The Cells Don’t Lie

This three minute video shows what life is like in China under QR code surveillance. Updates on the insanity continue via uploaded TikTok videos, too. Daily and sometimes twice-daily testing is required by many in order to keep the QR code green in order to stay employed, in school, etc.

This Sky News interview with Laura Harth from human rights group Safeguard Defenders and this ABC article reveal Chinese government-run police stations have been established covertly across the globe including in Sydney, for at least ten years.

Naomi Wolf describes the Chinese Communist Party’s connections with Pfizer in this short clip and what she thinks this means for western nations.

Pathologist Dr Ryan Cole has given a second interview with Jan Jekielek of Epoch TV to explain the science of the so-called “vaccine” harms being seen, “from wildfire cancers to foot-long clots“, including strangely out-of-season outbreaks occurring, due to damaged immune systems.

2 thoughts on “The Cells Don’t Lie

  1. I could listen to Dr. Cole’s soothing voice all day long. He speaks so clearly and for someone who has no medical knowledge, I understood perfectly what he was saying.


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