Protecting Women and Children

For some years I have sent a regular amount of money to known and trusted contacts in two specific impoverished nations, to assist in relieving the food and shelter insecurity that people are trying to exist under. For example this situation, a young family whose husband / father committed suicide during the lockdown terror of 2021. The mother spends her nights begging and there are grave concerns for her children’s safety which extend beyond the obvious drowning risk, to their vulnerability for human trafficking.

Previously I could send money to a trusted source online without obstruction, to pay for food or accommodation expenses. Now there are many obstructions. I have to answer to how I know the recipient, how I earned my money, what the money is intended for. I receive phone calls from bank staff asking me to explain the transaction’s purpose, and the online transaction process requires multiple identification evidence. Step by step this process is being removed as an option, as requirements become more complicated. At some point I fully expect that my ability to donate to independent sources will become impossible.

Large NGOs will become the only way to donate. Having worked for a large NGO I can confirm that the money is not received by those who need it. It pays for airline tickets, expensive accommodation with cleaners and cooks, salaries and daily allowances of those enjoying first world lifestyles on balconies looking down over our fellow humans in the slums below, whilst basking in the glory of “helping the poor”. In a growing number of programs now, it also goes towards accessing pharmaceutical products which are distributed to the people, who go home to their unsafe existences with their “life saving” medications.

Meanwhile, a health catastrophe is occurring in the “rich world”, which risks impoverishing us all. This is occurring largely with our consent because so many continue to believe the incessant propaganda spread by cartel-owned mainstream media, around an alleged “conspiracy theory” epidemic of “anti vaxxers”, and the accompanying plans via “disinformation departments” established across once-democratic nations to shut down all views which don’t align with governing authorities.

Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson explains eloquently how terms such as “anti vaxxer” are effective propaganda tools in this interview with Jan Jekielek. Robert F Kennedy Jr explains that arguing for good vaccines using good science, has become an “anti vaccine” slur by way of protecting the pharmaceutical industry. With the most recent Covid-19 “bivalent” vaccine tested on only eight mice and zero humans; and CEPI planning to reduce vaccine development into an unregulated global industry, which has largely already happened, this is a fight for humanity.

On 5 April 2023 the World Council for Health published a statement on Vaccinating Against C19 During Pregnancy: It’s Safer to Wait, citing birth declines observed nine months after the vaccine rollout and increasing reports of pregnancy complications.

Recently Dr James Thorp (American obstetrician/gynaecologist and maternal-foetal medicine specialist) joined Dr Reiner Fuellmich of the International Crimes Investigative Committee, alongside Greek criminal defense attorney Yiannis Zografos and Greek paediatric surgeon Vasilia Souleimanova, about the devastating impact the so-called Covid-19 “vaccines” are having on women and children. There are equally many concerns about the impact occurring to male fertility, with Professor Arne Burkhardt stating during a recent presentation on the evidence of harms being experienced, that “if I were a woman of child bearing age, I would not plan motherhood with a vaccinated man“.

Notes from this discussion:

