A Voice of Reason: Reality Check Radio

A new radio station has exploded onto the scene in New Zealand and they are doing some excellent work. RealityCheck.Radio hosts include Paul Brennan, Peter Williams, Rodney Hide, Chantelle Baker, Tobias Tahi, Maree Buscke and Natalie Cutler Welsh.

Host Paul Brennan interviewed Matt King of DemocracyNZ yesterday. They discussed the covid response, democracy, changes in the political scene in NZ, corruption, human rights, the onslaught of dodgey legislation, health system crisis and ongoing mandates, environmental and economic destruction, deviant sex education and more.

Maree Buscke interviewed Dr Naomi Wolf on civil discourse, the political background of censorship, indoctrination in academic institutions and the influence of the Chinese Communist Party, social credit systems and how to obstruct them from taking hold, corruption in medical science and public health, the degradation of human rights in democracies and the trauma this has caused to society, the ongoing lies about mRNA products and more. Dr Wolf suggests that we need to wake up and look at the evidence of harms against humanity, before it is too late, comparing what is happening now with events in history.

Why Don’t The Anti Vaxxers Move On? By NZDSOS

The anti-vaxxers know what’s at stake

They know this was never about health.

They know there is a bigger agenda playing out.

They know their history, their psychology and can read journal articles. 

They know that all the tools which enabled this are still in place and are being strengthened as others move on.

They know Dr Bloomfield has been representing NZ at WHO meetings to contribute to this strengthening.

They know people are still dying and being harmed by what has been done.

They know that until the harm is acknowledged, treatments can’t be considered, nor justice sought, and the world can’t “move on”.

They know that there will be ongoing ramifications for years, if not for decades or generations to come.

They know that worldwide all-cause mortality is rising, birth rates are falling and something is killing us off. 

They know that the people who have colluded to cause this damage and death are still in positions of authority and knew what they were doing.

They know there is more to come, and it is only a matter of time before the next ‘pandemic’ is declared.

The anti-vaxxers can see the surveillance cameras being installed.

They can see the 5G towers being erected.

They can see the AI taking our jobs.

They can see the moves to impose digital currency and digital IDs.

They can see the censors doubling down.

They can see the ‘managed retreat’ shepherding us all into SMART 15-minute cities.

They can see the geoengineering in the skies.

They can see the food supply being restricted.

They can see race relations being set back a hundred years.

They can see down microscopes.

They can see biological absolutes like gender and natural immunity being disappeared.

The anti-vaxxers have come to realise (Real Eyes, Real Lies)

Medicine is controlled by pharma

The judiciary works for the government

Media is state propaganda

Education is brainwashing

The financial system is designed to keep us poor

The police aren’t protecting the people

They know we are at war.

They understand that only when all of us collectively say NO, can they start to move on.

Until you connect the dots and join them, they are fighting for YOU.

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