False Flags for a Financial Reset

The links I shared yesterday focus on details of what is happening, how and why. The history of the banking system and how it was able to enrich itself at the expense of ordinary people is particularly useful in understanding why and how what is essentially a socio-economic caste system, is so entrenched: Century of Enslavement, a History of the Federal Reserve.

A handful of bankers and economists who understand are speaking out. Professor Richard Werner, the top central banking academic scholar in the world, gave another interview yesterday, explaining the looming central bank digital currency (CBDC). The Federal Reserve and all other central banks, all of whom have just spent many decades plundering the rest of us, are beginning their plans for this programmable currency, which they will issue and control.

CBDCs are being sold to us as protective against criminal activity, convenient and fast, and offering “equity”. This is much the same euphemistic language as has been used for three years on Covid policy: keeping us “safe and effective” whilst causing mass destruction. Critics warn that CBDCs are the ultimate tool of control, censorship and surveillance. Once you understand the history of the banker class, who Catherine Austin-Fitts describes as living in a parallel universe to the rest of us, with unlimited wealth and power, you become aware that protecting us is not the intent.

Most countries are already in the process of rolling out CBDCs, for example New Zealand and Australia. How necessary is this? How many New Zealanders need to be protected from “financing terrorism”? According to security expert and false flag salesman Paul Buchanan, “it’s a thing“.

If you continue to rely on the central bank associated, state funded mainstream media for your “news”, then you will assist them in building these planned prison walls. Those who look towards independent media and experts and refuse to comply, choosing freedom over control, give hope to the possibility that this will not play out as they plan.

We have the power individually to shift the entire state of affairs. But each one of us must use our power, we must understand our power, and we must choose freedom with all of our choices … everyday in every way. Spiritually our powers and our intention have great power … scientists have proven that our intention can influence material reality … If enough of us get together it’s going to make a huge difference … If we don’t take action now, CBDCs and digital ID passports will build a digital corrall around each of us … A digital concentration camp. This technology can turn our homes, our cars and our communities literally into digital concentration camps

Catherine Austin-Fitts

From Dan Astin-Gregory:

The recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank was an all too familiar reminder of just how unstable the banks, financial markets and wider economy can be.

If you’re like me, you’ve seen a lot of changes in the financial world over the years and likely know that this is an early warning sign that a larger financial reset could be up ahead and that it’s something that we all need to be prepared for.

I get chills writing this because I witnessed the devastating consequences of what happens when people are not prepared during the financial crisis of 07-08 first hand when I was working in Banking supporting small businesses.

I had a great deal of contact with customers at local branches of the Bank at the time and heard so many stories of despair as businesses went under and people lost their livelihoods during this time.

Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of people went bankrupt and lost their jobs and hundreds of thousands of businesses of all sizes and sectors ceased trading in the UK alone during that time with many others struggling to access finance.

The hardest part is that I felt like I could see it coming, but was powerless to do anything about. 

It’s partly why I eventually decided to leave my career in banking behind because there were clear steps that people and businesses could take, but I was not authorised to give advice in my role due to complex banking regulations. 

However, there was a deeper problem…

Even if I could have given advice, the fear and uncertainty at the time was so great that most people buried their heads in the sand hoping that it would all blow over and that they wouldn’t be impacted. 

Which is why today feels like deja vu because we are potentially on the verge of an even greater financial collapse with wider economic changes unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before, yet most people are going about their lives as though nothing is happening! 

I vowed that should such an event occur again, I wanted to be able help people understand what is happening so they can make informed decisions about their financial future.  

This is why I’m proud to launch the Navigating the Financial Reset programme with Sam X and we’re hosting our very first workshop TONIGHT at 8.00pm! [8pm UK time = 7am Sydney / 9am NZ / 1pm Pacific US / 4pm Eastern US]

This brand new monthly support program is specifically designed to help you navigate the financial reset with confidence by providing you with practical steps, knowledge, and a positive mindset to thrive during these times. 

Each month, we’ll be covering a variety of topics, including:

  • Understanding the current financial landscape and how to navigate it
  • Safeguarding your finances and protecting your assets
  • Discovering new options such as crypto and digital assets to grow your wealth

You’ll have the opportunity to get your questions answered on each of our group calls twice per month.

Plus, you will also be able to connect with like-minded individuals within our group, learn from each others experiences and perspectives and access a range of expertise as we bring our very best contacts together to share their strategies with you.

The financial reset doesn’t have to be daunting and you don’t need to navigate it alone.

Take the first step in taking charge of your financial future by joining the Navigating the Financial Reset programme today.

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