  • Since the Covid-19 products were foisted on populations, birth rates have plummeted.
  • Dr Thorp specialises in high risk pregnancies and in the past two years he has seen over 20,000 patients.
  • He is being threatened by regulatory authorities for speaking against the Covid-19 products due to the harms he is seeing.
  • The most egregious violation of medical ethics in the history of the world is pushing this lethal experimental gene therapy in my patients, pregnant women and unborn babies“.
  • The drug concentrates in the ovaries.
  • The majority of women receiving these products have been coerced.
  • Women are experiencing menstrual irregularities, described by Dr Thorp as “a bloodbath”.
  • Shedding from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated is contributing to these harms.
  • Dr Thorp is witnessing extraordinary problems in pregnancy, including massive rises in foetal deaths.
  • Yiannis Zografos has been a lawyer for 28 years and has a Masters degree in criminal law. He has spent the past two years working with people who lost their jobs for not complying with mandates; and those who are injured after complying. The Greek justice system is a corrupted department of government, so there have been no decisions in favour of appellants, and most decisions are being stalled.
  • Few judges in Germany are upholding the rule of law, also. They listen to expert testimony, but then they entirely disregard it in their decisions.
  • Dr Thorp has published on the VAERS data (USA’s vaccine adverse events reporting system), a pharmacovigilant tool for vaccines. Influenza vaccine was approved for use in pregnancy in 1997. The risk ratio between 285 months of Influenza vaccine use and 24 months of Covid vaccine use in pregnancy shows a 1192-fold increase (119,000%) in menstrual abnormalities. Huge increases have also been seen in miscarriage rates; foetal abnormalities (notably cystic hygroma, cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac arrest, abnormal placental function, abnormal placental appearance, foetal growth restriction, substantially increased abnormal foetal test results, abnormal blood flow to various foetal organs, and substantially increased foetal deaths.
  • The numbers are so substantial that they are irrefutable, but attempts are being made to fraudulently manipulate the data. The data is similar across at least 30 other pharmacovigilance systems including Vigi-Access (WHO); UK Yellow Card system; EMA Eudrovigilance system.
  • The UK government’s website recommends against Covid-19 vaccination in pregnancy and breastfeeding, but they also promote it: Dr Thorp states “they are speaking out of both sides of their mouths”.
  • Dr Thorp describes the information from nurse whistleblower Michelle Gershman on the massive increase of stillbirths seen in her hospital department since 2021, which does not include those occurring in the emergency department, operating theatre or at home, so it is a massive under-count. The increase is a 40+ sigma event, from less than 6 per month to almost 30 per month.
  • Similarly, Edward Dowd has described a 40% all cause mortality increase since the vaccine rollout. A 10% rise (3 sigma) is catastrophic for the insurance industry. A 40% rise (12 sigma) is a one in 1,000 year event. (See more here). A 40 sigma event, as seen in stillbirths, is more than three times worse.
  • Despite the persistent denials in mainstream media and “fact checking”, the data speaks for itself and the numbers are devastating. THIS IS NOT SAFE.
  • Whilst the miscarriage rate (before 20 weeks gestation) is also devastatingly high, it varies significantly depending on the gestational age, and because of this Dr Thorp focuses on stillbirths (after 20 weeks gestation), which don’t have the same variance.
  • The message sold to populations about taking the vaccine “to protect others” is a lie: the clinical trials did not even look at transmission, as admitted by a Pfizer executive in the European parliament.
  • Vasilia Souleimanova is a paediatric surgeon in Athens. The most common surgery she performs is appendicitis. Since the vaccine rollout she is seeing unusual presentations of tissues, for example jelly-like adipose (fatty) tissue looks white (instead of yellow), and muscle tissue which should be loosely connected and watery, are very tight and have white matter between them. “It’s very weird. I haven’t seen anything like it before“.
  • The changes in these tissues have taught her how to recognise if a child has received a Covid-19 vaccination, and how recently. She had concerns about the government vaccinating children, but she was expecting clots and other known phenomena rather than these unusual presentations. She searched the literature and tried to discuss it with her colleagues, who tried to explain it away.
  • Dr Thorp explains the collaboration between maternal-foetal specialists and paediatric surgeons, and asks Dr Souleimanova if she thinks that there is an alteration to the newborn immune system caused by the Covid-19 vaccination, knowing that the lipid nanoparticles concentrate in the ovaries (and the testes in men but men create millions of sperm per hour whilst women are born with only one million ova for their entire life, which rapidly decline after birth and after menarche). But the LNPs also concentrate in the thymus of the foetus, which is the seed for the baby’s immune system for life.
  • He asks her if she sees an increase in congenital malformations, as he is seeing. Because Dr Souleimanova is no longer working (for 4 months at the time of interview), she can’t easily answer this.
  • Yiannis Zografos interrupts to explain that Dr Souleimanova is being persecuted by the Greek health authorities, for speaking publicly about her clinical experience relating to the Covid-19 vaccinations.
  • Dr Souleimanova explains that she is working, in a very small clinic with tiny paediatric surgery services.
  • She states that given the alterations she is seeing in the abdominal tissue, she is “positively sure that it goes everywhere“. The alterations she is seeing in abdominal muscle tissue helps her understand why myocarditis – a condition of the heart muscle – is occurring. The alterations are highly visible, and so she believes that the changes are occurring throughout the body, as described by Dr Thorp. “I believe it’s devastating to the child’s health … even the micro-clots in the placenta are very frightening, we all know what happens if the placenta doesn’t work well“.
  • Women have to be very careful about any medications during pregnancy, and now we are vaccinating with a brand new product without any long term safety profile, and obvious short term safety signals.
  • Dr Fuellmich states that evidence from Brook Jackson, a Pfizer whistleblower, shows that Pfizer did not in fact conduct any real trials and were doctoring the numbers. When she took Pfizer to court, she was threatened by their attorney. Their defense in court was that they were not required to conduct trials, due to their contract with the Dept of Defense.
