Medical Censorship in Australia and the Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration For All Health Professionals

5 May 2023 at Discernable with Matt Wong.

Three cancelled medical professionals joined us to tell their stories of censorship by the Australian medical system. All three were de-registered by their professional licensing bodies for expressing views divergent from the ‘allowed’ opinion.

Since their expulsion from medicine, many of their views have become accepted fact though that does little to restore their careers.

Dr Paul Oosterhuis practiced Critical Care medicine for more than 32 years in Sydney, Australia. On 3rd September 2021, the Medical Council of NSW suspended his medical registration based on four anonymous complaints submitted to the regulator in relation to his Facebook posts.

Dr Robert Brennan taught anatomy and biomedical sciences for a decade before entering medical school and forging a career in mental health care. On 20th September 2021, the Medical Council of NSW suspended his medical registration based on five complaints (four named and one anonymous) in relation to distributing flyers/pamphlets warning about concomitant harms of lockdowns and other Covid-19 measures.

Ros Nealon-Cook was a registered psychologist with more than 20 years’ experience until 23rd September 2021 when the Psychology Council of NSW suspended her psychology registration, citing 10 anonymous complaints, related to a video she had released outlining serious concerns around harms to children due to the government pandemic response measures.

Watch this joint interview to hear about alarming adverse event signals, nudge units and medical manipulation, groupthink and peer pressure, medical ethics and faulty science, population psychology, and the state of Australia’s medical fraternity.





The full interview of this seven minute clip from The Discernable Interviews Rumble channel is here.

The Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration

THE CAPE BYRON LIGHTHOUSE DECLARATION was written to raise awareness about the vast numbers of health professionals who have been censored when attempting to raise awareness of significant harms caused by government Covid-19 policies.

These harms included lockdowns, suppression of early treatment, and coercion through mask and vaccine mandates. Our position is that these various policy missteps have resulted in unnecessary harm to, and the death of millions of people around the globe. The suspension and ‘disciplining’ of a small number of clinicians, including the authors of this declaration, resulted in a chilling effect: all health professionals who similarly took issue with government policy, were terrorised into silence.

We are reaching out to the multitude of health practitioners and citizens, around the world who understand the critical importance of free speech in formulating rational evidence-based and compassionate policy.

We are speaking directly to those who have been impacted by the government’s intimidation tactics – especially the small handful of practitioners who have taken the brunt of the persecution.

We are speaking to all those who are asking…

Where to from here?

The answer is simple.

When we ALL stand up, it’s over.

One thought on “Medical Censorship in Australia and the Cape Byron Lighthouse Declaration For All Health Professionals

  1. A very informative video, the ‘disciplined’, now unregulated health professionals are a strong voice of reason, who have taken seriously the oath of do no harm and informed consent. Where are their colleagues?

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