An Inevitable Financial Meltdown

The banks are set up to collapse, it’s just a matter of time according to ex-Wall St financier, Edward Dowd. The end game is to introduce a central bank digital currency.

The G7 Central Bankers met in August 2019 and voted on a plan called the Going Direct Reset. This is the real “reset” behind the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset”. They returned to Wall St and in September 2019 began a new round of quantitative easing. Between 1998 and 2015, US$21 trillion went missing from the US government, possibly much more since then, it’s hard to know as the accountants are hiding the numbers. The beginning of this was described to Catherine Austin-Fitts by the president of the largest pension fund in the USA in 1997. Increasingly now, governments are being run by people with central banking backgrounds. Catherine Austin-Fitts gave a presentation recently: Ways to Navigate the Financial Reset.

Professor Richard Werner also presented on the topic of “the Great Reset” at the International Science Summit last year.

James Corbett’s 2014 documentary Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve helps explain how this expected financial reset, involving plans to further centralise power, came to be.

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