Believing Bureaucrats and Politicians is Unsafe and Defective

Sir Ashley Bloomfield was the Director-General of Health in New Zealand during 2020-2022. He is responsible for declining multitudes of vaccine exemption requests leading to the unemployment, illness, injury and/or death, of thousands of New Zealanders who lost their rights, as outlined in the Bill of Rights Act, to decline medical treatment.

The last Covid-19 safety monitoring report was published by Medsafe on 14 December 2022, for reports up to 30 November 2022. Four months without safety data and a new vaccine – tested on eight mice – now recommended to the population. How is that normal and/or okay?

Statistics recorded by Medsafe relating to the safety of covid-19 “vaccines” are significantly different to those recorded by independent organisations such as The Health Forum NZ (documenting injury and advocating for the injured) and New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science (clinical services and advocacy to the injured).

Bloomfield now holds a position as professor in the School of Population Health at Auckland University, ‘helping to translate and apply research into policies that directly impact communities.’ He co-chairs the World Health Organisation’s Working Group on Amendments to the International Health Regulations, representing New Zealand in the planned globalisation of health systems which will see New Zealanders mandated to accept unnecessary but profitable interventions as Tedros and his billionaire funders see fit.

Yesterday Radio New Zealand published a short article titled Negative excess mortality sign NZ got it right with Covid-19 response – Sir Ashley Bloomfield. This is merely the latest in a long string of lies which Bloomfield has fed to New Zealanders persistently. Excess mortality taken from Stats New Zealand, the government’s own website, show the following numbers. Thousands more New Zealanders are dying over the average number in the five years preceding the pandemic. Unlike Covid, these deaths go unmentioned. It is clear via the presentations of deaths and known mechanisms of injury, that they are largely associated with the pharmaceutical substances which Bloomfield and his team demanded every New Zealander take.

New Zealand lawyer Thomas Cranmer published Pfizer Vaccine Approval in NZ Under Scrutiny: A Retrospective Analysis on 20 March. Politician and radio host Rodney Hide broke it down in this video. The main points are:

  • Real journalism now happens at substack, not broadsheet papers or television “news” shows.
  • Pfizer was approved on 3 February 2021, and New Zealanders were assured by the PM on the same day, that “rigorous assessment” showed it to be “safe and effective”.
  • The propaganda was extreme.
  • Cranmer has accessed the Medsafe report that the PM relied upon to make her “safe and effective” claims.
  • The report stated the following:
    • vaccine protection not established beyond 2 months
    • limited evidence of protection against severe disease
    • no long-term safety follow-up information
    • prevention of infection and transmission not established.
  • The government, including then-Prime Minister Ardern, now-Prime Minister Hipkins and then-Director General of Health Bloomfield, knowingly lied whilst accusing those challenging their claims as spreading “misinformation”.
  • Two classes of citizen were created: the vaccinated (privileges granted via digital passport system) and the unvaccinated (privileges including the right to employment, and to access most services, removed).
  • Thousands of New Zealanders are vaccine injured and/or vaccine dead. The injured are ignored, abused, denied and receive no assistance.

Over 1,000 qualified nurses and unknown numbers of doctors, surgeons and other skilled health professionals remain banned from working in the public health system, due to an ongoing 3-dose mandate despite the fact that transmission and infection are not prevented by the so-called “vaccines”. Some unvaccinated workers report being employed as locums via agencies due to shortages. Most are instead employed as dishwashers, house cleaners, shop assistants and office workers whilst the health system is reportedly imploding.

And politicians like Sir Bloomfield continue to make dishonest claims about the “success” of their so-called “public health” interventions, as though they believe New Zealanders will continue to blindly accept what is fed to them via mainstream media.

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