On the Nose and Up the Nose

Particles between 0.5µm and 3µm in size are filtered by the nasal mucosa and transported by cilia propulsion to the nasopharynx. Filtration of particulates in the human nose, 1998.

N95 masks are designed to be worn for protection in contaminated environments. They are designed and approved to capture 95% of non-oil-based matter greater than 0.3µm. SARS-CoV-2 has a minimum viable particle size of 0.06-0.14 µm, well under the 0.3µm threshold even if bound to larger matter.

As such, your nose is just as good a filter as an N95 mask, which is not designed or approved to capture virus particles.

The promotion of masks for virus protection has not followed evidence based practice. For the more complicated technicalities of mask wearing see Why N95s Fail to Stop the Spread, by Megan Mansell, an OSHA-trained PPE expert.

Why were masks promoted as a way to protect against Covid?

Acting as a filter against the organisms that we inhale and swallow, our noses/mouths are “dirty”. Somehow during the Covid pandemic, even trained health professionals became convinced that noses and mouths should be sterile. Detecting genetic material or protein indicating possible inhalation of a single virus amongst the millions that we inhale everyday, is now “diagnostic” of disease. The amazing thing is that most doctors appear to have accepted their diagnostic skills being replaced by a single screening test. This leaves the world wide open to more pandemics. Dr Byram Bridle, a Canadian immunologist, speaks about the dumbing-down of medicine in this discussion with Professor Patrick Provost, an RNA expert.

Meanwhile the New Zealand public have been told by the Minister of Health that “As at 24 February 2023, 2458 children under five have been hospitalised due to Covid-19 since February 2022.” With point-of-care testing of every patient admitted to hospital, in an environment of a widely-circulating endemic virus, positive test results suggest nothing other than “the virus is everywhere“. Which is not the same as “disease is everywhere“. As Dr Bridle explains, this testing strategy is not diagnostic of disease but drives a “case-demic”.

Many countries around the world have admitted that many of the cases, hospitalisations, ICU admissions and deaths were not due to covid, but … these statistics occurred “with” covid … I will correct that, it is not necessarily “with covid”, it is with a positive PCR test result … On some days the majority of those were simply with a positive PCR test result and the clinical scenario occurred due to some other condition … somebody could be admitted to hospital with appendicitis, and they are there to have their appendix removed. But when they’re admitted to hospital a PCR test was run, came back positive, so in their medical chart it went down as a case of covid-19. In many cases without a clinician even confirming that they had the disease, let alone that it might be a false positive test result. So they entered and left the hospital because they required an appendectomy. But it went down as a hospital admission due to covid-19“.

Are children really getting so sick as to require hospitalisation “due to” Covid-19 at a rate of almost 1% of all children aged under 5yo in a single year?

The infection fatality rate suggests not. This British Medical Journal article explains the various reasons why not.

Dr Paul Marik, the most-cited critical care physician in the world and a lung specialist, who is now Chief Scientific Officer of Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC), has discussed the humanitarian crisis that is taking place in the guise of perhaps the most profitable product in the history of humanity.

