The Cells Don’t Lie

This three minute video shows what life is like in China under QR code surveillance. Updates on the insanity continue via uploaded TikTok videos, too. Daily and sometimes twice-daily testing is required by many in order to keep the QR code green in order to stay employed, in school, etc. This Sky News interview with … More The Cells Don’t Lie

The Time is Now

Ensuring all dissent is shut down is the first step in the move towards an anti-democratic state. Courtesy of the so-called “pandemic response” this has become a normalised global phenomenon, from within families to across public platforms. If one dares imply an opinion outside of mainstream media’s tightly controlled narrative then one can expect to … More The Time is Now

Political Sinkhole

Michael Senger takes us through the politics that created global lockdown in an interview on Sky News Australia. The advertisement prior to the newsclip is ironically Lord of AntiScience, Mr Bill Gates, telling us that climate change is a threat. I have no doubt he also has some novel and innovative solutions for us just … More Political Sinkhole