European Parliament Press Conference

The third International Covid Summit has just finished in the European Parliament. The focus was acknowledging those who have been injured and killed by ongoing interventions, and putting a brake on the drug cartel known as the World Health Organisation. In collaboration with their criminal partners, WHO are attempting to impose global totalitarian control via the WHO CA+ (treaty) and International Health Regulations. The World Bank and other United Nations agencies are also deeply invested in making this happen.

Covid was a test run for what lies ahead if they achieve their plans. Pharmaceutical companies are already planning the lucrative distribution of test kits for Marburg, a much more frightening disease than Covid; and vaccines are already being developed. Similar processes are underway for Avian Influenza, a particular favourite of WHO’s incoming Chief Science Officer. With a totalitarian system in place, citizens across the globe will have their rights to refuse unnecessary and harmful interventions entirely removed by a cartel who have perfected their strategies for total control thanks to lessons learned through Covid.

Collaborations of scientists, lawyers, doctors, politicians, media and others, are going to stop them. After feeling terrorised and isolated for three years, there is finally hope that a momentum of good is swelling.

This was the ICS3 press conference on 4 May 2023. More footage of the full three day event is available at this link.

One thought on “European Parliament Press Conference

  1. These presenters{scientists} and MPs are heroes. They will be persecuted by their professional organizations and the media as disseminating misinformation, even though they have provided the primary data. The world needs more scientists and journalists to seek the truth and support these brave individuals.

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