Intelligent Voices Dovetail Across Decades

Dr John Coleman is an ex-MI-6 intelligence analyst who began whistleblowing in the early 1990s. He delivered a filmed address (see below) in around 1993, at the same time as his book, Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300 was published. He has been severely censored ever since.

Incredibly this level of censorship appears to have been targeting those speaking against a powerful establishment for many years, with the general public largely oblivious to the information control / manipulation. Now that Robert F Kennedy Jr is running for president, the censorship is on show for all to see. In an interview in which he talked about being censored, the ABC – reliant on huge money via pharmaceutical advertising – took him off the air for “misinformation” on pharmaceutical products. Since when did adults need to be “protected” in this way?

As to the ABC’s claims that you can be assured vaccines do not cause harm, Kennedy articulately describes the science, and the way it is corrupted, such as in this recent interview with Jan Jekielek. His comments about the strip mining of the middle class correspond exactly with Dr Coleman’s warning that destruction of the middle class has been a deliberate plan for decades. Anyone who has spent time in a third world nation knows that this is a very real risk to be fought against vehemently.

In turn, the claims Dr Coleman made in 1993 correspond with ongoing claims, including identical terminology such as “one world government” and “new world order“. They are creepy terms, perhaps used to create doubt and promote the idea of it all being a “conspiracy theory” that isn’t really happening, but they basically refer to plans for a consolidation of power. Perfectly sane left- and right-leaning advocates are speaking out against this en masse. It seems pretty clear that there really is a conspiracy, and it’s not just a theory that suddenly sent half of humanity “crazy” all at the same time.

They say you shouldn’t believe everything you read. You also shouldn’t dismiss everything you hear just because it doesn’t suit what you thought you knew about the world. We can’t protect ourselves if we insist this isn’t happening without first considering the evidence.

Dr John Coleman speaking in 1993, here.

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