Robert F Kennedy Jr at Hillsdale College

Founder, Chairman and Chief Legal Counsel of Children’s Health Defense, Robert F Kennedy Jr gave this speech at Hillsdale College on 6 March 2023. Other speakers at the four day event focused on Big Pharma include Dr Naomi Wolf, on Pfizer trial documents analysis; Jordan Schachtel on the global merger of the pharmaceutical industry with governments; Gerald Posner on the pharmaceutical industry’s role in the opioid epidemic; and Brian Kennedy on the merger of the pharmaceutical industry with the Chinese Communist Party.

Kennedy has practiced law for almost 40 years, working on environmental initiatives and “defending victims of government and corporate corruption and abuse“. He recognises Hillsdale College as the only college in the USA who stood up for freedom, presumably by not mandating harmful interventions at the behest of pharma demands. The college was established in 1844, at a time when abolitionists were despised by the vast majority of Americans. Three years into the civil war this flipped and slavery was abolished. Kennedy describes the values upon which the college was established as love of freedom, no matter what public opinion, what public cost, and who pressures you to stop.

The hour-long speech of Kennedy is a detailed, fascinating and disturbing look at American history and how it relates to events around the pandemic, including who was involved and what led to their enormous power. It is well worth watching. My notes are below.

He talks about how he became the poster child for the “anti-vax” movement, despite not being anti-vaccine. Until 2005 he worked solely as an environmental attorney. That year, whilst defending commercial fishermen on the Hudson River against big corporate polluters who were destroying their waterways, livelihood, property values and communities. This was the oldest commercial fishery in the nation, many had been fishing these waters since Dutch colonial times, using methods taught by the Algonquin people three centuries earlier and passed down through the generations. Polluters with political clout were able to manipulate government agencies in order to escape discipline, which Kennedy describes as corporate kleptocracy offering socialism for the rich and a savage and brutal, merciless brand of capitalism for the poor. He brought over 300 successful law suits and forced polluters to spend $3.5 billion to establish the Hudson as an international model for ecosystem protection, the richest waterway in the North Atlantic, producing more pounds of fish per acre and more biomass per gallon than any other waterway in the Atlantic Ocean north of the equator. Its miraculous resurrection inspired waterkeepers all over the world.

In 2005 the waterkeepers were suing polluters with regards to mercury levels in the waterways making fish unsafe to eat. Kennedy traveled the country talking about this issue. At almost every speaking event, groups of women would attend and ask to speak to him. They were almost all mothers of intellectually disabled children, convinced that mercury containing vaccines had injured their children. Kennedy resisted their requests that he look into the issue of vaccine injury. One of the mothers, a psychologist, found his house on Cape Cod. Her son had received a $20 million payout from the vaccine court which recognises the causal link between vaccines and autism. She put a stack of studies 18 inches deep on the stoop of Kennedy’s door. When he answered, she said I’m not leaving here until you read those.

Kennedy is competent at reading science due to the law he practices. He read some of the abstracts and “I was dumbstruck by this huge delta between what the public health agencies were saying the science said, and what the actual peer reviewed published science was saying“. Because of his associations, he was able to contact agency heads, and so he started calling them to discuss and he realised they were not conversant with the science. They were merely parroting the phrase “safe and effective”, without having read any of the actual science.

He was told to speak with Dr Paul Offit, who is a vaccinologist partnered with Merck, based at the Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia. Kennedy had been working with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for years, and 20% of his lawsuits were against them, as an agency captured by industry interests. He compares health agencies directing him to Offit with the EPA directing him to a coal industry lobbyist, which they would never do. When he spoke to Offit, he caught him in a lie. He realised that these people don’t know what they are doing, or they are lying. He also recognised the “agency capture on steroids”, for example the FDA gets more than 50% of its funding from pharmaceutical companies. CDC has a $12 billion budget, and $5 billion of it goes towards buying vaccines from companies and distributing them. “If you work at CDC you do not get promoted for finding problems with vaccines. You get promoted by increasing vaccine uptake”.