  • Two things have been catastrophic. Firstly, dissenting points of view – in existence through the history of mankind – which have been obliterated through severe censorship. Knowledge forges forward via discussion and debate. Secondly the false narrative propagated, whereby people are only allowed to hear a single point of view via captured media, social media and medical journals. There is no dialogue, just a false and deceptive single narrative. Most of the population is brainwashed.
  • All of the recommended measures have been destructive and false.
    • The falsehoods were perpetuated by design through CDC, NIH, WHO, FDA [and other regulatory agencies]. This was a well-orchestrated plan with a nefarious agenda.
    • Questioning the presence of natural immunity has been totally absurd. It is a basic, fundamental concept. The data is clear, with the best example being the Cleveland Clinic study which shows that the unvaccinated are at a lower risk of getting covid, and each time you get injected, your risk of getting covid increases. They now recommend a shot to prevent a disease which in fact causes the disease [via vaccine associated enhanced disease].
    • Masks do not work. Fauci confirmed they don’t work at the beginning. The virus is infinitely smaller than the pores in the masks. A Cochrane Review has since shown that masks definitively and categorically do not work.
    • Lockdown was one of the most detrimental interventions. In the history of humanity this has never been done because it clearly does not work but has terrible adverse effects. The combination of masks, lockdowns, social isolation has had a devastating impact on children in particular. Data shows increased cognitive impairment post-covid, especially due to masks because of the importance of facial recognition in communication and childhood development.
    • Locking children out of playing in parks due to covid was complete stupidity and absurdity. Airborne viruses are not spread outdoors and many factors reduce the risks in children.
    • The biggest hoax was the “safe and effective” vaccination. They are neither safe nor effective, as Pfizer and CDC data shows.
  • Early treatment – which is how Dr Marik “got into this charade”. People were told there was no treatment, to stay at home and only attend hospital once they were turning blue from oxygen deprivation. Then in hospital they were prescribed a toxic compound [Remdesivir, but there are others, eg Paxlovid]. The toxicity of Remdesivir was well established prior to covid, but financial interests pushed its use in hospitals at great harm to patients, [eg Grace Schara]. WHO’s own pharmacovigilance data shows that Remdesivir increases your risk of kidney failure 20-fold, and increases your risk of death. Why are doctors using it? It is unthinkable.
  • By comparison, look at C19Early to see around 20 highly effective, cheap and safe drugs against SARS-CoV-II. When given early they prevent transmission, hospitalisation and death. But they don’t want you to know about safe and effective treatments, or natural immunity, because they need everyone to get the vaccine.
  • Monitoring variants has been used as a weapon against the populace, encouraging fear, and giving authorities an excuse to force measures such as border closures, falsely claiming this to be about safety. People will succumb to what they want if they are petrified. People are afraid to go outdoors; wiping down apples in supermarkets; wearing two masks. The fear was [is] extremely effective at convincing people to take the vaccine.
  • It was obvious that taking care of the high risk was the right thing to do. Protecting their immunity, eg giving them Vitamin D. It is well known that increased Vitamin D levels significantly reduce the risk of death from Covid.
  • Simple interventions to improve people’s health status and immunity, eg lose weight, exercise, take Vit D, Zinc and other simple, cheap and very effective interventions. But the goal was a needle in every arm. We still see people driving around in their cars with a mask on, showing how fearful people remain.
  • These are crimes against humanity. Work by pathologists show the mechanisms of harm in people who are dying due to taking these dangerous substances. The biggest crime has been injecting children. The goal now is to get these injections onto the childhood schedule, which is abhorrent, pure evil. Childhood risk of covid is almost negligible. Healthy children are at greater risk of being struck by lightning; of drowning in their own bathtub. But the risks from the vaccine which include myocarditis, as well as over 750 reported diseases, are higher. And the risk of death from the injection, with young healthy kids just dying suddenly. The overwhelming evidence is that injecting children is a crime.
  • Some countries have woken up, and banned injecting people under the age of 50yo.
  • More profoundly disturbing is injecting pregnant women. We never experiment with pregnant women. We know that any medication in pregnancy, especially the first and second trimesters, is hazardous. Yet now we are injecting them with untested substances with no known long term effects. Safety in pregnancy has not been established. Pfizer’s own data shows spontaneous miscarriage rate of 84%. This is more effective in terminating a pregnancy than the abortion tablet. Dr Thorp’s study [COVID-19 Vaccines: The Impact on Pregnancy Outcomes and Menstrual Function] based on CDC and FDA data compares complications with the Covid “vaccine” against complications with the influenza vaccine. The data is devastating. Menstrual abnormalities, spontaneous miscarriage, congenital abnormalities, eclampsia… The risks are off the chart, they had to use a logarithmic scale because the risks were so excessive. Live births have plummeted. Something very sinister is happening.
  • Now we have World Health Organisation trying to bring in changes that will give them powers that supersede national governments, and change their advisory powers to authority powers. This includes not just pandemics, but a One Health policy which will give them powers over animals (including policies relating to livestock, ie food sources) and climate change (being used to alter the rights of human movement). Removing human freedoms and rights in the name of “safety” which has been so dangerous. True informed consent, not deceptive consent manipulated by Big Pharma, is a basic right which has been eroded. This is a nefarious agenda.
