The Unseen Crisis

The Unseen Crisis: Vaccine Stories You Were Never Told. This documentary is worth seeing, to understand the harms that are happening to many thousands if not millions of people, and meet the pioneering doctors who are helping.

A comment at the bottom of this article:
No names & not for repeat, but after attending a funeral up BOI on wed, wife & I were talking to the minister about how much more brutal when it was young folk dying- & did it take a toll on him? Without us mentioning the jab at all he volunteered that he was very distressed as in recent times he had dealt with 6 baby & stillborn deaths, something he had never encountered.
I wonder how much resistance to autopsies in these situations…

Increased rates of miscarriages/stillbirths are a red flag to congenital deformities. When thalidomide caused 100,000 deformities across the globe, it also resulted in increased miscarriage/stillbirth rates. Most women who took thalidomide had healthy babies. Yet once the drug was found to be associated with congenital deformities, it was deemed too dangerous and withdrawn from the market. The signals today for a dangerous experimental product making a small amount of powerful people incredibly wealthy because governments stopped regulating the pharmaceutical industry, are far stronger. But in the 1960s it wasn’t a sin to be “anti thalidomide“.

Thalidomide caused up to 10,000 miscarriages and infant deaths in the UK

Diethylstilbestrol (DES) was given to women over many years, as a miscarriage preventative. Many decades later their daughters were found to have high rates of rare cancers. Signals are not always immediate.

By the way doctor: What are the health risks for DES daughters and their children?

Today scientists are warning that because the LNPs in the Covid-19 products travel to and accumulate in the ovaries and the testes, there are risks to fertility. It may take decades for permanent harm to the ovaries of girls and young women to be known about. Birth rates are already declining.

Table 4-2 in the Pfizer Nonclinical Evaluation Report shows LNP biodistribution in rats. The product travels everywhere, and accumulates at a particularly high rate in the ovaries (and adrenal glands, liver and spleen) by 48h post-injection. Even in the testes, the accumulation is ten-fold within 48 hours. They stopped monitoring after 48 hours so the ongoing distribution / accumulation is unknown, leaving many unanswered questions.

Public health should never be a military exercise.

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