Tales of Two Heroes

Hirofumi Yanagase has spoken out in Japan’s House of Councillors about excess deaths and their association with the Covid-19 vaccines. Japan used 78% Pfizer and 22% Moderna.

Dr Meryl Nass, an internist and biowarfare medical expert, presented on the World Health Organisation’s plans at the Pandemic Strategies: Lessons and Consequences conference in Sweden in January. This week she spoke to Glen Jung of Bright Light News Media. “There is interest in consolidating power, by a small group, we haven’t identified who yet, around the world. The world behaved in lockstep. Instructions were given to governments and they all complied at the beginning of the pandemic. They were told to suppress hydroxychloroquine. They were told to vaccinate as many people as possible … And then ivermectin also became suppressed … and the vaccines were known, by the governments and the manufacturers, very early, probably before they even rolled out … they were causing a lot of strokes, heart attacks, deaths in vaccinees … By now, the beginning of 2023, everybody knows the vaccines work very very briefly … and then you become more susceptible to covid and probably more susceptible to actually dying … Why are we still pushing this useless, terrible vaccine? … It’s a hidden agenda and we have to be very concerned about what that hidden agenda is …

Dr William Makis traveled to Canada from Czechoslovakia in 1989 with his parents who fled communism when he was 8 years old. He spent a year in a refugee camp. He now has a degree in immunology, a medical degree, specialist qualifications in radiology and oncology, and has authored over 100 peer-reviewed papers published in international medical journals.

He has also faced some of the worst health care corruption imaginable, and dares to fight against it. Dr Makis continues to uphold the Hippocratic Oath, defending the rights of Canadian citizens and health service employees, who currently face the probability of ongoing mandates extending to many new vaccines, likely to be exclusively based on the mRNA platform which has and continues to cause so much harm. He spoke last week to fellow Canadian doctors, Hoffe, Malthouse and Shaw on CHD.TV, reviewing the data of 132 suddenly or unexpectedly dead doctors across Canada since the mandates were imposed. His concerns continue to be ignored by the Canadian Medical Association and he has observed obituaries being removed from their website.

What is the CIA doing at a pandemic simulation? They’re not a public health agency.” Robert F Kennedy Jr comes from a lineage who have dared stand up to America’s Central Intelligence Agency, and have paid the ultimate price for doing so. Today he follows in the footsteps of his uncle and his father with eloquence and courage.

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Part 2:

3 thoughts on “Tales of Two Heroes

  1. I wonder if there has ever been a study of bureaucratic inertia – where people working for any institution toe the line in order to keep their jobs – and how that impacts when the higher ups are incompetent, corrupt, or just doing the job to fund their comfortable lifestyles.

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    1. There is also the issue of corruption. For example, individual health professionals are now receiving money from Big Pharma in New Zealand. This could explain a LOT that goes on with regards to people who surely understand outbreak control and are “vaccine savvy”, going along with very dangerous practices.


      And by the way most health professionals are NOT vaccine savvy. Doctors for example, have reported en masse, that their vaccine education at medical school is hours-long (if that) and focuses on what to prescribe, when to prescribe it, how to locate the information, etc. Nothing on ingredients, mechanisms of action, and minimal on potential adverse events. As a trainer to vaccine providers for over 15 years, I now understand how biased the training was, there was no in-depth understanding (we learned immunology but not much vaccinology – two separate but interlinked subjects) and a LOT of promotional material poses as educational. It turns out that ingredients and known adverse events are always listed on the manufacturer’s insert, but strongly watered-down on the translated government documents which are used by providers and their trainers and advisors.

      Through covid though, we now have health professionals (and high school students and lay people) who’ve “done the vaccinator training course” and are now “experts”. You don’t know what you don’t know, and implanting the confidence of having “done a course” is a genius move on the part of those running this show. In NZ the so-called course is drowning in corruption, as with everywhere else that the money flowed freely.


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      1. Yes – and corruption, and wholesale dumbing down? We need to stop trusting so-called experts – appointed mediocre yes-men.


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