NIH is an incubator for pharmaceutical products. They develop the vaccines, hand them to the universities, who then get millions of NIH money to do the phase 1 and phase 2 trials. If those are successful, which they always are because they make them successful, they call in the pharmaceutical company to do a phase 3 trial, and then they all divide up the patent rights. Tony Fauci then walks it through the regulatory process with FDA and CDC, where he has selected the panel members who receive money from him. They know that their product is next in line, and their job is to rubber stamp the product and recommend it to children.

Kennedy identified this process [which, as a merger of government and corporate structures, fits the definition of fascism]. He calls it “regulatory capture on steroids”. When Kennedy stated that NIH owns half of the Moderna vaccine he was deplatformed for sharing “misinformation”. Days prior to his speech, Moderna made a $400 million payment to NIH for its share of the royalties to date. “All of my ‘conspiracy theories’ have about a three month shelf life before they become reality“.

As a child Kennedy, compliant with the schedule, received three vaccines. He has 7 children, who received 72 vaccines which are mandated in California. This happened because in 1979 a DTP vaccine was commenced, which is illegal for use in Europe and the USA but the Gates Foundation continue to give it to 161 million African children per year. It causes permanent brain damage to one in every 300 children according to an NIH commissioned study at UCLA. The USA ceased this vaccine and replaced it with an attenuated version which is less dangerous and less effective. Wyeth, who are now Pfizer, told President Reagan that they were paying $20 in downstream liability for every dollar of profit made and that they were going to stop producing vaccines altogether due to the costs, unless the government would offer full protection from liability. Reagan asked why they wouldn’t make the vaccines safe, and they replied “because vaccines are unavoidably unsafe”. This phrase is in the preamble of the statute.

The liability shield resulting from this demand means that no matter how negligent they are, how reckless they are, how grievous your injury, how toxic or unnecessary the product is, you cannot sue them. These are not good companies. They gave us the opioid epidemic which now kills 68,000 Americans per year, more than the Vietnam War killed in 20 years. The Netflix documentary Dope Sick covers this story, showing that the FDA are totally corrupted and do whatever the pharmaceutical industry say. The four companies who make all vaccines have paid $35 billion in criminal penalties in the last ten years. They are criminal enterprises. Serial felons.

So why do you think if you remove every chance that they’ll ever get caught, that they’re suddenly going to find Jesus and say yeah … everybody knows the pharmaceutical companies are the worst, most corrupt companies there are, but when it comes to vaccines they’re not corrupt“.

Vaccines are the only medical product that never has to do pre-licensing safety studies. This is an artefact of CDC’s legacy as the public health service which is one of the military services. They launched the vaccine program as a national security defense against biological attacks on America, ensuring that if there’s an attack they can quickly formulate a vaccine and deploy it across the population without any regulatory impediments. Safety testing takes five years, and is required for products named “medicines”, so they place vaccines under a separate category known as “biologics”, which are exempted from any safety testing. “You could be saving five thousand lives from diphtheria, and killing 100,000 people from cancer five years later”.

For many years Kennedy argued that not one of the childhood vaccines has been tested in pre-licensing, placebo-controlled trials. Tony Fauci said Kennedy was lying. In 2016 President Trump appointed Kennedy to run a vaccine safety commission and he ordered Fauci and Collins to meet with Kennedy with White House counsel present. Kennedy asked Fauci to show him the safety study. Fauci acted as though he was looking through his papers for a study and claimed he had left it behind but that he would send it to Kennedy, who never received it. Kennedy, with Aaron Siri, then sued Fauci. Their lawyers admitted there are no such safety studies.

