Why Would They Militarise Public Health?

Over at least two decades, pandemic simulation events have been held at least yearly around the world, most of them either coordinated and/or participated in by intelligence agencies and military leaders. Robert F Kennedy Jr discovered this during the writing of his book The Real Anthony Fauci, where he details the people involved and the strategies employed. A brief clip of Kennedy speaking about it is here, taken from his longer presentation at Hillsdale College last month.

It makes sense to me after being completely dumbfounded by a visiting doctor with the same public health qualification as mine, visiting the clinic where I was working in the latter half of 2020. This doctor trained at least a decade after me and had an extremely militaristic view of how to respond to a pandemic, absolutely contradictory to all of my training and experience which focused on human rights, transparency, recognising so as not to abuse our authority, community participation in decisions, etc.

The recommendations to clinic staff by this excited and proud doctor involved involuntary (if they protested) restraint of the first patient to test positive to Covid until the police and military could arrive by aeroplane in strong enough numbers to lock the whole community in place. Clinic staff would be required to cooperate by maintaining secrecy of the diagnosis to prevent community members from fleeing should they learn the virus had arrived in their small remote community.

This completely and utterly contradicted very basic public health principles but it was justified because this was the worst virus ever seen by humanity (even though the data said otherwise), and therefore safety beat ethics. It made no sense but anyone asking questions was aggressively silenced and health professionals talked about the need to keep people afraid so that they would comply and other irrational/abusive ideas.

It was a bizarre and frightening experience from my perspective after spending years working with people who needed to be isolated properly, and understanding the challenges involved with trying to isolate a single person, let alone entire communities. The challenges of keeping a single person isolated from society for periods of time are monumental, from the psychological issues of being alone constantly to issues with sick leave and finances, work obligations, child care, family obligations, and multiple other demands which cannot simply be switched off. Doing this to whole communities seemed (and continues to seem) insane. I recognise now, that public health training has been distorted since I studied the subject, confirmed by another ex-colleague who recently said she was “listening to a pandemic lecture by Bill Gates”!!

The horror I felt at listening to these barbaric plans all makes sense thanks to Kennedy’s research. The barbarism is not restricted to remote indigenous communities, but was – and will be again – used against communities across the globe. And justified via fearmongering that we’ll all die unless we “obey rules”, regardless of the relevance of those rules to health or safety and regardless of the vested interests of those imposing the rules.

A recent simulation was held in November last year, at a remote villa in northern Italy, called “Outbreak 24”. Attendees included international affairs experts, politicians, economists, media, NATO, and other non-health actors alongside what looks like one relevantly qualified physician and one psychiatrist, as the only health related representatives. Watch here: the focus is biosecurity, unity, solidarity, common sacrifice, lockdown, travel restrictions, maintaining political credibility, dealing with opposition, learning from China, mathematical modeling to demonstrate high body counts, rapid and competitive vaccine development and distribution.

Pandemic responses are now about forced control and product sales. This was confirmed by Dr Marc Van Ranst in his 2019 presentation boasting about his role as Flu Commissioner during the Swine Flu “pandemic” when he efficiently scared the Belgian population using misrepresented data, into accepting mass vaccination. Ethics and evidence be damned. Read more at The Real Cost of Pandemics to Human Health.

Propaganda, product sales and restricted freedom based on obedience levels are the new public health, which is now a weapon rather than an evidence based, human rights affirming intervention.


American lawyer Todd Callender and paralegal researcher Katherine Watt discuss the military and intelligence community’s actions against global citizens, using pandemic fears to obtain compliance, and why this is happening to us. These are thorough researchers who have found Department of Defense fingerprints all over the pandemic response. The only way to stop this is to refuse to go along a moment more with utter nonsense being sold as “health care”, and to demand our politicians and health services revert to valuing human rights and evidence over corporate power which is harming us.

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