It Would Be Easier to Just Die

An anonymous source sent Ministry of Health data from the Wellington region to Dr Guy Hatchard last week. He published it at this article on 21 April 2023. Heart attacks have doubled in the Wellington population, representing 10% of the nation, since April 2020. There is no reason to think this change cannot be extrapolated nationally. There have also been increases in hospitalisations for myocarditis by 33%, miscarriages 25%, stillbirths 25%, strokes 25% and acute kidney injury by 40%.

In a follow up article on 25 April, Hatchard wrote that a subscriber shared his article with Dr Deborah Russell, the NZ Minister for Statistics and Associate Minister for Justice, who replied immediately. She quoted an opinion piece from a US magazine called Bloomberg [a partner at the World Economic Forum] as her evidence that New Zealand has had negative excess mortality “for the last few years“, which she claimed as evidence that “the vaccine has not caused deaths and in fact has prevented them“, before going onto a series of ad hominem attacks about Dr Hatchard’s qualifications.

This seems to be a very common trick now. Simply say the exact opposite of what the data shows and assume that the majority of people will believe you. Ad hominem helps to remove any credibility of those challenging the status quo, as experienced by Dr Andrew Wakefield in the late 1990s, Dr Wolfgang Wodarg in 2009, then Dr Scott Atlas in 2020, and many thousands of credible physicians and scientists since.

Barry Duffield gave an interview with Counterspin Media at the Will-A-Thon in early December, here. A week later he lost his agent.

This week he spoke with Liz Gunn of FreeNZ Media, with an update of his adverse event following injection with Pfizer’s Covid-19 product.

His symptoms began within twelve hours of his second dose of Pfizer. Despite known mechanisms of harm, doctors determined that this had nothing to do with the injection. Do those same doctors have a conflict of interest? Are they administering the injections? Are they being paid to do so? “It would honestly be easier to just die… Than to go through something that is so debilitating.”

Around the world we need doctors and nurses as whistleblowers. Contact FreeNZ or the NZDSOS Truth Project if you can possibly share what you know about what is happening. This can remain anonymous. Health professionals were NEVER intended to be slaves to a corporatised and monetised agenda harming innocent people. REFUSE TO COMPLY AND PLEASE, SPEAK UP.

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