  • In Greece 7,500 doctors and nurses have been dismissed from their jobs due to the new pharmaceutical industry rules and many hundreds of them are starving as they have no way to access food. They have no right to any percentage of their salary for breaking the rules, and Yiannis compares this to violent prisoners who have more rights. This is an intentional destruction of the health care workforce who dare to criticise the official narrative.
  • The Minister of Health in Greece, also a lawyer, has declared that “it is my goal to permanently set all those people who do not believe in vaccines, outside the Greek health system.” This is leading to suicides of young professionals.
  • Dr Fuellmich quotes Dr Peter McCullough about the astonishing lack of outrage by surviving family members of young people dying after Covid-19 vaccination. Eugenics is pushing this agenda and we are dealing with genocide, but many of the victims are not reacting as expected. Dr Sucharit Bhakdi has spoken about this as an outcome of broken will. It is a waste of time to try and convince anyone aligning with corrupted governments, as their system will collapse anyway.
  • Dr Souleimanova’s friend had a conversation with an undertaker who told her about the many young people now dying, and this included the undertaker’s own 15yo son, and his placid acceptance of the situation.
  • Dr Thorp recommends the documentary Died Suddenly, showing the dramatic harms taking place, and Fuellmich plays a a trailer of the film, introducing embalmer Richard Hirschman speaking of his observations, asking why “public health” is so focused on the theory of over-population, so strongly promoted by vaccine profiteer Bill Gates, and showing the dramatic harms occurring to innocent human beings, described by Dr Thorp as “the greatest orchestrated die-off in world history“.
  • Dr Souleimanova describes seeing patients who had been vaccinated “some time ago” being relatively okay and coming to their senses, but people who keep going with vaccination become more fanatic. She believes the personality alterations occurring are not necessarily permanent, but that repeat vaccination is the cause (observed in a proportion of people, not everyone). “I believe there is so much more going on, I cannot see the whole picture for now… there are many aspects to this vaccination…” (including a social experiment looking into how many people will believe in the ‘magical science’ and other aspects). Claims that the vaccines were made in eight months were untrue, as the vaccines were ready long before they claim.
  • Dr Fuellmich argues that reparations made to victims of the vaccination program will assist people in feeling empowered again. It should be an international class action available to those who understand that the loss of their child, or stillbirth, etc, was related to the vaccine.
  • Dr Fuellmich’s courtroom experience mostly involves large global corporations, eg Deutschebank and Volkswagen. In Germany when the courts refused to look at evidence, the US courts forced them to admit having defrauded their customers, and this led to changes to the court system in Germany.
  • Today the Indian court system have three criminal investigations active against Bill Gates for mass murder, and some venues in the USA are still functioning properly. The US system is well placed due to the processes used such as pre-trial discovery, class actions and punitive damages if intent can be shown.
  • Yiannis argues that in Europe, claims should be filed in small district courts because the high courts are unlikely to issue decisions in favour of the victims. Small courts have many judges who are less intimidated by the authorities and will uphold the rule of law.
  • In the USA a complaint has already been filed against Gilead, the manufacturer of remdesivir, a deadly drug (see here and here).
  • Dr Thorp relays a story about going to a local pharmacy and explaining to the pharmacist that there was zero human testing on the new bivalent vaccine. He asked for the product information insert – a blank piece of folded up paper, with the words “intentionally blank” in the centre. This is a commonly occurring event. In his conversation with the pharmacist Dr Thorp asked her to stop pushing the vaccine “and killing my patients”, to which she replied “I don’t believe in the vaccine and I didn’t take it”. He questioned her and she denied pushing it onto others including pregnant women. “None of my patients or myself can call up your pharmacy without getting ten recorded messages that we have to listen to, in order to get through to you, trying to tell us to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Yes you are pushing it.
  • Dr Fuellmich talks about an American doctor who is warning the medical community participating in this program, that they will be held responsible for mass murder. Dr Souleimanova argues the point that ignorance is not a defense. She has been questioned (? by her regulatory authority – she doesn’t specify) and is seeking legal counsel. She asked for a copy of the charges against her and was told there are currently no charges, and that she is not permitted to see the documents relating to her case. Dr Fuellmich argues that “they are trying to create an illusion that they are omnipotent: they can kill anyone, they can destroy anyone’s business. But they really can’t. This is mostly a game of psychology. Always take into consideration that they don’t have the means to go after each and everyone of us. They are going after some of us … but they can’t go after everyone. If a larger group of people rises up and files a complaint, such as an open (international) class action, that will set a big example and send a huge message“. People are very frightened: Dr Souleimanova was initially afraid, but she has lost this feeling now [the same experience I’ve had in this regard].
  • Dr Fuellmich describes how the system that we are still a part of is collapsing, and that the globalists have turned everything on its head: what looks as though it’s good is in fact evil. We need to create a new system. Dr Thorp interrupts with “woe to those who put evil for good and good evil. Bitterness for sweet and sweet for bitterness. Darkness for light and light for darkness. This is exactly what is going on today.
  • Yiannis agrees, identifying Dr Thorp as the voice for murdered children, and expresses his honour to be with these good people. Dr Thorp has lost much of his family, who have “taken the shot and think that I’m crazy. I’ve trained thousands of doctors all around the country and I’ve been rejected by the vast majority of them, they don’t even speak to me anymore. I’ve lost a lot of family and friends. Daughters. But I have a new family now… We are one and we need to stand together…” We have all lost friends and family, but we are all gaining new people to connect with.
  • We need to reach those people who are suffering and need connection.
  • Dr Fuellmich ends by saying “this is one of the most devastating interviews that I’ve done because it deals with a part of the population that can’t defend themselves. Children and unborn babies who fall victim to these horrific crimes against humanity … we’re hoping that many people will see this and that it will touch as many people as possible, and make them rise up because that’s the only thing that will make a difference“.

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