Mother of All Cycles

Nicole Sirotek was in New York City at the peak of the Covid catastrophe. She subsequently founded American Frontline Nurses. Her 8 minute testimony to the Second Opinion roundtable in the US Senate in January 2022 describes what happened to people.

After this conference, from my experience over the past two years, inevitably everybody who spoke yesterday will be accused of having disseminated misinformation. What I saw yesterday was an awful lot of primary data presented, and when people are accusing us of disseminating misinformation they never address the primary data that we presented. Nor do they provide primary data to demonstrate that what we have said is incorrect.

In terms of the future when it comes to science, misinformation is something we have to be very concerned about. We need the press to help scientists around the world. And physicians around the world. There is talk in pretty much every country around the world to criminalise “misinformation”. Fine scientists and physicians. Fire scientists and physicians if they provide “misinformation”. This has to be a concern … because if that’s the case, who are going to be the arbiters of truth? If it’s not going to be the scientists who provide primary data?

You also have to be aware, the mRNA vaccines that were rolled out over the past years, are just the tip of the iceberg. The same companies are developing vaccines for other diseases. There is an enormous number of mRNA vaccines being developed for veterinary use. In and of itself this is a potential concern to human health.

We know they can get into human breastmilk. Infants are consuming undefined doses of these mRNA vaccines. These were never approved for that route of administration, nor to be given to infants. If they can get into human breastmilk, who’s to say they can’t get into the milk, meat and eggs that we consume?

Based on what I saw yesterday there needs to be an immediate moratorium on mRNA vaccine technology until the very many legitimate scientific questions that have come up about this technology over the last two years can be definitively answered…

Dr Bryam Bridle (viral immunologist, Canada)

Meanwhile over at the World Economic Forum, the arbiters of truth are busy planning our safety via our restricted rights for their purely coincidental enrichment. It will be very safe and convenient as they want us to be happy.

G20 countries have agreed to have this digital certificate using WHO standards, and we will suck it into the next World Assembly in Geneva as the revision to international health regulations. So hopefully, for the next pandemic, we can still see some movement of the people, some movement of the goods, and some movement of the economy.” ~ Sadikin

It seems a given that a massive financial crash is about to happen. Ex-Wall St financier Edward Dowd, who made a living by forecasting stock market changes, has spoken extensively about this. In this presentation at an American Freedom Alliance conference in April, he discussed the crisis that is already underway, the historical events informing him of his predictions, and what we can do to protect ourselves.

This facility which had never gotten above $400 million in times of emergency, stands at $2.5 trillion now“. Attempts to impose a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) are underway (these first require that everyone has a digital ID as the World Economic Forum, World Bank et al are all attempting to impose). Trial balloons are already in motion and decentralised crypto currencies are being blocked.

It is a technocrat’s ideal control dream to collect taxes and implement societal control” (as Sadikin displayed in the above video). CBDC will ensure authoritarian control of every transaction including what we buy, removal of savings they don’t want us to have, where we buy, etc. Institutional momentum is building for this, but politicians are injecting concerns into the debate. Their warnings may protect us. We can also protect ourselves by using cash as much as possible.

War is a way out for bankers.” Dowd predicts more kinetic wars to ensure inflation, as it is known that with appropriate propaganda populations always accept this as an excuse for financial control and hardship. China’s Zero Covid policies were not about covid, but about the extreme debt that they are now in. Lockdowns removed the risk of riots and insurrections by providing a “boogieman” to control the population and save the ruling class. The US is likely to respond by going to war.

Despite this, there are opportunities.

  • Avoid fear and embrace the uncertainty that looms;
  • Physical health is imperative: diet, exercise, don’t take covid vaccines, and find appropriate detox protocols if you have;
  • Prepare for contingencies which may not happen such as prepping for possible food shortages;
  • Asset prices will be on sale: hoard cash and buy in the panic;
  • Those exhibiting truth and integrity today are the future leaders of tomorrow: build businesses as trust in current institutions erodes, eg health systems, crypto payment systems, community banks etc;
  • Align yourself with like-minded people and build networks.

We just poisoned 5 billion people on the planet. We’re in the process of alerting those people and I think the trend is accelerating. I think we’re on an event horizon on the vaccine awareness issue and people are going to be very angry and lots of change is coming …

Dowd announced that he is the Treasurer in Robert F Kennedy Jr’s political campaign.

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