The case of Hepatitis B vaccine for children. Hepatitis B is a bloodborne virus, which babies can only contract via infected mothers. As mothers are all tested for Hepatitis B, then all babies born to HepB negative mothers should not need this vaccine, yet it is given on the first day of life. Why? Fauci told Merck to make the vaccine, Fauci helped develop it. The plan was to sell it to prostitutes and drug users, but they had no interest in purchasing it. So CDC and FDA reassured Merck, who paid for the infrastructure for the vaccine and then couldn’t sell it, that they would mandate it for children to ensure profits could be made. The entire safety testing for Merck’s Hepatitis B vaccine took four days.

Kennedy argues that most vaccines on the schedule are unnecessary, for diseases that are not even “casually contagious”. But it was a gold rush because once a vaccine is on the schedule, the company can earn $1 billion per year. More and more vaccines were added to the schedule after Reagan signed the non liability law into place, in the late 1980s. In 1989 an explosion in chronic disease in American children was seen. Peanut allergy, food allergy, asthma, neurological diseases: ADHD, language delays, autism, narcolepsy, Tourettes… The rates are high and the severity is extreme. One in 34 American children now have autism and half of them are extreme. “We did this to a generation of kids”. Auto immune diseases: juvenile diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, SLE…

Scientists studying food allergies do testing on rats by inducing a food allergy. This is done by giving the aluminium adjuvant from the Hepatitis B vaccine, at the same time as exposing them to the protein they want to induce an allergy to, eg latex, peanuts, etc. A lot of vaccines in use contain peanut oil excipients, which explains where peanut allergies are coming from. The exposure can also come from anything in the environment at the same time as the exposure to the vaccine adjuvant.

The Covid response was not a public health reaction, it was militarised and monetised. It happened all over the world at once where liberal democracies all pivoted and imposed totalitarian controls which were irrational, not scientifically validated etc. They imposed censorship from day one. The founders put freedom of expression into the first amendment because all other rights depend upon it. They said that if you give a government the right to silence their opponents, that gives them a licence for any atrocity.

As soon as freedom of expression was limited, they went after the second part of the first amendment, freedom of worship, and closed all the churches in the country for a year, with no scientific citation and no regulatory process. Then they went after the third part of the first amendment, which is freedom of assembly, and forced social distancing.

Then fifth amendment property rights, closing 3.3 million businesses with no due process and no compensation. Based on the advice of one guy who has held his position for 50 years, who said one week, masks don’t work and two weeks later demanded everyone wear masks.

Other parts of the constitution that were destroyed included the right to a fair trial with a jury of peers; prohibitions against searching and seizing, with medical information required for simple social interactions. There is no pandemic exception. The founders knew about pandemics, they faced two epidemics during the revolutionary wars: an epidemic of malaria decimated the armies of Virginia; and a small pox epidemic debilitated Benedict Arnold’s army when he took Montreal. Without that epidemic, Montreal would be a part of the USA today. Between the end of the revolution and the writing of the constitution there were at least two or three serious epidemics every year: smallpox, yellow fever, cholera, that killed tens of thousands of people. So the founders knew about epidemics and they didn’t put any exemption in the constitution.

How did this happen? All over the world? The last chapter of Kennedy’s book The Real Anthony Fauci covers Event 201. A coronavirus pandemic simulation that took place in October of 2019, three months before anyone knew about Covid. We now know it was already circulating since at least September, in Wuhan, but noone knew. Yet there was a coronavirus pandemic simulation in New York city hosted by Bill Gates and Averil Haines (former deputy director of the CIA who was involved in the Guantamao Bay cover ups). George Gao, head of China’s CDC and a coronavirus expert, was present, and he obviously knew the coronavirus was circulating in Wuhan. Also present were the social media platforms, big insurance companies, Johnson & Johnson.

They met for 2 days and had 4 seminars. Each simulated a coronavirus circulating across the world. They didn’t focus on health responses, but on ways to use it to clamp down totalitarian controls globally. The last simulation on the fourth day, George Gao and Averil Haines talked about how to stop people from saying it came from a laboratory leak.

