The Time is Now

Ensuring all dissent is shut down is the first step in the move towards an anti-democratic state. Courtesy of the so-called “pandemic response” this has become a normalised global phenomenon, from within families to across public platforms. If one dares imply an opinion outside of mainstream media’s tightly controlled narrative then one can expect to be silenced. Dr Thomas Binder, Professor John Ioannidis and many others, including in New Zealand, can attest to this. The origins of this global pattern are nefarious. The time to defend our rights is now, before the unspeakable establishes itself. Scholars of history know this.

In fact, as Michael Senger has pointed out, “lockdown” was invented by Xi Jinping in January of 2020. I looked back in history and the only times any populations have had their assembly restricted are in places like North Korea, or fascist moments like the enclosure of the Warsaw Ghetto. And what really struck me when there were not just lockdowns but restrictions, like restrictions on assembly, restrictions on Mom and Pop stores, restrictions on bodegas. I also knew from studying history that populations are restricted right before their assets are going to be stolen. Or there’s going to be an attack on them.

What the lockdowns did allow though … was a wholesale power grab on the part of a handful of bad actors. Notably the World Economic Forum which is increasingly emerging from the shadows, the World Health Organisation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Chinese Communist Party, aligned with a handful of tech companies … aligned with our government, on messaging around the lockdowns …

Naomi Wolf speaking with Jeremy Loffredo

Hu Jintao had a front row, unmasked position beside Xi at a recent Chinese Communist Party congress. He clearly spoke out of turn, perhaps even dissented. It’s hard to find too much sympathy given that in such a privileged position, he has likely been responsible for the disappearance of others, perhaps not in such a public and choreographed way. Commentators say that filming of the incident is highly unusual, would have been planned and approved, and likely represents a warning from Xi to the rest of China and the world.

When you watch this video, do you see a critical viral control measure in place? Or something else?

This occurred in the Great Hall of Beijing, which has hosted other ceremonies, such as pharmaceutical industry moguls receiving awards in the presence of Xi and Klaus Schwab, suggesting close allegiance between the Chinese Communist Party and the World Economic Forum.

Do these look like viral control interventions? The person sharing these to Twitter claims to be based in China, and uploading short videos from TikTok in real-time, before authorities are able to censor them.

We should absolutely oppose all of this madness and demand that the thousands of infectious disease and public health experts who are being silenced en masse, are given a platform to be heard. Many of them have surrendered careers and livelihoods whilst others contribute anonymously in order to retain employed positions as worldwide health professionals are now threatened by unaccountable and corrupted regulators with questionable authority.

All understand that this is a fight for democracy and humanity, against powerful and degenerate vulgarians. Numbers and collaborations fighting for our rights are growing across the globe, such as:

Newly-elected Premier of Alberta in Canada, Danielle Smith, is showing the world how to respond on the political front:

She is up against this:

Smith’s province of Alberta are currently experiencing this (Dr Roger Hodkinson, Pathologist):

Nations across the globe including New Zealand are finding ways to avoid coroner investigations which seems suspiciously related to a need to avoid “vaccine hesitancy”.

Dr John Campbell discusses increased neonatal deaths in Scotland and how coroner investigations are being circumvented, in the below excerpt from this 14 minute presentation.

Maternal-foetal medicine specialist Dr James Thorp, whose career is dedicated to clinical research, continues to speak out. As well as the short clip below, he recently spoke with New Zealand’s Counterspin Media (Part 1 and Part 2) including excellent presentation on the harms being seen in female reproductive systems and unborn foetuses.

Autopsy and coroner investigations can identify if Covid-19 vaccine harm is related to a death.

Dr Naomi Wolf discusses the harms being caused to western nations and links it back to China.

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