The Slow Reveal

Everyone was told by Big Pharma that if you didn’t stay home you’d be “letting it rip” (a specific pharma propaganda phrase, along with “go hard on the virus”, “killing grandma” and other tough military-style language which no public health professional in their right mind would ever use).

Sweden was presented as having an appalling Covid fatality rate because they “let it rip”, “didn’t go hard on the virus” and “wanted to kill grandma”.

New Zealand were praised as lockdown geniuses, all five million of them, and the virus “wasn’t able to rip” because of this. Incredibly strange airborne virus behaviour occurred, which leaves many wondering.

Yet when you look at all-cause excess deaths as opposed to covid deaths, which have been the only deaths talked about by politicians and compromised public health officials, and which rely solely on a test which is not fit for diagnostic purpose, Sweden was a safer place in 2020 than New Zealand and most other nations.

Sweden didn’t lockdown. Instead they ensured people could continue earning an income, and society could continue to function. They did not impose interventions which public health professionals knew would cause enormous harm. Ethical Principle No.1.

If the world had followed the advice of ethical public health professionals such as the Great Barrington Declaration, Hillsdale College, Panda and the myriad of others who established in response to the crisis of corruption they realised was unfolding, then far less harm would have occurred. Especially to the world’s poorest. Instead we agreed to let a criminal cartel run the show globally, whose wealth rose exponentially concurrent with the death and destruction they ordered “for safety“.

That is why this isn’t over. It will happen again. In the name of another pandemic (the warnings are thick and fast, eg Monkeypox, Marburg, Bird Flu, multiple other possibilities). In the name of climate change. In the name of the next “emergency”. Lockdowns and obeying orders from those who coincidentally benefit, are always the solution.

What criminal cartel? It runs deep, but all roads lead back to a small number of the same players. From regulatory authorities to organisations reliant on research grants and ‘charitable’ donations, to public servants reliant on salaries requiring that they forsake ethics to obey the regime. Professor Peter Gotzsche has spoken extensively of the organised crime that is Big Pharma, for example this excellent presentation.

Despite enormous power and publication rights in (cartel compromised) high impact medical journals, the cartel don’t have numbers backing them. When the John Snow Memorandum was penned in October 2020, ordered as a direct response to the Great Barrington Declaration, claiming that lockdown was the only way to save lives, the signatories were almost entirely cartel beneficiaries following an order in direct contradiction to their training. They haven’t reached more than around 5,000 signatures (they claim 7,000 but the website, with a strange system that doesn’t allow you to find the total easily, seems to end at 4,200: I wonder if the missing 2,800 have asked to have their names removed now that the truth is starting to emerge?). By comparison, Great Barrington have reached almost a million signatures.

Every emergency, be it war, pandemic, climate, needs to be examined critically. Blindly following authority leads us over a cliff. For example, what is happening in Australia (and across the Covid-19-injected world) right now.

Independent scientists are collaborating en masse. Professor Arne Burkhardt, a German pathologist, leads a team of pathologists concerned with identifying cause of death in potential vaccine victims. He presented recently on the topic to a group of doctors and scientists at the Pandemic Strategies: Lessons and Consequences conference. Histopathological reevaluation serious adverse events and deaths following COVID-19 vaccination.

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  1. Like today, I continued to work, and while Sweden has Greta, they also have ABBA. —
    * uhh, where was I going with my comment? *
    Oh yeah, Sweden can’t be as terrible as ‘they’ say. 😉

    Kill grandma? At least there, grandma could be given a goodbye hug – a REAL hug.

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