Kennedy found around 20 similar simulation exercises since the Year 2000, all scripted by the CIA, all including top level officials, many with famous people giving an imprimatur of legitimacy. They drill the imposition of totalitarian controls. Each had its own name, but collectively they are known as Operation Lockstep. [See more at this NZDSOS article]. They involve hundreds of thousands of people: public officials from small towns over America, health officials from the state, police, firefighters, hospital systems, public utilities, FBI, CIA, US marshalls. People from US, Canada, Europe, Australia and China are all involved together in these simulations. Many of them look surprised about what they are doing, but look around and think this must be what you do when a pandemic comes. They drilled people into doing something clearly contrary to their values, but got them teed up to do it, under the belief that the first thing you do when there is a pandemic, is end freedom of speech and start gutting the constitution.

Kennedy has a new book which covers the history of the USA bioweapons program. From the beginning the CIA ran the bioweapons program. Why? There wasn’t one. The CIA first operation was called Operation Paperclip, an extensive program to get all of the bioweapons and nuclear and chemical scientists out of Germany and Japan where they had extensive bioweapons programs. The Japanese had a horrendous program where they conducted live vivisections on 3,000 people: removing organs without anaesthesia. Horrible scientists who the CIA brought to Fort Detrick and elevated them, made them heads of hospital systems and pharmaceutical companies, and continued to work with them. They did the same with German scientists. Then they conducted experiments on the US population without their knowing, eg sprayed toxic chemicals on national airports, in the Pentagon air conditioning system, put poison water in the NIH, infected the NYC subway with bacteria, etc etc.

They developed bioweapons via these experiments. By 1969 they had a nuclear equivalent, able to kill people at 29c per death according to a CIA study. In 1969 President Nixon shocked the world by going to Fort Detrick and ending the US bioweapons program. He was worried these could be reproduced by anyone, as they were publishing how to do it. The Pentagon destroyed all of its bioweapons but the CIA went into Fort Detrick and took cultures of all the different weapons, which they hid in warehouses in NYC and Washington DC. The Geneva Convention was finally signed but the CIA was breaking the law the entire time.

Then in 2001 in June, the CIA sponsored the first of its pandemic simulations. They simulated a biological attack on Washington DC by Saddam Hussein. That simulation received international press and many CIA people promoted it. Two senate hearings were triggered, one by Joe Biden’s committee in September 2001. The hearing was happening during 9/11. As soon as 9/11 happened, the neocons pulled out the Patriot Act which had been sitting on a shelf and said that they needed to pass it in one week. Only one member of congress read it, and said absolutely not. It allowed the CIA to spy on Americans. It said that no public official could be prosecuted for violating the Geneva Convention or the Bioweapons Treaty. This reopened the bioweapons archways globally. A week after, whilst it was being debated, an Anthrax attack occurred on Washington DC and the senators promoting the Patriot Act used it as justification to pass it. The two senators who received an Anthrax letter were also the two senators blocking the Patriot Act!!

The FBI did a one year investigation. They found the Anthrax used in the attack was unique and had to have come from Fort Detrick – the CIA laboratory. This led to the USA going to war with Iraq and giving $2 billion per year to bioweapons development. To circumvent legal concerns, the NIH and NIAID became the primary spear tip of bioweapons development, which placed Tony Fauci into the position of bioweapons czsar. His budget increased by $2.2 billion. He was personally given a 68% raise from the military – that’s why he was the highest paid individual in the federal government. But it meant that he could not stop. The military wanted gain of function studies, taking wild viruses and turning them into bioweapons.

Bioweapons development always includes vaccine development. Unlike chemical weapons, bioweapons have a boomerang effect: if you give your enemy bubonic plague, you’re going to get it too. So the only way to deploy a bioweapon is if you’ve already developed a vaccine. So the race is to develop a vaccine simultaneously with the bioweapon. Then you can deploy the bioweapon and be protected, whilst your enemy takes years to find a way to be protected.