  • Many people are waking up, especially after being vaccine injured. Dr Marik’s FLCCC organisation have medical protocols for covid related treatments including vaccine injury. We are facing a tsunami of vaccine injured people. This is not a “conspiracy theory”, the data is available on government sources. Governments are now trying to suppress the data (eg CDC). Why are they doing that unless there’s something to hide?
  • Aaron Siri at ICAN took CDC to court to access the data and found 6.8% of people “vaccinated” had a serious adverse event [read about it at ICAN has now obtained CDC data for the approximate 10 million v-safe users]. If a car seat kills 3 kids they take it off the market but here we have a so-called medical product that has maimed, injured and killed millions of people and they promote it. There are at least 18 million vaccine injured people in the USA. The medical system does not recognise it, will not study it. The people suffer, with no financial or medical support. Most doctors are telling people that it is psychological, they’re making it up. Largely because it is not being well reported, and many have multiple symptoms – average of 23 different symptoms – because the spike protein goes to every single organ in the body – and it doesn’t fit with anything doctors have seen before.
  • Unlike other places [including New Zealand], in Germany autopsies are allowed. Dr Arne Burkhardt’s autopsy work shows that the spike protein goes to the brain, heart, kidneys and causes inflammation, clotting and all kinds of effects, which is why people have so many symptoms. This is a massive humanitarian crisis, with an expanding population of severely injured people. Those manufacturing and distributing these products have not come up with an antidote. FLCCC came up with what they think is the best way to deal with spike protein induced disease. It is not ideal, but they can’t sit by and do nothing and so they have come up with a treatment protocol for the vaccine injured.
  • The goals are to get rid of the spike protein. Some are going to exploit the vaccine injured and try to sell interventions. So the protocols need to be science based. FLCCC are not making any money and have no conflicts of interest. The long term dangers, including dropping dead and developing cancers months after vaccination, are because of the spike protein. Ordinarily governments would be interested in protocols around removing spike protein to reduce these risks. The risk of dying suddenly or developing cancer is at between 3 months and 14 months post-vaccination.
  • The protocols will evolve with time as they learn more.
  • Covid has shone a light on what was there before. Dr Marik now questions everything, including trust in the medical system. Many things are completely fabricated. Cholesterol statins are a good example: the cardiology world has been completely duped by this. Most patients are on statins, yet we know they don’t work. Data in fact shows that men with higher cholesterol have a lower risk of dying, so everything Dr Marik once knew has been turned upside down thanks to having his eyes opened through the Covid catastrophe.
  • We thought we could trust medical agencies, medical schools, medical journals, but we can’t and we have to follow the money. Trust and faith and science are important, and if we can’t trust those who are trying to help us we’re in trouble. Hospitals are dangerous places for sick people: their goal is to make money. If you go to the ED with Covid and they send you home, they can claim around $3,000. But if they admit you to ICU, test you for Covid, intubate you, give you Remdesivir, the average reimbursement is around US$500,000. It is absurd. There should be an incentive to provide good care, not bad care.
  • FDA, CDC, NIH etc are clearly captured and cannot be trusted. FDA regulates medicine, but they now think they are in the business of telling doctors how to practice medicine. There is a revolving door between jobs at FDA and Big Pharma. The conflicts of interest are astonishing. FDA hides research data because of this. Pfizer and FDA conspired to hide the trial data for 75 years – why? Only because they didn’t want people to see what they had seen. The current system is completely corrupt and needs to be completely changed. 55% of FDA’s budget comes from Big Pharma. This needs to stop. The revolving door needs to be abandoned. Powerful people in FDA were previously employed by Big Pharma, and vice versa.
  • Apart from two or three members of the US Congress, all c.500 members have received lobby money from Big Pharma, which is the biggest lobbyist in US Congress. This needs to stop.
  • In the USA some states allow Ivermectin to be sold over the counter as a safe and effective medicine, whilst in other states, it is claimed to be a “dangerous horse paste”. This is pure corruption.
  • Fauci controls almost all research funds, and the money almost entirely goes to Big Pharma, not preventive or lifestyle interventions. Dr Marik had Type II Diabetes, which he believed was incurable and required a lifetime of medicines. He researched this, and changed his diet and lifestyle, and no longer has diabetes. The world is heading towards an obesity / insulin resistance pandemic, partly due to incorrect dietary advice (high carbohydrate, low fat) sold by the food industry. Hypertension, diabetes, reflux, auto immune diseases, high blood pressure, arthritis can all be improved with the right lifestyle changes but because it does not make money, it is not promoted. Going for a walk in the sun is an important lifestyle change. Walking after eating lowers blood glucose, and is even better for health.

One of the best descriptions of the testing fraud came from President John Magufuli of Tanzania, who had a background in microbiology.

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