horrible cough which was different than others. This was a horrible flu season, but flu tests were mainly negative. It was probably Covid-19, especially in people with co-morbidities and other inflammatory diseases, causing a hyper-immune response.

SARS-CoV-II suddenly eliminated influenza and other causes of pneumonia. This year the CDC have changed their classification to “P/I/C”, adding coronaviruses to the pneumonia/influenza classification. SARS-CoV-II is one of dozens of coronaviruses found in the vero monkey cells contaminating influenza vaccines. Dr Mikovits predicts that the new classification will see recommendations for repeat vaccination against all three (pneumococcal bacteria, influenza and coronavirus). She describes the coronavirus vaccines as deadly, particularly to the most frail.

Dr Gentempo asks her to discuss the various forms of testing. Dr Mikovits clarifies that you don’t test for pathogen, but for immune system response. “Look for the inflammation … find the susceptible and keep their immune system healthy“. We don’t test for influenza, but we give people flu vaccines every year, and they drive the flu outbreaks because the immune system is crippled by glyphosate, by GMO food…. Masks are sprayed with teflon and contain toxic pesticides … the interventions are crippling our immune systems. Why are we testing with PCR? It is criminal fraud and there is no scientific justification. The people who don’t test are not sick. If you get a sniffle, “oh it’s a virus, you have a fever, drink some chicken soup, take some vitamins and zinc. Remember Cold-eze? That’s just zinc and vitamin c! Drink orange juice, chicken soup, it clears and now you have an immune response … But if you hit people with this deadly covid vaccine and they’ve already made antibodies, you’re going to see antibody dependent enhancement or pathogenic priming … we don’t know why the people with strong antibody responses are having the profound and deadly adverse reactions“.

0.02% is the normal rate of people we protect from these upper respiratory infections anyway. But the serious deadly reactions from the vaccine is almost 4%. Why do we not have a scientific discourse? [The medical journals] wipe out an entire field of research and we’ve gone right back 100 years, to the virus is the disease and it absolutely is not.

Dr Gentempo asks her to talk about the claims around efficacy of the vaccines. Dr Mikovits states that it is fraud. The study design was not around transmission prevention. It was “does this mRNA wrapped in a lipid nanoparticle [LNP] lessen the symptoms?”. The Pfizer trial had 22,000 people in both the control arm and 22,000 in the vaccine arm. They were healthy. Not susceptible. To be counted in the 95% effective, they had to test positive with some sort of evidence of SARS-CoV-II infection, and they had to be sick. We know that 99.8% of those with a PCR+ test are not sick. So out of 45,000 people, of those who were sick, the vaccine reduced the symptoms by half. It’s a fancy statistical way to cover up the data. And it’s criminal fraud. These vaccines don’t prevent transmission. The people got fever, myalgia, muscle pain, chills. They got the symptoms of the disease and the vaccine theoretically works because they didn’t cough as much. But it doesn’t stop transmission.

People are testing positive and getting sick two weeks post-vaccine. Is it because the vaccine reactivates dormant disease? Is it because they had a flu vaccine causing antibody dependent priming? 4% of covid-19 vaccinees have a serious adverse reaction. Follow Childrens’ Health Defense and The Highwire for up to date data on what is happening population-wide.

These vaccines do not protect against disease, they actually inoculate the vaccinee with a weakened strain of the infectious agent, which are grown in animal cells and introduce other viruses into the human circulation. They are in fact immune therapies rather than vaccines. The public is being lied to.

Covid-19 inoculations are being rolled out onto the most heavily vaccinated population (with other vaccines), eg doctors, nurses, military, the mentally disabled and the elderly. They are primed, and this causes much higher serious adverse events. If we don’t stop the ongoing rollout, it will have catastrophic outcomes. The interactions with primed immune systems are complex.

Dr Gentempo suggests that those who perpetrated the policies which destroyed lives, careers, the economy, etc, must be wondering about Sweden and asks if Dr Mikovits has looked at their data. She replies that protecting the most vulnerable is the only decent response to an infectious threat. There are also other countries who did not lockdown and whose outcomes are probably better than those places who destroyed their societies in the name of controlling a single virus. Dr Mikovits believes that covid is a cover-up of vaccine injury caused by injection with products being made with contaminated human cell lines which directly cause the multiple neuro-immune conditions she has specialised in understanding mechanisms for.

Dr Mikovits says that we need to wake people up and stop them from being experimental guinea pigs with these products. She describes Tony Fauci’s reign at NIAID as a nightmare, training people to be afraid of successive viruses: SARS, MERS, Swine Flu, Ebola, Zika, Covid. She describes the CDC and FDA as criminal organisations. They skew trials to promote drugs which they then impose as standards of care, destroying lives along the way. “We the people have to stand up and say ‘no more’. We’ve been lied to for 50 years.

Finally they discuss the censorship and information control. Dr Gentempo acknowledges Dr Mikovits’ professional credibility and courage in continuing to speak out.

The personal story of Dr Judy Mikovits with documentary filmmaker Mikki Willis:

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