In 2014, 3 of Fauci’s bugs escaped from federal labs. Their escapes were public and it caused a huge brouhaha. There were senate hearings and people were immensely upset. 300 scientists wrote a letter to President Obama saying you have to shut down Tony Fauci, he’s going to cause a global pandemic. Obama declared a moratorium and told Fauci to shut down the 18 studies he was then doing. Instead of doing this, Fauci moved it offshore to the Wuhan lab and to the Ukraine. He was not the only one who did this. He spent $29 million on gain of function in Wuhan. The CIA spent over $100 million. The military spent about $64 million. The CIA funneled the money mostly through USAID. The CIA were also funding EcoHealth Alliance, which Fauci was funneling his money through. They funneled federal money through it to remove their fingerprints from the studies.

The pandemic simulations talked about in Kennedy’s books. Because of his family’s associations, Kennedy has been studying the CIA his entire adult life. He wrote a book, American Values, which is the story of

“my family’s 60 year fist fight with the CIA which began with my grandfather Joseph Kennedy who served on the Hoover Commission in 1955 and recommended the disbanding of the CIA … it was fixing elections, assassinating leaders and all of that. And the CIA never forgave my family for that. Then when my uncle came in after the Bay of Pigs, he fired the top three officials … including Alan Dulles who then made himself the head of the Warren Commission and then when my uncle died he told the reporter ‘I’m glad the little shit is dead, he thought he was a god’.

I know a lot about the CIA, I’ve got their manuals … MK Ultra, MK stands for Mind Kontrol … 150 colleges around the country they are funding and if you look at what they do in these simulations, they are using all of these techniques they developed in college laboratories, social scientists, medical scientists, studying how to control individual behaviour but also mass behaviour. How do you induce mass psychosis, how do you create Manchurian candidates …

and how do you impose centralised foreign controls on indigenous populations? By coming into a country and using propaganda, using fear, sowing chaos, destroying relationships, destroying faith in institutions, driving people apart and creating chaos so they will invite in an authority who will give them peace and safety. All of these mind control techniques are designed to accelerate that process.

They study the Stockholm Syndrome for example, if you lock people down, they become grateful to their captors. And they become angry at the people who criticise their captors. And they believe that the only way they can escape is through total obedience and total compliance to their jailers.

One of the most interesting experiments was the Milgram Experiment. A sociologist at Yale, Stanley Milgram, who was part of MK Ultra. He conducted an experiment where he recruited subjects from every walk of American life. Students, professors, blacks, whites. Everyone from the Newhaven area. He put the subject in a chair at a table and a dial in front of them that they could administer an electric shock to a person who was tied to a chair in the next room, or so they thought … When they turned the dial up and administered the supposed electric shock they could hear the man in the next room screaming, shouting, begging, struggling, pleading with them. Most participants begged to stop, many were crying and telling the doctor, who was standing behind them and telling them to turn the dial on, up, down, up, etc. 67% of them turned it up to 250 volts where it was marked “potentially fatal”.

But 33% got up and walked out. Milgram said that for 67% of people, if you have an authority figure with some imprimatur of legitimacy, like a doctor, that 67% of people will take his orders even if it means violating their most sacred values … It occurred to me many times during 2020 that we were all involved in this huge Milgram experiment and that Anthony Fauci was Dr Milgram, telling us to violate the constitution …. no cruelty is too great for someone who disobeys. What I would say to you is that 33% of the people walked out. The people in this room are the 33% who wouldn’t be told what to do. Our job now, is to fight for the 67% until they wake up and are able to fight for themselves, to restore the freedoms that all of us believe in.

I’ll leave you with three thoughts:
1. Any power the government takes from the people, it will never return voluntarily.
2. Every power the government takes it will ultimately abuse to the maximum extent possible.
3. Nobody ever complied their way out of totalitarianism. The only thing we can do is resist.

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