The Grand Refusal vs The Great Reset

In June 2020 the World Economic Forum launched The Great Reset initiative. Then-prince, now-king Charles announced it, warning that without The Great Reset, we will face “more and more pandemics” because of climate change. WEF obviously know how to respond to these threats, by “building back better” and “going hard on a virus“. Etcetera… They just want us to be safe.

Historian and author, Professor Michael Rectenwald has extensively researched The Great Reset. He speaks about it regularly and is an entertaining presenter. Rather than “keeping us safe“, the so-called ‘elites’ are in fact subverting democracies across the world. To do this successfully they need us to believe that it is for our own good. Which requires silencing those who are aware that something is wrong. Ownership of mainstream media, funding disinformation and astroturf projects are perfect for that job. It’s just a big conspiracy theory and everyone has at least one family member who became a conspiracy theorist in 2020 by sheer coincidence. Who must be kept quiet to keep everyone safe.

Professor Rectenwald introduces The Great Reset in this interesting interview with Veronika Kyrylenko of The New American. His research seems completely consistent with the information that MI-6 intelligence agent Dr Coleman was writing about and speaking about thirty years ago. Did we ignore him at our own peril and more importantly, the peril of future generations?

Professor Rectenwald explains that monopoly is the strategy of building back better. Only those who can afford the new rules will survive. The Environmental, Social and Governance index (ESG score) lays down these rules. Large corporations sit at the top, collaborating with government to set monopolistic policy, and small businesses are crushed. They sell it through euphemistic terms such as ‘equity’ which in fact just means that we’ll all be equally poor, perhaps with a universal basic income ensuring we can be controlled and managed. Digital ID, central bank digital currencies and other controllable strategies will help sustain our ‘equity’. Gutting the agricultural industry will reduce crops and lead to unaffordable food. “They even want to feed us insects.” The phrase “conspiracy theorist” is used to discredit critics of this agenda whilst they openly tell us what they are planning.

There are many solutions. Reject digital identity. Reject central bank digital currencies. Reject any attempt to implant technologies under your skin. Practice the free market (use cash, transact independently of government surveillance). Eliminate your dependence on the state. Divest from ESG stocks and electronically traded funds that include ESG stocks. Get out of ESG reporting banks. Put pressure on government representatives to protect national sovereignty and individual rights. Tell them to divest from the World Economic Forum so that no money goes to this organisation, and to withdraw from ESG scores. Pressure them to withdraw from the UN and the WHO. Encourage defection of the elites, there must be some who oppose this program. Network with like minded individuals and alert others.

This has all happened repeatedly throughout history and as Naomi Wolf warned in this interview, “please wake up Australia and New Zealand. Nothing good is going to happen if you guys don’t resist … It’s very hard for people to accept that their governments would murder or lie to them … A lot of the people leading the liberty movement come from backgrounds that have genocide in them … this is a genocidal attack on humanity, especially on human reproduction … the greatest crime against humanity in recorded history … it’s past the point where you can think that complying is going to rescue you … literally the next step is what China does to their own people …

Professor Rectenwald most recently presented at the American Freedom Alliance, explaining the role that China plays. They are not leading the Great Reset, but they are a model for it. Socialism with Chinese characteristics. Or capitalism with Chinese characteristics. This is an informative and entertaining presentation.

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