Political Sinkhole

Michael Senger takes us through the politics that created global lockdown in an interview on Sky News Australia.

The advertisement prior to the newsclip is ironically Lord of AntiScience, Mr Bill Gates, telling us that climate change is a threat. I have no doubt he also has some novel and innovative solutions for us just as he has for pandemic control.

Lawyer and researcher, Michael Senger: “another conspiracist”?

In 2020 New Zealand, population 5 million, had 26 Covid-attributed deaths which many believe justifies their ongoing lockdown policies. In 2019 Western Australia, population 2.5 million, had 80 influenza deaths including five young children, with a large spike in cases diagnosed. Yet it resolved, as infectious disease epidemics do via build up of population immunity, without most of the country even being aware, and without anyone having heard of “lockdown” beyond a prisoner control strategy.

Department of Health, Government of Western Australia

Making people poorer removes our ability to be healthy and to have control over our lives. It is exactly the reason that people in the poorest neighbourhoods of wealthy nations, and poor countries alike, have the worst health outcomes. Public Health 101 calls it “the social determinants of health”. It is scandalous that removing freedoms and economic activity from communities across the globe became labelled a public health intervention in 2020, continuing today.

Good people must rethink what and who they are supporting via their approval of what will be recorded in history as a criminal genocide. END LOCKDOWNS

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