National Citizens’ Inquiry: Dr Charles Hoffe

The National Citizens’ Inquiry into Canada’s Response to Covid-19 is a citizen-led and citizen-funded investigation giving Canadians a voice and offering an impartial investigation into the government’s unprecedented policies. Testimony is taken from citizens and various experts.

Throughout history, when formal justice has failed, usually because officials either do not hold violators to account, or are themselves the perpetrators, citizens have organised events such as this. Read more at Private Tribunals of Conscience: Their History and Why They Matter. This is why tribunals such as Dr Reiner Fuellmich’s Grand Jury in 2022 and the ongoing International Crimes Investigative Committee and Corona Investigative Committee are so important. There are also independent legal actions taking place, including by Pascal Najadi and Phillip Kruse (more here) in Switzerland, and in Australia, with more legal action expected across multiple nations.

Video footage of the National Citizens Inquiry hearings can be viewed by the public at NCI National Citizens Inquiry. The Inquiry are traveling Canada, and from 2 to 4 May they were in Vancouver, BC. Dr Charles Hoffe, a rural GP in remote BC, gave testimony of his experience, which is eloquent and descriptive of the overall issue regarding harms to both the medical profession who have been severely threatened as well as the general population whose health has severely suffered.

In Part 1 he describes the history of mRNA genetic therapy, which has always failed and is known to cause harm to the immune system. He describes the processes leading to these harms articulately (“it has broken all records for the most unbelievable variety of disease processes that it causes“). His knowledge of this caused concern from the beginning and soon enough his Covid-19 “vaccinated” patients began to present with multiple health problems. When he spoke out, he faced the wrath of colleagues, medical council and politicians, including the loss of his job.

In Part 2 he presents evidence showing the processes involved in the health harms that spike protein causes. “Spike protein is not supposed to be in our body … it is an anti-vaccine. It increases your chance of getting covid, it increases your chances of spreading covid, and it damages your immune system so that you have a higher risk of infection, hospitalisation and death“.

The mRNA, which instructs our cells, is wrapped in a highly toxic lipid nanoparticle, which transports everywhere including across the blood-brain and placental barriers. Neurological problems, immune system harms, reproductive harms, and circulation system harms are all occurring en masse due to the design of this product which distributes everywhere and tells our own cells to manufacture the highly toxic spike protein. Dr Hoffe is not alone in his suspicions about why those involved would choose a delivery system like this, and the most toxic protein as the target antigen. Intent to harm seems undeniable based on the evidence.

With six patients experiencing neurological problems, Dr Hoffe was unable to arrange referral to a relevant specialist. He phoned multiple neurologists who said they could not assist. When he spoke to BC’s top vaccine safety specialist, asking her to assist him in finding a neurologist that would help urgently, she declined. When he asked her “what am I supposed to do?” she replied “don’t tell them it’s from the vaccine“!

One month after he wrote to the College of Physicians expressing concerns and describing the evidence of harms, the College wrote a letter to every doctor in BC, warning them that anyone revealing evidence of harm would be investigated and disciplined. Medical regulatory authorities across the globe have done the same thing. Doctors have been threatened and only a small number have stood up to the Federation of State Medical Boards, a corporate-funded organisation with links to the pharmaceutical industry, who are behind the threats.

Part 1:

Part 2:

2 thoughts on “National Citizens’ Inquiry: Dr Charles Hoffe

  1. The case against Dr Hoffe should be very interesting in that scientific factors can be presented, I hope he has his 10 days in court. But will the judiciary pass the ‘moral integrity test’.

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    1. Yes, it will be interesting to watch many of these cases and how they pan out. And how these ethical, clever people work out solutions to put a stop to the FSMB and their international arm, IAMRA.


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